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    “I didn’t see our baby Bette. At least not the one we lost; it wasn’t him that I saw…” Tina spoke quietly, reverently. Bette had to lean in to hear her words, Tina’s mouth now against her wife’s ear as she spoke.
    “I saw a new baby, Sweetheart. One expecting to be found. One patiently waiting to be conceived…”

    Bette sat back in the tub to look at Tina, absolutely stunned. It was rare that Bette Porter was at a loss for words, but she was speechless now. She shifted in the tub, unintentionally creating some distance between them.

    She blinked. Her eyes searched Tina’s, her hands still. Her mind processing, whirling.

    “Breathe Bette. Breathe Honey, that’s it…”

    And Bette did.

    Letting go of air she didn’t realize she had been holding….but she still could not speak, her mind working overload as she flashed back to the first pregnancy, the joy of finding Tina was pregnant then the crushing pressure and ultimate failure on her part to provide, the inability to keep Tina safe and secure in their home.

    Her defeat at the hands of Fertility and Fate.

    Her life, her love slipping through her fingers like sand in an hourglass.

    And the hurt. The aching in her heart.

    The growing distance between them.

    The long hours at work to avoid being home.

    The fighting. The constant bickering, nagging and disconnect.

    The tears. Oh, the tears. Enough to fill the deepest reservoir.

    She blinked again, this time her eyelashes becoming wet as fresh tears came unbidden to her eyes, tears of surprise, of shock, of sudden realization. Sad tears, confused and hurting. She realized she was afraid, terribly and suddenly afraid… her heartbeat thundering in her ears, as she was overwhelmed with the need to seek comfort, security, reassurance.

    Lowering her head to Tina’s shoulder, she turned so that her forehead and the bridge of her nose tucked neatly in the crook of Tina’s neck, her tears now running down Tina’s collarbone, where they dripped off her nipple into the water below.

    Tina’s arms came immediately up to surround her wife, pulling her towards her, closing the distance so that their breasts met and came together, their heartbeats joined once again and the warmth of their bodies merging.

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    1. I loved how you described their bathroom interaction.

      Eric is so slimy, and I hope he’s in for a Bette Porter smackdown!

      I too, am waiting with bated breath for the hopeful return of our favorite blonde on Sunday. I pray this shitshow has been building to a TiBette reunion!

      As usual, thank you for the beautiful update! 🙏🏼😊

      • Thank you Elizabeth. I won’t spoil the latest episode but hope it has what you want to see… if you have been online that it has probably already been spoiled anyway….

        Appreciate you reading and commenting!

          • Totally thrilled to see Tina on TLWGenQ!!! Lots of scenes with her so I re-watched them a bunch of times b4 even watching the whole episode.

            Felt like writers did a good job with showing in part why Tibette eventually split. Bette putting herself 1st 99% of the time and Tina not knowing how to step up and show her strength.

            But yet these two have respect for one another as friends and mothers.

            Loooved the Angie scenes so much!!!She was a sweet teenager trying to understand her feelings for Jordi and even sought counsel from Shany! Cute!!

            Liked the reveal Tina as she spent time with Ang that she felt like she was missing out on too many “special” moments.

            Seems like the Writers (perhaps for next season) may be able to include Tina in episodes because she does have a sweet relationship with Angie. Secrets and giggles you know.

            Anyway, looking 4ward to episode 7 and Tibette scenes!!!!

            • I got the feeling that Tina may consider moving back to LA to be closer to Angie so she doesn’t keep missing out on the special moments.

              I have rewatched the B&T scenes for a good part of the day (I’m not crazy just super hyped!) 😂

              It was truly amazing how Laurel slipped right back into Tina’s skin. You wouldn’t think she hasn’t acted in 10 years – it’s a testament to her talent! I also thought it was incredible how similar Angie’s facial features and mannerisms are to Tina – I totally buy them as mother and daughter. You are SO right: the secrets and giggles were really sweet!

              I will continue to hope for a TiBette reconciliation because they truly belong together, and I also don’t think Laurel would take the time to come back on tv to destroy a relationship she personally believes in (but that’s just my view!)

              • Like I mentioned earlier, Angie showing Tina her temporary drivers license and Tina just letting her talk about it (as if she didn’t “already” know how that process goes for a young, first-time driver) was sweet. When a young person is talking 100 miles per hour, it’s best to just knod & smile like what they are sharin’ is flat out news to ya!!!

                When Tina noticed that Angie had pulled the license out of the billfold she had sent her and was actually using it, Angie just went well of course and just waved the comment off!!🤣 But it meant a lot to Tina that Ang had received her gift and liked it. Of course Tee just replies with a simple OK.

                Did you catch the part where Angie made Tina promise not to “freak out” with the news she was about to share? She was talking with Tina but bracing for the MammaB reaction which she so often gets.

                But Tina understands “why” her daughter was teenage-girl type of excited to reveal the secret that she had “kissed” Jordi. And low & behold Tina reacted with the same gestures of hands covering the face while giggling about the whole thing! 🥰🥰

                I wonder if this scene was so rich bc of the relationship Laurel has with Lola. Surely she had to pull from that real=life mother-daughter relationship.

                I wonder what it was like for Laurel & Jennifer to find themselves sitting across the table reading lines of a script once again becoming Tina & Bette. I’m keeping my eyes & ears open for future interviews from these two but especially from Laurel.

                U’re 100% right, that in order for Laurel to return to this series, she probably held a firm line that the Writers would have to create scenes that have class, respect for one another and show their maturity as individuals and loving Mama Bears to Angie.

                • I read an interview where they all cried during the table reading for Tina’s scenes and that JB ran out of tissues and had to use her hoodie. So cute. They also talked about exploring the idea of co-parenting as a divorced couple and how important it was to show that. I wish they would show a committed couple that can reconcile, maybe Tina asking Bette for dinner in the previews will move them slowly to reuniting.
                  I also read ratings are down, having LH return should send them through the roof, I watched it multiple times.

                  • I read that interview too! To be a fly on the wall when JB approached LuH about returning and then her first moments back on set would be amazing!

                    Both JB and LuH gave me hope for a TiBette reconciliation – they both seem to ship it, and JB mentioned in one of her interviews that the divorced storyline came up in order to fill Tina’s absence from the first 5 episodes due to LuH’s scheduling.

                    I’ll try not to get too upset if they do something ridiculous with them in the last two episodes because we definitely have a second season and LuH said she wants them together – they just need to earn it.

                    Well, I guess I’ll go watch it again before bed! :-)

    2. Go Lara!!! Brillant for her to inform Bette as to Eric’s activity. Smart for Bette to go to Chicago to be with Tina. She will be available for whatever Tina needs. Tina will be more courageous with Bette by her side.

      I hear the theme from Jaws as the story unfolds around Eric. I think Eric is going to need a bigger boat!

      I love this story…I love that Tina is assuming some of the responsibility for their breakup. And she is making the effort to make her relationship with Bette a stronger and more solid relationship for the future. This is what it takes to heal the wounds of the past and to build a strong foundation for the future. This is what provides the real intimacy between these two. I love how they are being so dependent on each other to get themselves through the rough spots of their lives. Now just work together to do Eric in and they can celebrate a victory.

      Love, love, love this story….can’t wait for more.

      • Martha3128!
        Way to speak the emotions of my heart and soul!!!

        Oh BK what gr8 JOY to read the chapters of your louscious Tibette tales.

        For me, you have filled in the thoughts and actions of this couple UNlike ANY Author on this fab website barr none.

        Especially when it comes to vividly constructing the past of Tina which the writers of TLW didn’t reveal.

        Oh how I love what Lara has done for her Boss, her friend, for Tibette.

        I figure BK has to torture us for perhaps two more chptrs until the “gladiator games” begin and the official “whoop ass” on Eric will commence.

        Gosh I hope Tina had audio & video strategically placed to capture Eric’s actions. What’s more, inappropriate workplace texts & emails hopefully store for hard copy printing.

        • DT, gladiator games – I like that term. My money is on Bette Porter every damn day. That can of whoop ass is bursting to get opened, Once Eric is gone, I will have to find a new antagonist, any ideas??

          • Tina will have her free-of-malice way of dealing w\boy Eric, but I’m sorta hoping for the Bette of old to lay into him with a proper “cussin”!!

            Let me dwell on upcoming “antagonists”. Sure its in me to come up with some

    3. Yes, cheers for Lara. I understand her reasoning to send this information to Bette as Tina won’t check her mail while ill. And yes, I love Bette’s decision to go to Chicago as well.
      But please, please, please tell Tina what Lara wrote and did! It’s not breaking Lara’s confidence, Tina has to know. Not the same mistake again. Didn’t Bette just apologize a second ago for making decisions for Tina without even telling her? And in the blink of an eye she’s making decisions for her wife again?! Didn’t Tina just say that in the evening she will discuss with her what to do about Eric and Aaron? Gosh, Bette is worse than a little child who won’t listen to its parents.

      That aside, Eric is an ass. I really wonder about his agenda. Late revenge and trying to discredit Tina? Simply being a male full of himself and expecting Tina to go back to him with flying colours? I wished that Bette and Tina (maybe also with Lara’s help) would come up with a cunning plan to turn the tables on Eric.

      Thanks for another brilliant chpater, BK. Still loving your bathroom scenes, the tenderness and closeness, Bette being able to show her fears, Tina being reflective on her former pregnant-self.

      Can’t wait for the next part!

      • Thank you Kiwi…
        Not sure why my characters always seem to end up in the tub. I personally prefer a hot shower but my story seems to take them there. Eric is all the things you describe. I think the closest real life person would be Matt Lauer maybe? Slimy, full of himself and utterly contemptible. Once his crimes come to light, Matt had nothing to say.
        Thank you for your comments and reading, glad you like the story

      • Wow. Hadn’t thought about Bette possibly getting sideways with Tina because she asked Lara to book her a flight to Chicago.

        Seems like previous chapters suggested that Tina knew Bette would join her in Chicago at some point; but just not on the 1st day perhaps???

        I’ll go back read Lara’s email again

    4. What a asshole, what is Eric thinking, hoping he can seduce Tina in bed with him?!

      I am glad that Lara send a email to Bette and that Bette is going to go to Chicago and i hope she will give Eric a ass wooping he will never forget.

      The bad scene was so incredible good and sweet.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    5. Thanks for the post which, as usual, I enjoyed tremendously.

      Please let Bette tell Tina about Lara’s e-mail and that she will be going to Chicargo

      Not able to watch the new show here in UK so only pick up what’s on Social Media but have the same hope that TK will be entering the Story.

      Please post again soon

      • Are you able to stream show? I’ve been able to do so using the SHOTIME app; which is available from the App store for iPhones/iPads/etc.

        Just checked and there are clips of each episode on YouTube. Type: The L Word generation Q and choices will populate the dropdown box

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