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    Remember Who You 21

    Bette woke early, it was the day of the Opening and the excitement was coursing through her as she opened her eyes and stretched. She was surprised to find she was so calm, excited about everyone seeing the new Gallery of course… but there was no frantic energy, not an ounce of anxiousness…she was ready. James was ready. The Gallery was ready.

    It was a dream come true. To open her own Gallery and to do so with the love of her life standing beside her, their names linked on the outside of the building… wow. Just wow. She thought through the list of things she usually did day of… but there was nothing urgent, nothing that required her attention.

    Honestly, she could stay home all day today and just let James handle everything – because anything major that needed to be handled had been, and with Tina’s help the past two days, the prep work she usually left for today had been completed.

    She stretched again, holding the pose from the tips of her toes to her long arms above her head… then realized how cold she was.

    She shivered, the temperature in the room crisp, then glanced over at Tina, who had stolen all the blankets in the night as the cooler air had blown in, her love of sleeping with the windows open making the room chilly.

    Tina lay on her side, facing Bette with just her head showing, her hair in her face, her mouth slightly open in a deep sleep. Her chin showed just the faintest of bruising and she looked so peaceful lying there in their bed.

    She had the blanket up under her chin so Bette lifted the covers and wiggled her way in closer, the heat coming from Tina’s body making her groan.

    Oh. My. Fucking. God.

    It was like crawling up to a fire, her cooled skin meeting the heat of Tina’s body and instantly feeling like she had been lit with tiny sparks.

    She wanted to crawl inside the inferno that was Tina and never come out. It was like spending the day out in the snow, chilled to the bone, until you finally start to warm your hands at a bonfire, wanting to get as close as you can without singeing your gloves, the heat moving slowly up your fingers from the inside out.

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    1. Sorry about the power failure but you more than made up with the tenderness of these lovers. I know the missed calls are Lucy. Let the unknowing be pushed to the background. An successful opening will give them the strength they need for whatever evil awaits. I hope Tina’s naiveté about Eric expose her to damage. Let Bette have the clearness of heart to protect her along with Lara and others.

    2. Hi BK,

      Sad you lost a entire chapter due to power failure, but wow i loved this chapter so much!

      It was hot, sweet and tender!

      Please, let Tina be careful when she is in Chicago and who is Bette going to call, i expect someone who will protect Tina. I hope Tina is going to call back to that unfamiliar number, Lucy, so that she will be given a head up about Eric’s intentions to Tina.

      Thank you for this wonderful chapter!

    3. Sorry for the loss of your creative output, that sucks. Do you remember some of it? Some sentences, the essence of the chapter’s course? Had that myself back in my writing days, at 2 am after writing for hours and disregarding to save the file.
      Thanks for this sensual chapter as substitute. Feels like the calm before the storm.

      When will Tina get in touch with her sister? I think it could somehow be important for Chicago.
      And what about Bette’s call? Did she call Eric to give him a peace of her mind? Would be very Alpha-Bette but not very thought-out. Like Bibi I hope she called some enforcement (still thinking of some kind of cavalry).

      Enjoyed this chapter very much, thanks for sharing. Waiting for the opening and the first gusts of the storm to come.

      • Kiwi
        I do remember some of it but some will change because this chapter gave some of it away already – the missed phone calls for one. But yes the essence is still there. I write these chapters much more easily than the drama filled ones. The one with Eric took forever because he is so vile. Anyway, appreciate your comments!

    4. The clam before the storm. Lovely chapter. I like the memories of when they first got together and the “This is why” incidents. Looks like its going to be a wonderful gallery opening. Tommorrow, its off to Chicago, and lets win there!.

      Thank you for this chapter….can not wait for more.

    5. “They had not been lovers for long and Bette remembered the first time she realized she didn’t care that her careful order was not so controlled. She found she didn’t mind a change to her routine, her control over things being replaced by the safety Tina instilled in her.
      Suddenly it was ok to be Bette Porter. Complicated, yes. Unyielding and stubborn, frequently. But also loving and gentle and generous. Kind. Protective.”

      I still didn’t finish to read this chapter but I had to express how much I love this analysis of Bette (our dear so-called Allmighty Porter but so deeply vulnerable actually) and this so simple and yet so deeply touching remembering about the first morning coffee with Tina and the mugs : just that is enough to summarize your exquisite talent. I just adore it.

      ,,, now, I’m ready to finish my reading – and ready for the coming drame about this disgusting Eric and the sister I cannot wait to meet and hear…

      Thank you SO much for sharing, again and again ! It’s a gift I’m more than ever grateful for,

      • You are most welcome. Thank you for your kind, heartfelt words. I think we both see Bette the same way. Sometimes she is hard to write because of her complexity. I appreciate your comments!

    6. Reading each page of this marvelous story of yours… #thisiswhy…
      Smiling with tenderness in my heart in front of my favorite two… #thisiswhy…
      Feeling much better thanks to writers like you… #thisiswhy…

      This is why I love so much your story.
      Thank you – as simply as that.

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