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    Remember Who You Are 30

    Tina dressed casually in shorts and a t-shirt then made a quick phone call to Peggy, leaving a message when her voice mail kicked in. She noticed she had 15 messages in her own voice mail, so she checked her missed calls but most of them were from her mother, a couple from the studio and one from an unknown number.

    Too much to deal with today after everything else. She would check them tomorrow. She was looking forward to the afternoon with Bette. Just Bette. No lawyers, no police officers and no Donna Kennard.

    If truth be told, she was beginning to worry about Bette. They had talked only a little about how she was handling everything and that was only prompted by the nightmare Bette had recently.

    Tina knew she never could have gotten through the past week without Bette, without her strength, without her love. She made a promise to herself that she would not let Bette get lost in the focus on Tina’s drama, she needed to make space for the brunette as well.

    When things went awry it was because one – or both – of them did not express how they were feeling. Tina resolved not to let that happen.

    Bette was on the downstairs balcony, by the kitchen, so Tina wandered down there to find her. She came up behind Bette’s chair and kissed the side of her head upside down, bringing her cheek as close to Bette’s as she could.

    “Awww hi there, Honey… I missed you…” Bette whispered, one hand coming up to gently palm Tina’s cheek.

    She put her work papers aside to concentrate on the attractive blonde.

    “I missed you too. You look very sexy today Mrs. Porter-Kennard, I like…” Tina whispered back, her eyes taking in the view down Bette’s impressive neckline.

    Bette was wearing a man’s white shirt with only the middle button done and a skimpy pair of black shorts. Her black bra peeked out mischievously and her flat stomach could be seen below the single button. Her long legs were sleek and toned and went on for miles, Tina’s eyes traveled down the body she loved so well.

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    1. Hi BK, sorry to hear you had a difficult week! Stay save and healthy 🙏♥️🙏

      It was a lovely chapter to read, i needed some fluffy and funny!

      Alice does have a knack to interrupt Bette and Tina when they are getting to business 😂

      I feel sorry for Lucy and i am glad she opened up about Eric’s power or better ownership of their parents and that she kept her mother up to date regarding Tina’s life and in doing that also Eric.

      But what will happen when Donna testify in favour of Eric? But didn’t Bette investigate Eric and know something they can use in court?

      I am happy that you wrote a chapter despite your difficult week! Take care!

      • Hey BiBi, thanks for reading and always commenting. I look forward to seeing what your thoughts are after each chapter. We are safe and healthy, just anxious… this mess takes a toll. Alice has a great knack for interrupting B/T, hopefully they get to finish what they started… Peace

    2. So sorry you had a rough week. It is hard to wrap your head around what is going on in our world. Such a sense of gloom surround all we do or can’t do at this time. Motivation will return, be patient! You bring such a bright light to those of us who read your story BK. I will remember you in my prayers tonight. Take care, be safe and know you have many faithful readers who are keeping you in their thoughts!

      • Finn422, you are exactly right… it is hard to wrap my head around everything going on right now. I appreciate your kind words and will keep writing, I enjoy this story as much as ya’ll do. Peace

    3. I admire people who can put everything negative in their life aside and charge on with their responsibilities and duties as if nothing was pulling them the other way. That’s a rare trait. It’s hard to do. When I feel listless, I try to get lost the world of fiction. In fiction, everything is curable. Everything is survivable and you are still able to hug and kiss and be with those you love. Hang in there….there are better days ahead. I just wish I could motivate myself to do the things I need to do instead of the things I want to do.

      This is a lovely chapter. I can feel the Bette’s inability to get herself grounded. I can feel her fear of losing Tina even though the immediate danger has passed. I can feel Tina’s sense of the black clouds which are lurking in Bette’s mind. And I can feel the return of the old habits of failing to disclose how Bette feels and is experiencing will drive a wedge between them. Tina needs to be persistent in this quest to get Bette to open up. They must break through this soon. They will not be able to face the upcoming challenges if they don’t. Now that they have Lucy in the house, their total privacy is not guaranteed, but they must take the time or nothing will work. Another long soaking bath my be in order.

      I love your Bette and Tina….they are so real. The love is obvious and so healing. I love this story. Take a deep breath. Know we are all with you in spirit and would give you a big hug if we could. Take care and be safe.

      • Martha, what a lovely, lovely comment. Thank you,
        Tina does need to keep after Bette or she will start to fall back into old patterns. And you are right about the long soaks in the tub they seem to do their best work there. :) And, deep breaths are good too. I went for a long walk today with a good friend. We stayed on opposite sides of the street and talked and solved some of the worlds problems…. or at least the ones weighing on us today. I think adding structure and some sunlight was what I needed. I am grateful for your interest and insight to this story – and to other stories as well. Peace, thanks…

    4. BK, sorry that your motivation to write got lost. I can totally relate to that. What can we do to help? Can you hear the cheers from your avid readers? Imagine, we would do La Ola, the Mexican Wave for you :-)

      It’s amazing how things shift between Tina and Bette. While Tina is becoming more self-assured and stronger, Bette is slowly slipping. Good thing that Tina already noticed and hopefully will get to the bottom of it all. Her instinct made her say the right things at the right moments already.

      Lucy’s revelation couldn’t have been all news to B + T. As Bibi said, didn’t Bette do some investigations? They have to hold the upper hand on Eric and his scheming. What good would a testimony by Ma Kennard be if it’s clear that she and Pa Kennard sold their lifes to Eric and are totally dependent on him? I trust in Joyce to be very well prepared.

      My favourite scene: As you might guess – once again drunk Tina. “..and plus…you’re hot..” Too cute :-)

      Many thanks for writing such a wonderful, sweet, loving chapter even in depressing times like these.
      Feel hugged, smile and have a laugh – that helps a little.

      • Hey Kiwi, I love the Mexican La Ola! We made fajitas for dinner tonight so your comment was timely and made me laugh. Thank you. Yes, you are right – the news that Lucy was spying was not news to B-T but still hard for Tina to hear. Bette may be keeping her cards close to her for the time being as she waits to see what direction to go in. Trusting in Joyce is just a good overall philosophy in life I think, How nice would it be to have her and Bette on your side? They can handle just about anything.
        I love a drunk Tina too and with Alice around I don’t think this will be her last time taking shots. I am so grateful to you for your comments and kind words….they mean a lot. Thanks.

    5. So sorry you’ve had a bad week. Time’s are rough for all of us so thank you for posting this Chapter which, I am sure, has made all your readers feel better.

      Stay safe I look forward to your next post.

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