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    Remember Who You Are 29

    Tina woke first, slowly adjusting to the morning light creeping in to chase away the darkness as night receded. She lay quietly for a while, listening to the sound of the waves coming in from the open balcony door.

    She peeked outside, the sky was filled with heavy rain clouds, overcast and stormy. She wiggled further underneath the blanket; Tina Kennard absolutely loved sleeping during a rainstorm.

    Rolling over to check on Bette, Tina shifted her position carefully so she could watch Bette sleep without waking her.

    She loved waking up before Bette, usually it was the other way around. Bette was a notoriously bad sleeper, she told Tina she often found it hard to shut off her mind, the worries and insecurities of the day sneaking in at night to fill her brain with questions, assumptions, doubts.

    She would toss and turn, either struggling to fall asleep or waking up in the wee hours of the morning unable to nod off until it was time to get up. When Tina started spending the night with her, Bette swore she fell asleep quicker and slept longer.

    At first, this was because of the exhaustion brought on by the sex… then later because she either drifted off holding Tina or because the blonde held her. She still woke frequently during the night but now… now she would always reach for Tina and more often than not, the mere presence of her lover calmed her and lulled her back to sleep.

    Bette looked so peaceful and, unsurprisingly, absolutely beautiful. How anyone could look like that first thing in the morning was beyond Tina, but she wasn’t going to complain. Bette simply took her breath away.

    Last night, they had gone to sleep really early, before nine o’clock, the day’s events taking its toll emotionally. Tina gently moved a stray lock of hair from Bette’s face, her eyes traveling across the smooth forehead, down the elegant nose and across the full, sensuous rosy lips.

    They were slightly open, Bette’s breathing deep and even. Tina wanted to kiss those perfect lips, feel them against her own and lose herself in the taste and connection they always gave her.

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    1. A magnificent job of continuing the masterpiece connection between these two. Yet, having them deal with all the contradictions and brain fog in Tina’s brain. The spirit in your writing has so much peacefulness 🙂🥰

      I’m really great full for Joyce’s expertise and frankness in explaining the unfair onslaught that Tina & Bette are going to endure because of the insatiable desire of the popparatsee to sensationalize and distort any story. Uuugh! It’s gonna be putrified nasty when Donna is brought to the stand in Eric’s defense. 🤮😖🤮😫🤮😩. I’m hoping that Tina as some indisputable video & audio of the wretchedness of working at Shoelin once Eric was hired. Surely the also have emails & texts that he sent to Tina showing the overt preditory behavior.

      Maybe this is where Lucy’s testimony will raise my eyebrow to give her a Brava!!!

      • Thank you Dumplin. I was trying to show the contradiction of trying to unravel a confusing event in Tina’s mind with the undeniable connection they are both feeling. Joyce has a lot more to say about the upcoming trial, and Donna has some plan of her own. Meanwhile, our two will hopefully keep on keeping on… appreciate your comment, so much.

    2. This story gets better every chapter!

      It will be a nasty and hard case and i am glad Joyce is Tina’s laywer. I have no doubt that she will nail that bastard in court.

      So Donna is planning to stay a month? Hmm, wonder what she will do the next time she approche Tina and Bette.

      Great chapter!

      Stay save and healthy 🙏

      • Thank you BiBi, I am struggling a little bit about writing the whole court case thing – so out of my realm of expertise, I know virtually nothing about lawyering and evidence and all that stuff. Hope it continues to flow…. peace

    3. Wonder who Donna has with her in the hotel? Great story with lots of twists in the life of Tibette. I would not be looking forward to court with the news media hanging around. Look forward to the next post. Stay safe

      • Thank you for commenting Finn! The news media does add an element of crazy to the whole thing, can you imagine? Hope things are going ok in your neck of the woods, laying low here….. peace

    4. I love the way Tina and Bette continue to grow closer and more intimate. This is very important for the healing of both of them from this trauma. Even though Tina lived through it, Bette experiences have been just as traumatizing. And to add Donna Kennard on top, how much more can they take.

      Caution – with Eric’s money, could he influence the results of the blood test of both Tina and of himself? Is it possible he could pay someone to substitute another’s blood or just make sure the test get lost? That would throw Tina’s evidence into doubt and allow Eric to skate free.

      Now who is with Donna Kennard? I’m going to take a guess. Faye Buckley? I hope not. But Donna’s behavior was an exaggeration of Faye Buckley…

      Wonderful chapter. Love the relationship between Bette and Tina in this story. Their connection is so evident, Its visceral to all who see them. And I love your writing style. Being able to see what is going on in the minds of characters adds depth and understanding which dialogue simply cannot do. Dialogue is limiting and can even be misleading when the characters hold back information or are purposely deceiving someone. But the thought process is the window to the soul and personality of a character. This author’s use of memory and imagery is simply masterful. This chapter is a wonder example of that technique. Thank you…. Cannot wait for more….

      • Martha, I so enjoy your thought analysis of each chapter. Really, it is such a wonderful thing to read how people are experiencing the story. I also really appreciate that you like reading about the though process – sometimes I delete some of that because I worry it takes away from the flow of the conversation. But with someone like Bette, who is so layered and has trouble expressing how she feels, I think it is that much more important to know what she is thinking.
        Great point about Eric’s money, how many times do we read in the news about some rich asshole who gets away with horrible things because they can afford a team of lawyers or such. And he is certainly ruthless enough.
        Thank you for your kind words, gives me motivation to keep writing and taking the time to get the story the way I want it. Hope you are doing ok in this craziness. Peace

    5. Thanks for the update. So many sweet moments between Tina and Bette. Wonderful how their deep connection is showing in so many little moments and details. Well, their physical connection is amazing as well. Constantly horny for each other I’d say ;-) It does wonders to strengthen their emotional bond.

      It’s going to be a difficult case at court. Joyce is right to mention the worst outcome.

      Looking forward to the next chapter, BK.

      • Kiwipit –
        Definitely horny for each other, almost like two teenagers I’d say. That is likely to continue as well, given they are basically on a mini vacation like at the beach together. Court will be difficult, and not my area so hopefully I can figure out how to navigate that in a way that makes sense. Hope all is well, stay safe….

    6. Thanks for posting more on this great story which I am getting more and more enthral led by.

      My life experience is in non-criminal Law here in the UK so I wait to see where you are going to take me.

      Please post soon we need somewhere to escape to in these difficult times.
      Stay safe,

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