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    Remember Who You Are 24

    Tina tapped her pen on the table, her eyes narrowing as she focused on the writer’s round table in front of her. There was some real discussion happening and she had made a bunch of notes as well as identifying which writers she might want to work with in the future.

    Tina loved this part of the job, she loved how random words came together to create sentences that invoked feeling in the listener or viewer. One word here or there could alter the entire message.

    They were engaging in a type of impromptu script writing where the Table Lead was firing scenarios at them while each writer took turns giving their version of the dialogue that would happen next. The table applauded one young writer who took a truly dull scene and made it into something beautiful with the use of rhymed dialogue that was part prose and all wit.

    Good writers were hard to find, and Tina was enjoying this exercise. Except for one thing.


    Sitting next to her, he kept writing her messages on his notepad then pushing it over so she could read them. He was clearly bored with the entire process. So obvious. So stupid. So middle school. “This meeting would be better if we had drinks…” or “Save a dance for me tonight!”

    She shifted to the other side of her chair, putting as much distance between them as possible, pushing his notebook back towards him and almost off the table.

    There was a knock on the door and a young hotel employee stuck his head in. “Excuse me everyone” he said politely, “is there a Tina Kennard in this room? She is needed at the front desk…”

    Everyone turned to look at her as Tina rose and pocketed her cell phone.

    “I am told it will take some time to resolve this matter…” the young man said, almost apologetically.

    “I’ll just take my things then…” She looked at the writers and handed each her card. “Call me”, she said, even though she had only identified a few that she really wanted to talk to.

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    1. Like excitement but just about threw with this.

      How the “F” does Tina NOT understand that Eric would drug her ass at the drop of a hat??? How does she NOT get that??? Every time he opens his mouth he’s talking about how she needs to drink with him.

      Seems like she won’t stand up to him and tell him to F off especially since she has decided to change jobs. Her plan was to consciously make an effort to stay close to Lara, and the 1st chance she gets she’s off “getting some air” by herself. STOP, frickin’ STOP asking him to “please” leave, and “please” this and that!!

      If she wont take his threat seriously, then “wishing” Bette were there to stand up for her won’t mean shit. He has Plan B, Plan C and whatever to jump her bones and TAKE from her. He frickin’ will hurt her if he has to because he clearly believes “if I can’t have her, then NOBODY will”. He’s been dangerous for a long time. Had planned to invade Tina’s life for quite some time, and he did so.

      She won’t stand up to him loud and verbally. Doesn’t she ever get mad at his clear and obvious disrespect and taunting??? Really mad when he forces his way into her personal space??

      I got to log off for a while.

    2. Oh Fuck!!!! Eric has put a Micky in the champagne and he has probably given Aaron something to have a heart attack. And now he has Tina!! Tasha is on it. Hopefully she can cut him off before he gets to his room. Lara hopefully will join her in the search. Tasha is a trained police officer, and Eric has been drinking all day. Hopefully she can take him out before he get to his room with Tina. Please do not let Tina be harmed. Find her…Find her fast. Get her to safety. Take her to Lara’s room. Call security….call the police. Do whatever it takes to get her to safety.

      Bette is going to have a fit when she finds out this mess. Where is Shane? Alice is with Bette….They are going to need all hands on deck. Reinforcements are needed now!

      Great Chapter…. very disturbing turn of events. Why did Tina take that drink? Well, too late now. How long will it take for her recover her senses? Hours probably..

      What a story….I started hearing the theme from Jaws from the moment Tina go on the plane. Write and publish the next chapter as soon as you can…. this is cliff hanger is killing me…. but I will be patient. Thank you.

    3. What a moment to stop now, BK! Wow. Even if Tina is in great danger now, I still like to shake her and shout at her “When will you learn? You knew not to take anything to drink from Eric.”

      Please keep Tina as safe as possible in this situation. I can’t even think of the horrible things he might do to her. Drugged and probably bound she’ll be totally at his mercy.

      I’m off to work but I’m sure this story won’t leave my thoughts today. More please!

    4. Oh my god 😱😱😱

      How can hou leave us with this cliffhanger!

      I 🙏 that more rain is falling in the South so that you can write more and update asap.

      And how stupid is Tina to drink anything that Eric will give her!!!! For a smart woman she acts stupid!

      She was warned so many times and still accepted the champagne. I am so worried now for her safety.

      I hope she went to the restroom and that Eric is still in the room.

      I pray Tasha and Lara are on time to find her bring Tina to her room, maybe the waiter who was earlier at her room brought her to her room.

      And where is Shane, she didn’t board the plane?

      Please update asap!!! I am anxious for Tina and will get nightmares, you wouldn’t put me through that do you?!

    5. I wrote Tina as I saw her on TLW, she never really stood up herself that I remember? Correct me if I’m wrong – she did in the episode where they had dinner with Kelly Freemont and some artist and Aaron showed up with other movie folk… am I remembering that correctly? Seems like Bette got that interaction going and Tina was like – hey I can stand up for myself -….
      But in general she was passive or had fantastic non verbal communication – rolling her eyes or making a face. I didnt mean to upset anyone by making her oblivious to the danger. I think women are clueless in alot of ways about the potential for violence. But that could be the world I live in – I am a social worker and I see all sorts of fucked up shit and decisions by people who should know better.
      Shane missed the plane so she is not on the trip.
      I am writing the next chapter now. It is hard to write. Hard to write because I do the fun, loving stuff easier but we will return to that soon. Promise.
      I love all the comments, thank you all so much…

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