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    Remember Who You Are 15

    Tina carefully stood up from the couch and tested her knee to see if she could put her full weight on it. Walking next door to Shane’s was a good idea.

    Tina hadn’t told Bette yet but there had been a couple messages on her cell phone from reporters wanting to talk about Jodie, both from highly respected news outlets. Whatever Shane had in her home could be more trouble for Jodie as the rumors continued to swirl about her true abilities.

    She glanced at Bette, who was watching her nervously, one hand outstretched in case Tina needed the extra support.

    “I think it’s better, I can stand.” Tina declared, happy to be upright and making progress.

    The combination of around the clock ibuprofen and frequent ice had helped with the swelling and she was able to walk slowly to their door. She felt better the longer she walked and made it up the few steps to Shane’s door without help. Bette stayed close but Tina appeared to be moving better, albeit carefully.

    Tina grinned triumphantly at Bette as they rang the doorbell and entered Shane’s house.

    Shane was sitting on the kitchen counter talking with Carmen, who was standing between her legs sharing a beer as music blared from the stereo on the bookshelf in the dining room.

    They looked over to see Bette and Tina walk in and Carmen flew to their side in an instant, pulling Tina into a tight hug and exclaiming over her injuries.

    Shane hopped down and hugged them both to her, clearly happy to see Tina moving and amused at the cautious hovering Bette was doing.

    “You did good Bette, she looks better…”

    “God Shane, I was so scared…”

    All three women looked at Bette, Tina smiling softly at the way her wife was so open with her friends about how she felt.

    “You did great Honey…”

    Shane handed Bette and Tina a beer and walked slowly with them to the outdoor studio where Elena had set up a studio of sorts to “tinker”, as she referred to it. She had to scrounge for metal and spare parts, Shane explained, and the blowtorches and tools were purchased one at a time as she earned money from the job she held with Tina’s studio.

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    1. BK,
      Agree with bubcris1 for sure!

      Was fun to try and see the sculptures including the colors of the metals in my own imag.

      Loved that Tibette was able to talk about the child lost AND hopefully of one to come!!!

      Lorrrrd will we be able to stand your exquisitely sensual scene of that “let’s make a baby” encounter?? I’ve got my hand fan going at warp2 speed just thinkin’ ’bout it.

      OK, OKay, back to the chptr….WhooHooo it’s finally time for the Opening but even more so the showdown with Eric in Chicago!!!! Can’t wait to see how Tibette will handle his butt!! Afterall, Tina promised Bette she would come up with a plan

    2. Hi BK

      I agree with you, it is fantastic go see new stories and authors who have returned!

      Amazing chapter as always.

      The way you described the three pieces, it felt that i was in front of them myself!

      You show us each time again how Tibette have grown! Just wonderful!

      I am excited to read the next chapter!

    3. Thank you for Bette’s apology! Really heartfelt. Both learned much about an open communication and still have a few miles to go. Let’s see what idea Tina has for Eric and the situation at the studio. And how Bette will react to it.

      Beautifull description of Elena’s art. I hope she’ll soon get the credit for her work at the movie as well.

      The scene in the bathtub? Sizzling hot and extremely sensual. Love it.

      Another great chapter, BK, thanks for sharing this with us :-)

    4. I love the way Bette and Tina describe the old way of settling disagreements to their new way settling disagreements. I particularly like that they describe themselves as “overgrown toddler” and a “childish tantrums”. And the the fact that both were to bent, bound and determined to punish the other without taking into consideration of the facts. And with all that drama, they ended up working longer hours so they didn’t have to be with each other. It’s no wonder they ended up splitting up and seeking comfort and attention somewhere else.

      This is how you repair marriages and damaged relationships. You stop demanding. You stop yelling. You stop accusing and condemning. You start to listen and really hear what is being said. You talk in advance of a decision. You share your hopes, dreams, and fears. You praise and compliment your partner. You apologize and take responsibility for your mistakes and misdeeds. You look for compromise and win-win solutions where everyone benefits. You realize that shit happens and do the best you can with the situation. And sometime that shit is no ones fault and no one needs to be blamed or punished for. Life is too short to take significant portions of your life in a disagreement.

      I love the art work. I love that Tina knows Bette so well that she knows what her facial expression mean when she is looking at art. She sees her emotions. That is love…..

      Great…Great chapter… Love this Tina and Bette and they way they a maturing. “You’ve come a long way baby”.

    5. What can I say? I totally agree with all the preceding comments about the way this relationship has positively grown! I am unable to think of enough superlatives to describe how completely I enjoy your writing! I can literally “get lost” in your stories about my very favorite couple, and look forward to every posting! Thank you, especially for “Remember Who You Are”.

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