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    I appreciate your email more than you will ever know. Please book me on the first flight to Chicago, I need to arrive in the evening of the first day of your trip. I will have some loose ends to tie up the morning after the Gallery Opening but can leave by noon. Send me the itinerary and include where you can. I will share a room with Tina, there is no need to change the accommodations. Leave this between us for now. Keep me posted.

    Walking back to the bedroom to wake her bride, Bette felt a sense of trepidation. There was no way she was going to let Eric interfere with or hurt Tina in any way.

    She woke her with her lips. She woke her with her hands.

    Kisses and touches,

    featherlight and tender,

    soft and sensual,

    warmth and goosebumps.

    Her lips sought her neck, her jaw, her mouth… making wet trails along the skin while her hands explored under her tank, her belly, her ribcage, her hips… leaving tracks of desire, of love… then moving slowly higher to the softness of her chest.

    As her hands went higher her mouth went lower, lifting her shirt to explore the valley between her bare breasts, her bellybutton, the edge of her boxers.

    When she felt Tina’s fingers reaching for her own, she gently linked them together, mindful of the sore palms. Their hands danced together, entwining, weaving then still.

    “Are you awake?”


    “Do you always reach for someone’s hands when you are sleeping?”

    “Only yours…”

    “I can tell you’re awake by the way your body is responding…”

    “Baby Sweet, my body responds to you whether I am awake… asleep… whether you are next to me… down the hall … 500 miles away…”

    Bette rested her cheek on the softness and warmth of Tina’s stomach, breathing in deeply the scent of her wife, all senses alive to the aura of the body beneath her head. Her chuckle vibrated and the sound reached lower, making Tina’s clit twitch as if she could hear that Bette was near. One of Tina’s hands found the back of Bette’s head and began to play with the soft curls.

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    1. You gotta love tipsy Tina! So cute. You just wanna hug and kiss her. “There’s pizza. You’re pretty……. We ordered pizza. Your eyes look sparkly.” Reminds me of GenQ-Bette’s comments on Tina’s flowers for Shane after smoking. ;-)
      You really have a way with words, BK. You give Tina so many beautiful words to express her thoughts and feelings. Love it!

      Good thing that Bette told Tina about Eric trying to blindside her on the trip. I’m curious what the plans for Chicago will be. Now that even Shane and Alive seems to be part of it. I just hope that the big blow up will be in Eric’s and Aaron’s face.

      Oh but there will be some payback for Jodie first, right? I hope for some nice, lasting Jodie-bashing. Never like that egomanic, lying, manipulative snake.

      Can’t wait for the next chapter!

      • BK’s notes that we fans will prob have to go through another barrage of twists & turns in TLWGQ is unfortunately our fate. Gosh I be slapping bitches off Bette especially (Felicity, Dani, whoEVAH) bc they be in the way of Tibette hooking up and going 4ward with her family (Tina & Ang)!! When we left Tibette 10 yrs ago they were TOTALY flowing!! Seems like all we got is Angie being 10 yrs older 🤔

        Auuuhhh, back to this most captivating story! Kiwipit is so “right on” with her comments.

        Gosh I Loooove the words you give to Tina and Tibette’s banter is soooo cute. Wonderful how you had brave Bette step up to “talk” about the Chicago trip. I’m. still. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 about Tina’s declarations of what she feels like doing to ‘ol hairy ball sack Eric!!! Maturing Tina Knows that she has to let Bette be involved in extricating Eric out of their lives even if Tina will be leaving current job for a fresh start elsewhere.

        When Tina admitted that he had been brutalizing her at points along their entire relationship, it made me want to slap her Mamma the most because she had FIRST-Hand knowledge that Eric was mistreating her daughter🤬😡. Mamma’s bear claws should have come out and raked all over that “PUNK-FACE” & body!!! But no, every time Tina (rightly) should have been bookin’ to get away from Eric, Mamma poured the guilt onto Tina and shot her back into that shit!!! What a horrific NIGHTMARE for Tina to find herself back in his bed!!! After he had been fucking her SISTER???!!! Talk about vomiting 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

        BK, let me have a shot at writing the chapter when it’s time for Tina to confront ‘ol Mamma😤

        Lastly, it’s gon be a hellofa plan awaiting Eric now that zanny Alice is involved😉😜😂😂. I like the idea of him being delt with AND exposed. He’s been pulling his shit with Tina in public, now it’s time to allow the public to know what kind of buzzard he is.

        Gosh I’m hyped this morning 😖😳. Between TLWG3 and this beautiful screen play, I’m tired of folks messing with my girls Tibette & Angie😝🥰🥰🥰

        • So I just watched episode seven. I know I said we would be in for another round of ridiculous plot lines and angst, and maybe it is my mood, but I am not sure I want to watch it replay out again. Is it good that Carrie asked Tina to marry her rather than the other way around? The mind fucking begins. I am going to have to think about whether I want to get back on the roller coaster again.
          As for this story, YES DumplinT Tina’s mom watched Eric hurt her baby girl and still pushed for the relationship. More to be revealed on that story…

          I think your last sentence says it all, I am tired of the writers messing with our girls….

          Thanks for reading, commenting and coming back to read the next installment,,,

    2. “Was there anything more sensual, more arousing than having the most intimate part of your body touched while gazing into the eyes of the one person you love more than life itself?

      Tina didn’t think so.

      Tears begin to leak out from the corners of her eyes, so intense was the arousal and emotional closeness she was feeling.”

      My dear author, you just depicted this kind of scene the way I love it : fullfiled with true love and deep emotions… It makes me think about this amazing way Bette was looking at Tina during the famous elevator scene – pure poetry, those eyes still haunt me…

      I’m still not ready to watch this LW GQ – I’ll only be able to do it the day I’ll be sure my beloved two will be reunite for good and nothing else. I’m too much of a romantic…
      So I cannot thank you enough for, yes, as I already told you once, this LW Generation BK :-)

      Coming back from an emergency surgical operation and hospital time, I’m savouring the chapters I wasn’t able to read before – it’s a gift…

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