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    Remember Who You Are 14

    Bette woke before Tina and checked the clock by the bed.


    They had slept later than ever before on a workday. She sighed and laid her head back on the pillow as she woke fully, rubbing her eyes. She wanted to stay home today, Tina would need her and Bette knew she would not get anything done if Tina was here and she was at work. She reached quietly for her phone to text James.

    “Tina has been in a running accident. I am working from home. Email me lighting plan, menu, and get valet and cleaning crew confirmed…”

    She peered over Tina’s shoulder to see if she was waking and smiled to find that Tina was out, out cold. Her breathing was deep and regular, her body heavy.

    Her hair covered most of her face, her pink lips open slightly. Must be the pills from Shane, Bette thought, glad Tina could rest, hoping she would hurt less when she did wake.

    She wrapped her arm tight around her wife and buried her face in the back of Tina’s neck, breathing deeply in her familiar scent, closing her eyes briefly in thanks for the gift that was her wife.

    There had been many and more months where she had woken up alone.

    Bette loved waking up next to Tina.

    Loved the way her body felt next to her, warm and comfortable, the softness of her, the smell of her. She loved that she was the first thing Tina looked for when she woke. Loved the morning snuggles, the bleary-eyed looks Tina gave her as she emerged from sleepiness.

    She thought back on the story Tina had told her of Eric and Lucy. The story that explained so much about Tina’s reaction to Candace, her sacred flight to Henry, her decision making.

    Tina groaned in her sleep and turned instinctively towards Bette, her head snaking down to rest on her wife’s chest, then moving a little lower to snuggle into Bette’s breasts, her lips soft on her skin, kissing her intuitively.

    Tina sighed, her breathing deepening even as Bette’s heart sang. She loved when Tina sought her out in her sleep. Tina mumbled something and her body sunk back into oblivion, practically melting into Bette’s.

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    1. Oh Bette….you have messed in your nest again! You need to stop this immediately….. Why is it that lawyers act really quickly when you don’t want them to but really slowly when time is of the essence? Wow….this is bad…bad

      Lovely chapter… Bette really loves Tina a lot. But with all the progress they have made, it looks like they are going to take a step backwards.

      As to the announcement? It does not appear that there will be a Tibette in the new series. Two episodes does not make for a reunion arc. And Laurel Holloman has a show in London in July 2020. I believe the filming takes place from early spring to mid fall. So unless she plans on guest appearance in late Season 2, and possibly to sign on as a regular in Season 3, the hope for Tibette is not very high.

      Holloman to me is a wonderful actress. But her art work is truly breath taking. She is truly a gifted painter.

      • Martha
        Thank you for reading! I am trying to stay hopeful that JB and LH will find a way to bring the couple back together. Right now it feels like it go either way but, for me, the reboot will be a huge disappointment if it ends without a positive arc for these two.

    2. Thanks for the post and for keeping Tibette alive on this site.

      Laurel will be busy now until June with the London Exhibition but there may be a break August onwards for a short period of filming. She is a truly great Artist and much as I love her as Tina with Bette it would be a great loss to the Art world for her to resume an Acting Career.
      She does one Exhibition a year usually her last was July 2019 in Paris and before that Milan in April 2018. There has been speculation of 2021 in New York but nothing more.
      I await seeing her on screen in Episodes 6 and 7 at least they didn’t kill her off!

      Anyway look forward to more escapism with you here!

    3. Thanks BK for your Christmas present :-) Another breathtaking chapter.
      The closeness B + T share is like balm for my Tibette soul.

      I’m irritated about the envelop though. What did I forget that happend earlier? Gotta re-read it…

      As always looking forward to the next….. Merry Christmas!

    4. Happy Holidays BK!!!

      What a sweet and sexy chapter.

      Bette has changed so much and they are finally where to should be, connected 💯 in heart and soul.

      But Bette, sweety why didn’t you tell Tina liked Shane advised you?!

      About Laurel coming in two episodes, it looks like it was a fake news. They removed it from the site after a few hours. It looks like somebody played foul by making us Tibette fans happy, giving us hope and then crush our hearts. I will be so pissed 😤 and sad that they would play with our feelings like that. To cruel for words.

      I went to her exhibition in Paris last year and it was truly amazing. Going to London for her next exhibition. Looking forward to it.

      • Thank you BiBi! Did you meet Laurel at the Paris exhibit? I wonder if they released the info of her in the show prematurely or they wanted it to be a surprise? Wasn’t there a rumor that Laurel was in LA before shooting the first episode wrapped up? So much speculation right now.
        Anyway, thanks for reading, I enjoy your feedback!
        Happy Holiday!

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