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    Remember Who You Are 20

    Eric took a fistful of the blonde hair below him, pulling harder on it to force her head and mouth closer to his cock. She was just where he liked his women, on her knees.

    “Suck it bitch” he demanded, leaving her no choice.

    His head dropped back to his broad shoulders, his back arching into the sensation. God she was good at that. He wanted to explode, to chase away the shitty week he had, to prove he was a man.

    He let go of her hair and reached down to pinch the side of her breast, hard, then repeating with her nipple. There would be a bruise in the morning. She flinched, making him grunt in satisfaction.

    He reached for her hair again, pushing her closer for a few long minutes then pulling her off him and turning her rudely, flipping her over to enter her roughly from behind with no warning.

    God it felt good to escape the frustrations of work, to leave it all behind even if just for a few hours. What a fucking awful week… bloody terrible… he had almost lost his temper several times. It all stemmed from Tina’s absence.

    That prick Aaron allowed Tina to work from home leading up to their departure to Chicago, making him almost delirious with anger. He had plans for her, for their time at the conference. Plans that needed to be revealed slowly, methodically, so she wouldn’t object. She had become mouthy since he knew her last. Proud, strong.

    He didn’t believe for one single God damn minute that she had been hurt, and even when Lara showed him pictures of her injuries. But Aaron had been sympathetic, telling Eric that Tina rarely called in to work and was owed the time off anyway. Not much was happening at the office now either, with the success of the Jungle movie and the conference, Aaron was planning time on the golf course.

    Eric persevered… determined to exert some level of control. He had asked to schedule a meeting with Tina and Aaron to discuss networking while on their trip. Aaron had refused and an argument had followed, resulting in Eric storming out in a huff.

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    1. Efing Lucy has some nerve calling Tina into her rapeshow with Eric!!!!

      Tina was smart enough to strategically install cameras that captured what was going on on the Jungle set, did she make any efforts to show the shit that mofo Eric has been subjecting her to at work?

      Surprised that Bette hasnt hired investigators to ck him out. Or has she????

    2. My god Bk, what a amazing chapter!

      Not the heavy part where Eric shows again what a terrible man he is.

      Glad you gave insight about Eric’s thoughts and feelings. He is a dangerous man and Tina has to make sure that she will not be alone with him for one second in Chicago. But i have a feeling you will give us some drama 😱😥. I hope you will not let happen anything to Tina 🙏🙏🙏

      He is blackmailing Lucy to help him to get access to Tina and she finally has decided that it is enough, i hope that she will warn Tina about Eric and that Tina returns her call.

      This is a incredible good story!

      Please post soon!

    3. What is with Mom and Eric making decisions about a prom dress? Tina’s family is absolutely horrible and throw Eric into the mix and it makes for hell on earth.

      I wonder if Eric can be tied to his grandfather’s death? Surely a disgruntled family member would have at least filed a complaint with the police department. Of course there would be insufficient evidence to make a charge. Of course Eric has a whole lot of money. I’m surprised he even took a job even to be near Tina.

      It looks to me like Tina’s crew may not be large enough for her protection. Now with Lucy coming in the picture, I do not know if she will be aiding Tina or Eric in this fiasco.

      This trip is making me nervous for Tina and Bette and the rest of them. Eric seams to mentally unstable and he has already caused the death of one person.

      Thanks for this chapter….hope to see more soon.

    4. Now I’m truly concerned for Tina’s safety in Chicago. Eric is not only a jerk but a violent predator.

      As for Lucy I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope that she not only wants Tina’s help to protect her from Eric but wants to right the wrongs of the past. Make it up to Tina and maybe salvage the sister’s relationship.

      Bette is right to prepare Tina for Chicago and warn her about potential traps. Do they have some sort of cavalry on call? I fear the worst for the trip and hope for the best.

      But first the opening, right?

      Thanks for the background on Eric and for Tina’s story.


    5. It appears that Bette is the only one that sees Eric for who he is. He is powerful and dangerous who will do anything to get Tina back. Although I am not pleased that Lucy wants to contact Tina after all the horrible things Lucy did to her, I hope Lucy’s revelations about Eric will open Tina’s eyes and She will not underestimate how vile Eric is.

      I am looking forward to Bette and the gang helping Tina to expose Eric. It would be fitting if all the women including Lucy would come forward and press charges on Eric and make him go to jail and make him lose billions.

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