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    Remember Who You Are 23

    Bette waited until she saw the flight alerting that Tina had taken off then made the quick trip home. She showered and climbed back in bed, this time on Tina’s side, pulling her wife’s pillow to her and burying her head in the fragrant aroma that was all Tina.

    She sighed deeply. She hugged Tina’s pillow to her, closing her eyes. She missed her wife.

    Her mind drifted to last night when she had gently made sweet love to Tina, bringing her a slow satisfying finish then holding her tightly as she drifted off to sleep.

    Bette simply could not resist, not when Tina settled naked and perfect in the little spoon position in front of her, her bare bottom pushing on Bette’s core, and certainly not once she had Tina’s fantastic breasts in her hands.

    There was no question which direction their snuggling would take then.

    Bette pulled the blankets up around her, listening to the rain outside and she could almost feel Tina’s skin, soft and smooth, almost see her nipples getting larger and sense her breasts heavy in her hands. Last night, Tina had been so vulnerable, so raw with her emotions, hiding nothing from Bette.

    It was one of Bette’s favorite positions, Tina with her back to her, tucked snug and tight into her, laid out for her hands, her fingers, her mouth. Tina had started it, turning slightly to Bette and whispering in her ear…

    “Make love to me Bette. Slowly, Honey, slowly…” and she took Bette’s hand and pressed it firmly into her breast, breathing heavily into her ear.

    And Bette did.

    She entered Tina and began a slow thrusting motion that left Tina breathless then gasping, her head tucked in Bette’s neck.

    “That’s it Babe” she said and Bette loved the velvet, heavy tone of her voice, “just like that…”

    In and out and in and out slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y then again then more. Tina’s hand crept down Bette’s arm leisurely, lovingly, to lay over Bette’s hand as she moved inside her, and if Bette changed the pace, Tina would slow the motion back down.

    “Slow” she would say, “That feels so good, I am so wet for you…”

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    1. Good chapter….I like the way you explain Shane missing the plane. However, not a good idea for this group to get tipsy before they get on that plane for Chicago. I assume that it is a three or four hour flight from LA to Chicago and they all need all their senses and skills to protect Tina. Eric scares me and now that Jennifer is gone, Tina is down to Tasha and Lara. If Eric get violent, they can be easily be rendered helpless. Eric’s next move will be during or after the dinner. Bette and team will arrive too late to attend. or if they are fortunate just as they are leaving the venue to go back to their hotel rooms. This will be a crucial time for Tina and her safety. I hope they have a plan to cover this.

      This is really tense, but I love how tender Bette and Tina are with each other…..But they need to stop drinking…sleep on the plane. Eat a good meal and prepare to do battle.

      This story keeps me breathless with anticipation….cannot wait for another chapter….

      • Martha! Your question prompted me to goggle the flight from LA to Chicago and it said 4.5 hours so you are not far off in your assessment. Assuming Bette’s flight was around 11 with a four hour delay that would put her boarding at 3ish and landing 7:30 – BUT there is a two hour delay (ahead) for Chicago so that makes her landing at 9:30. Add in baggage time and ride to the hotel…. and well, it will be late. I love how you notice all the details and so appreciate you commenting and following!
        Working on the next chapter now, my brain is trying on different scenarios…

        • BK,
          I guess sometimes I get a little technical and literal in my analysis. I always put myself in the role of each of the characters to see if things at least make sense in reality. It always amazes me that people are able to make these long trips and have the energy to have major meetings and make major decisions with little or no rest. I find travel to be very tiring and it takes me a good sleep before I can start to function on a level which I feel comfortable with. But of course these characters are significantly younger and more fit than I am, so they do not have those kind of problems.

          I am glad that you appreciate my comments – even if they are off the wall. But I am one who believes that the more feedback I can give as a reader, it will at least give you the writer a little different prospective as to what your story is being perceived. If this is meeting your expectations, then you are accomplishing your goal. But in the end, this is your story and you get to take it where ever you want to take it. I’m just here for the ride. I like your plots and your characters. I find that your description of their motivations and emotions and actions is really similar to how I perceive the characters to be. Your Bette and Tina make me feel comfortable and make me wish that they actually existed and were in my circle of friends. In a way, I guess they are.

          Your stories are a real joy in my life and I hope you keep it up. Thank you for your responses.and your stories.

          • My dear Martha, I absolutely love your analysis – and I use that word on purpose because you really draw on the story and see the big picture. PLease please keep them coming! I am not a writer so I love that you and other readers help me keep on track and remember the details. I am a social worker and I am endlessly fascinating by behavior – what motivates people, why they do what they do – so this writing this has been so much fun and your comments – as well as others – add that extra layer of fun to the whole process.
            This is a good example – I need Bette to arrive late in Chicago for the story to work And I need her tired and frustrated and on edge – so I love that you picked up on the drain such a journey takes. Personally, traveling wrecks me! Especially by plane. I need days to recover, lol. Anyway, please keep commenting and letting me know your thoughts – the good the bad the wonderful – it helps me write! Peace, happy Friday!!

    2. “This was a deeper love, this was what had been missing all along. This was a love that trusted, that did not seek to control or shape. That allowed the other to be, complicated and layered as they were.”

      My, dear BK, I’m just beginning this very awaited chapter and these words are, for me, the perfect definition of true love – mutual trust and total acceptance of each other’s possible failures or emotional scars…
      Unconditional love, period.
      And that touches something so deeply personal in me, in this very complex part of myself and my past, so I thank you, as simply as that…

      Now, I continue ! I cannot wait to find this despicable Eric and this so endearing thriller of yours *wink*

      • Therese, I love how you zone in on the most tender and character driven parts of this story. I loved this passage too…. I wrote and rewrote it several times trying to get the wording right. I so appreciate that you took notice and that you liked it too. I look forward to hearing what you think as the story continues to evolve… Thanks

    3. Tina is so naive. Alcohol is the main component in associate sexual assaults. Eric is a psychopath with evil intent for her. He feels like she is his subject to abuse. No drinking, no meetings, no where with public support. Lock her herself in the room with Lara and wait for Bette. Everyone gets ill when they travel. Call and stay put. After saying all that, she his disappeared , Bette is on the pursuit and drama has shown her face. Please keep her safe, BK! Tina would never recover from the type of assault Eric plans for her and Bette will feel responsible. No woman deserves that kind of trauma. (Please remind others if there are trigger moments in your next post.)

      • Magic you are so right. Thank you for the reminder about the trigger warning especially. I agree that alcohol is the main component in associate sexual assaults. And that Tina is so very naive. Appreciate you commenting and reading. Part of me is ready for this part of their story to be over, I find Eric very difficult to write. Peace and happy saturday….

    4. BK, thanks for this chapter. I’m late with comments but I’m still catching up after a busy week.
      The beginning was very sweet. Balm for the heart. It’s amazing how you always find different words to picture their lovemaking, make it even more intense, more intimate, more emotional. Love it.

      The plot thickens. I hope Tina listens to Jennifer. It was more than careless to resort to alcohol to calm her nerves. She should instruct Lara to cut her off alcohol while in chicago.

      The same goes for Bette as well. She was so adamant about it when she told Tina to avoid it while around Eric. How could she forget about her own “rule”? Why being so irresponsible? It doesn’t look like she takes the danger Tina is in very serious herself.
      Martha is right about getting tipsy. The flight might be too short to be sober again. Even if the liver will break down the alcohol with maybe 0.1 permille per hour, Bette sounds like she drank a lot. The same goes for Alice and Shane. Didn’t they talk with Lucy? They know what Eric is capable of.

      Tina will probably have to face Eric on her own. I fear for her safety. On the other hand it could be important for her self-confidence if she’d be able to defend herself successfully against Eric on her own.

      BK, waiting for the next part is really trying my patience. We can’t leave Tina all alone for a week! ;-)

      Maybe I start re-reading the story for the second time to bridge the time to your next posting.
      I just love your story!

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