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    Remember Who You Are 22

    Bette looked at Tina and winked, holding out her hand for Tina to take.

    And she did, eagerly and with a sexy smile on her face, just for Bette.

    They faced the Gallery doors together, Bette squeezing Tina’s hand in excitement, her fingers intertwining with Tina’s, they could hear the honking, the crowd outside, the valet runners busy.

    The line stretched all the way down the street and in one minute the doors would open for the priority crowd, the movie stars, the big wigs. The limos stretched down the street, waiting, the press on standby.

    Bette looked at Tina again, and Tina nodded. Open the doors her nod said. Let’s fucking go.
    And so James walked to the double doors and opened them with a flourish and the night officially began.

    Hours later, it was clear the opening was a huge success. The crowds, the record sales, the number of people who followed Bette as she walked them through the exhibit. It was exhilarating, it was overwhelming, it was fantastic.

    It was glitter and money mixing wonderfully with bohemian and avant-garde, the mood full of excitement and wonder and the conversation buzz joined the music overhead to create a pulse that reverberated throughout.

    And in the middle of the Gallery, Charlotte stood, welcoming all to view her art. She graciously extended her hand to Elena and the show was on. Hours later, neither artist had been able to take a break, they were the darlings of the evening. Charlotte adopted a nurturing role with Elena, keeping her close, guiding her through the evening as if they had known each other for years.

    Eric lounged casually against the bar, his back to the counter, his elbows propped up, his ankles crossed as he scanned the crowd. He swirled the ice in his glass, loosened his tie. He was on his fourth drink, but the alcohol could not cut through the raging fire in his blood. Across the room he could see Tina talking enthusiastically to a lanky brunette dressed in a black tux. Her hand touched the other woman’s arm as they laughed, Tina’s head thrown back as they giggled together.

    He had been watching her all night. Watched her as she moved around the room on Bette’s arm, together, one never far from the other. Bette would place her hand on the small of Tina’s back as they went from one circle to the other. Tina would reach for Bette’s hand as they navigated the crowds, not wanting to be separated.

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    1. So Tina is on her way to Chicago….who is this petite woman who is her seat mate? Funny, Funny that Eric is in coach between a mother with a baby and an old man who has sinus problems. I guess his plans just blew up. This must be something Bette arranged.

      Bette shows a great deal of courage to confront Eric at her gallery. Rather risky I’d say. Eric is so unpredictable. He may decide that in order to get Tina, he must get rid of Bette. Somehow, I do not see Eric giving up very easily nor do I see him giving up with just a battle or two lost. The only way he gives up is to be rendered helpless by removing all his resources (money) or his freedom of movement (prison) or death. Bette and Tina are not the type to plan his death. But what exactly is their plan? This is getting tense.

      Hopefully things will go well in Chicago.

      Really good chapter…glad Tina is now taking things seriously. I thought Shane was going to be on the flight with Tina and Lara. Alice would fly with Bette. Tasha is already in Chicago. Oh well, my mistake. Shane is flying with Bette. They are suppose to be in Chicago by late afternoon right? Tina’s flight will be in Chicago by mid-morning. That’s going to be a long day for Tina and with no Bette until dinner. Just follow the plan Tina…just follow the plan.

      The situation is really tense for me. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Look forward to the next chapter….love this story.

      • Martha!! I forgot about SHANE!. goodness. You are correct, she would have been on the flight because she works for the studio. I was so busy trying to roast the asshole Eric I forgot about Shane. Does anyone really forget Shane? Quite unforgettable, our Shane. Except I did. Hmmmm…
        So I will have to come up with a plausible explanation. Thank you for catching this ,,,

    2. Hi BK,

      Fantastic chapter!!!

      Loved how Bette told Eric off and the stupid ass still thinks his plan to get Tina in his arms again will succeed.

      Hmm, that litlle petit woman is that the bodyguard Bette arranged to protect Tina till she is in Chicago too, if so well done Bette 👏👏👏

      I can’t wait for the next chapter!!!

    3. Thanks for posting. What an opening! You pictured an really amazing party with two very proud, confident and sexy owners.
      So glad that Lucy finally reached Tina. I was worried that Tina didn’t quite realize the threat that Eric poses. Maybe she got to used to the constant harassements she had to endure while working in the film industry. Well, I’m very worried for her safety.

      I think Bibi is right with her suspicions about that little lady in the airplane. Could be some kind of security guard. She reminds me of Hetty from NCIS LA :-)

      Anxiously waiting for the next part. Chicago! Bring it on, BK, we’re ready ;-)


      • I will have to look up Hetty fro NCIS LA…. we don’t have cable so I am not up to speed but the google will help me out. I was glad Tina talked to Lucy too, T is waayyyy too trusting… thanks for being such a loyal fan I look forward to your comments….

        • affectionate, believe-the-best in people are often “trusting”. b’sides who wants to believe that someone u’re in a relationship is a Efing rapist or worse???

          If memory serves, seems to me Mama has betrayed her daughters by NOT teaching them that ny ‘ol man will do. Mama hd a supreme opportunity to jerk the slack out of E back in high school and he might have come to understand tht her daughters were not his punching bags or play toys.

          Wonder what kind of person their Dad is?

          • DT
            You make an excellent point about their dad, your memory serves you well, their mama worshiped the ground Eric walked on, would have loved to have him marry into the family!

            I agree too about your first sentence, as believe-the-best trusting kind of gal myself. :)

    4. Eric is a predator. Tina better not let down her guard for one minute. Is the woman a friend of Shane’s? Shane had a plan too. It seems too convenient for her to waiting for the same flight. Please keep that demon away from our Tina.

    5. You know full well Bette has the means & where-with-all to fully research slum dog Eric!! Laughed out loud that her alluring voice gave that mofo a hard-on y’all !!!!

      My first thought that Tina’s ‘lil guardian angle is Peggy Peabody. She as tobe someone with clout in order to F with Eric’s reservation right? Or maybe Joice Whesnia??

      Hatti from NCIS Los Angeles is a DEFINITE yes!!!! HeHeHe

    6. Wow, Bette really has no fear when she’s protecting someone she loves. I think that’s one of her best traits and her squaring-off to Eric is excellent. Tina’s naivety is a concern. I agree the small woman on the flight is something to do with Bette.

      Hope Lucy is okay!

      Thanks for the chapter. I love your pacing.

      • Thank you Largo! Tina baffles me sometimes, she is so clear on some things then completely misses the point on others…. oh well, makes for a frustrating roller coaster!

    7. I want to share with you that I survived 3 simultaneous strokes in 2016 at 44. My comprehension and information processing is severely dysfunctional. I’ve been afraid to read since then I immersed myself in tv. Until I stumbled on this site, I found this total, magical love story. A well written story.

      You have a keen insightinto the characters we love and cherished. Your descriptions infused with emotions, humor are a beautiful, welcoming sight. I laughed. I cried. I had rage. Oh, putting a billionaire in cabin next to the nightmare flight scenario was perfect. Was Eric in the last seat than won’t recline?

      Please continue.

      • Deanna
        Thank YOU for your touching words and comments. I am humbled and deeply appreciative that this little story has brought you something you can immerse in. I wish you nothing but health in the months to come. And yes, please! Lets assume Eric was in a seat that doesn’t recline and that the little kid next to him spilled things and threw things and screamed during take off. I hope you continue to comment and read as I grow this story, I am working on the next chapter now. Peace.

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