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    Remember Who You Are 28

    The Detective turned and quietly left the room, instinctively knowing that the two women needed to be alone, needed space.

    Bette wrapped Tina gently in her arms again for a much-needed embrace, sighing as their bodies came into full contact. She felt better having Tina in her arms, felt more in control, more grounded.

    Her arms were around Tina’s waist as Tina’s went up around Bette’s neck, pulling her closer.

    Tina immediately buried her face into Bette’s warm neck, taking a deep breath and placing her lips against the soft skin. Her shaking subsided as they each took a moment to relish the relative privacy and togetherness.

    Finally, some quiet after the hustle and bustle of the morning and the interview with the police. Finally, a chance to breathe and reconnect after an emotional and exhausting night. Finally, it was just them… wives… lovers… best friends.

    Both were emotionally shattered and having Tina’s mother arrive now was quite possibly the worst timing either could imagine.

    Bette leaned back a little to run her hands up and down the soft skin of Tina’s outer arms, then placed both hands on either side of her neck to run her thumbs over her jawline. Looking Tina in the eyes, she leaned in for a gentle, lingering kiss.

    “You ok?”

    “I will be”

    “I’m proud of you Tee” Bette replied, her voice barely over a whisper.

    “I am mortified”

    “I know”

    “Having those pictures taken of me… I am trying to wrap my brain around all of this…”

    “Yes, I know, me too… it’s…. it’s just…”

    They could hear louder voices now and Bette glanced out the window to see that Lucy and Shane were now on the sidewalk talking to Tina’s mother.

    Lucy was yelling, pointing her finger at Donna. The Detective said something to the police officer then got in her car and pulled away.

    “Fuck. How did she know where we live?”

    “I don’t know Honey; I haven’t spoken to her in like ten years… she has never even met you”

    “I know. This will be our first introduction. I think you should stay in here, I will handle this, ok?”

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    1. That is some kind of greeting for a mother who has not spoken nor seen her child in ten years. What a walking disaster. And not a very effective manner to achieve her goals. Not very intelligent approach. Appears to be mentally deranged.

      Nice surprise when Bette and Tina completely switch roles – the strong alpha and the weaker follower. But isn’t that almost always the way it turns out? The over bearing controlling personality is really shy, not very confident and emotional and the weak one is really the one in control? I think they are both alphas and subservient types. That is why they are so perfect together. Its why they can truly work together and be happy.

      Love, Love love this story….. Thanks. could use another chapter.

    2. Well I may have called it right a little bit in a previous post by saying that Ma Kennard probably put on one hellofa sob story after Eric contacted her from the hospital. He had to have given her Bette’s address😡. More importantly the over-the-top “crying out for her “baby” to be returned to her as if Tina was a 2yr old to blame Bette or whoever she thought was Bette (Kit) really got my knickers in a wad!!

      “Religious” people are not the same as “spiritual” people. Religious folks want everybody ELSE to toe the line while they themselves are far from it.!! I assure you ‘ol Donna wholeheartedly believes that her daughters being raped/beatened/incested/whatever is OK compared to them being in love/committed/would give life&limb for a same-sex partner 🤮😡🤮.

      Religious folks are always labling people and tossing “them” into the heap called “outsider”. They dont for one minute believe that any of their lustful egregious sins are anything to worry about🤫🤭

      Donna is not in Tina’s face to save her soul or anything else. She doesnt want the truth & public scruitany to come out on her cruel & greedy deals with Eric. She doesnt want her church folks to find out who she & her husband truly are so she’s gonna try to explain it all away by saying “that gay daughter of mine did this, that and the other”!!

      Gosh I wished you would have let Kit slap the shi** out of her!!! BUT! I’ll settle for Tina finally standing up to her 😐

      I’m glad u’ve already said that Lucy is gonna step up because I was surely gonna start my “rant” about her 🙄.

      Sorry yall, I dont trusser😖

      I’m feeling sad for Tina because she still has to go to police station to give her statement. Wonder if she’ll be shown the crime scene photos. 😩😥. She already remembers that Rapedog shredded her dress. And her under clothing??? Damn photos will certainly be shown at the trial.

      • “Religious people are not the same as Spiritual peole”, gosh Dumplin, I love this comparison so much. You are 100% spot on. And I think that frames the problem with Mama K so well. She sees her religion as a sledgehammer to keep her daughters in line, to do what they are told. I guess it worked for as long as they allow it, and Tina has decided to no longer play along. I really did think about Kit being the one to bitch slap Donna but in the end I want Tina to finally step the F up. In this story and in the TV version. Get a grip on yourself and your actions already TK!
        I am sad for Tina too. The statement is the next chapter to write and I already deleted draft one because I cant get my mind wrapped around how to write it. This chapter had three versions, lol. Sometimes I am too much of a perfectionist.
        I love your comments, thank you for being so loyal and commenting each chapter. I look forward to hearing what you and the others think.

    3. As my 86 year old church deaconness aunt would say, “that bitch is a demon.” LOL Donna Kennard is trying to save face with her holy friends. She is quite aware of the debachery of Eric because of her other daughter, Lucy. Its all about appearances. Im glad you are offering this story while we all wait with anxiety and uncertainty. I am in self quarantine for the next few days so I am looking forward to updates. Thank you for devoting your time to this site. PPS

      • I love your 86 year old deaconness aunt! She sounds like she would have set Donna K straight!! And you are so right – it IS all about appearances and Eric fits the bill for the kind of marriage that would look good for Mama K. Thank YOU for devoting your time to reading this site and for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it so much

      • So dramatic and over the top! I didnt like any other version of Mama K that I wrote, this one sat with me the best. Dont worry, she has more tricks up her sleeve. That dog still can bite. Thanks SG!

    4. So, this is Donna Kennard. She definitely needs a reality check.
      I love that Tina confronted her. Impressive how she slowly talked herself into a rage. Great that all of this added stress started not only her time of working through the trauma but also pushing her self-confidence.
      Tina and Bette will remember their moment in the car for some time. Looking forward to see how Tina will change now that she has some insight to her own personality.

      Thanks so much for constantly giving us new chapters to enjoy, BK. I just love your writing and your insights to Tina’s and Bette’s characters.

      • Kiwi
        This IS Donna Kennard. Scary, huh? Yes, I liked how Tina talked herself into an angry place too, I dont think confrontation comes as easily to her as it does to Bette. She is more used to keeping a low profile so that her mother leaves her alone. Thank you for reading and commenting!

    5. Oh my god BK,

      I had to laugh so hard when i read how Donna acted, is she living in a different world? Good lord, that woman is crazy and she make me say words i don’t use normally!

      I really love how you portray Tina and Bette, so supportive and full of love and both so in tune with each other. Their need and appreciation to protect each other. Also good to read that Tina is going to get the answers to the questions why she reacts self destructive and passive agressive to situations.

      The scene in the car, beautiful ♥️

      Stay safe and healthy 🙏

      • BiBi
        So glad you found it funny, I did too. I wanted to portray her as a nutcase but also one that was so over the top that everyone around her would be like WTF just happened. She comes in like a tornado. Stay healthy yourself, this is a crazy time right now!

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