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    Remember Who You Are 15

    “What is it Babe?”

    Bette turned to face Tina.

    “Tee… I … well, I… I may have done something you won’t like” she stammered, her hand on the doorknob as she tried to read Tina’s expression.

    Tina was looking at her calmly, waiting for her to come over to the couch, unaware of the decision Bette had made without her that lay in the envelope from the law firm.

    Bette moved slowly back to the living room, then sat on the coffee table next to her wife, her fingers nervously moving over the manila envelope, turning it over and over for no other reason than that it was something she could do that did not involve looking at Tina.

    “Don’t be angry, Tee…” she said softly, worriedly looking at the envelope in her hands.

    “After this morning, that is quite impossible my Dear. Hand it over, let me see. C’mon Bette it won’t bite…”

    Bette reluctantly handed the envelope over, her heart in her throat.

    Tina glanced at her curiously, picking up on the way she was sitting, leaning towards Tina with her elbows on her knees and her hands clasped in front of her.

    Bette was nervous about something. But damn what a view. Her eyes followed to the slope of her neck as it disappeared and formed the upper swells of her breasts, covered by a white lacy bra.

    Bette was still oblivious to Tina’s gaze, now pretending to look at a magazine next to her on the coffee table.

    Tina pulled her eyes away from Bette’s cleavage and opened the envelope to remove the documents, taking a minute to read them.

    “Oh My God.” She breathed slowly… her eyes darting from the page to Bette and then back to the page in front of her.

    She quickly scanned the second and third pages before lowering them to look at Bette who was now sitting upright with her hands together.

    “A Cease and Desist letter for the studio? Bette! Why would you do this?? My God…” Tina sat up abruptly, grimacing painfully as her knee protested the sudden movement, making her drop back to the pillow behind her.

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    1. This story is superb! I love that Bette is taking time to breathe and measure her words in accordance with her therapist’s advice rather than steamrolling ahead. It’s truly great to see her growth, and Tina’s, as she looks for the best motives in Bette’s behavior now rather than her worst.

      Thanks for the update! 🙏🏼

    2. Love it. Now this is the Bette and Tina I know. They screw up from time to time, but they see where they have erred and they correct their ways. No one is perfect – its how you respond which makes all the difference. Bette managed to let Tina know how she felt without admitting that she was wrong. I think she knows she was wrong to act in this manner without talking to Tina – but she has not admitted it. Maybe when they talk about Tina’s plan it will come out in the conversation.

      A basket of fruit from the studio? That is a surprise. Must have been Tina’s assistant responsible for that. Surely it isn’t Eric.

      Great chapter….thank you… waiting for more!!

    3. That was close! Once again Bette steam-rolled over Tina without even thinking of asking Tina if and how she will adress the situation at work. Good thing that Bette stopped herself at the last second. The old Bette show up and tried to control and run Tina’s life. Not a nice sight.

      I hope she understands that her actions with the lawyer showed a great disrespect for Tina. I also hope that Bette will apologize to Tina.
      Best quote: “All I can see are rainbows, butterflies and bunnies frolicking in a meadow.” LOL
      It will take some time to get the picture out of my head.

      Great chapter, BK!

    4. Hi BK,

      In every chapter you let us see how they have grown. Bette should have discussed it with Tina, but i really love her explanation behind her actions and that Tina can see and understand it as Bette being worried for her and what it could do to her love for her work.

      Hope you will have more time in between your travels to update!

    5. Crisis averted for now! The arrogant, stubborn , pain in Tina”s lovely ass is growing step by step. She has to learn to trust that she might not be the all knowing partner. Tina left the passive aggressive behavior behind too. Just maybe these two can continue their growth to a more powerful relationship. PPS Happy New Year!

    6. Ah, here I am following your great readers Kiwi – for the hilarious quote ! – and Bibi so wisely pointing on their better explanations behind their actions,,,
      Really that’s the key to any serious relationship : communication !

      Your adorable two make me feel mellow and mellow… Dangerous couple *wink*

      By the way, I also truly love when Tina calls her Bette “Beloved”, that’s so adorable…

      I cannot wait the new episode of YOUR New L Word Show . The L Word, Generation BK ! Yoo-hoo !! *wink*

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