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    Remember Who You Are 35

    Tina accepted the job offer from Peggy with enthusiasm. Her request to take a month off before starting work was granted, the person retiring could work with her remotely if needed and she would be on all emails as well as sent some provisional scripts to look over.

    Peggy assured her that if she wanted to do nothing over the month that was fine, she would just work her ass off for her later. The money was more than she was making before and she would have a staff and free rein to move projects forward. Make good movies, make me money was all Peggy said.

    Tina was excited about the prospect. She would be out of the day to day production on set, but would have full operational control of the budget, script selection, writing process and final product. Her hours would be more manageable since she would not be required onsite 24/7 and she could work from home. It was a big responsibility but with that came the perks of creativity and flexibility.

    The conversation with Aaron did not go as smoothly. Having fired Eric immediately following the results of the blood work, he hired a female “Executive Advocate” to meet with all women on staff to show that the company was invested in creating a culture of safety and respect.

    There were rumors of pay offs and deals made with women to ensure their silence. Eric’s group of followers were put on mandatory trainings to raise awareness of personal space and rights.

    Aaron was livid that Tina resigned because he felt it sent the wrong message about the direction of the company and it’s brand new “Culture of Respect”. Now that his golden prodigy Eric was a disgrace, Aaron hoped to give Tina all the responsibility Eric had. She wanted no part of it. It was a tense meeting to say the least.

    With the announcement of Tina leaving, the staff was in an uproar. Many writers submitted their resignations as well, following her to be part of her new team. The entire Grip team walked off mid production and the Director of Photography was right behind them.

    Aaron finally offered her a large settlement check to make any pending lawsuits on her behalf go away. It was a considerable sum and Tina had it wired into a savings account then agreed to Bette’s suggestion she hire someone to box up her personal items in her office, not wanting to return to get her things.

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    1. Excellent chapter. Love that Bette is there for Tina and vice versa. Donna Kennard is the mastermind. Wow. How could She condone Eric’s attacks? Donna is clearly evil. Not sure about Tom. Tina getting what she deserved from Aaron. This has made my day!!!!! Well done.

    2. Wow…. Donna is the mastermind? What an actress… she has to be a social-psychopath. Bette is right in that there are so many questions that only she can answer. I wonder how much Lucy knows? So Lucy is going to be a teacher? Wonder what happens if her pictures Eric made of her get on the internet? That will not bode well in the educational community.

      What really does not make any sense is why Donna would want anything to do with Tina at all. If she were truly in charge, she could have put her thumb on Eric’s drug supply and brought him under control at any time. Why let that scum have anything to do with her daughters? And what came first, the drug business or Eric’s loan (perhaps to get into the drug business)? Was Eric blackmailing Mom? Give him Tina or he goes to the authorities? Real drug cartels usually have ways to shut blackmailers down which usually do not include succumbing to blackmail threats. But now that the government has all of them in custody, then I would presume that we will never know until a book comes out on the case after all the criminals are under lock and key.

      I do feel sorry for Tina. She is losing her parents without really knowing the whole story. I understand the need and desire for her to sever all relations, but I would have this curiosity to know the whole story. How did a southern church lady become a drug lord kingpin and did her weak husband know anything about it? That would not mean that Tina would have to see or talk to them again, but she might consider talking to the prosecutor once their part of the case had been settled. They will know things about her parents which will never come out in trial. They would have a time line as to when Donna became a drug lord. They would know if Tom was involved or just caught up in his wife’s web. None of which would save their relationship with Tina, but it might give Tina some form of closure for this episode of her life. For this episode now involves Eric, Tom, Donna and Lucy. And the fact that she is leaving the door open for Lucy and the possibility for a future relationship and should that occur, will always be a reminder of this episode in her life of which she will have so many unanswered questions.

      Of course, my suspicion is that Bette has not told her everything she knows about the lives of Donna and Tom and Eric. I think she just gave Tina the bullet points. At some point, she will need to disclose everything she knows so that Tina can put everything in the rear view mirror and move on.

      This is an excellent story. This was quite a twist from where I thought this was going. Thank you so much.

      I think Tina need to know what happened even if she never gets the why it happened in order to truly move on..

      • Martha
        I took some time to read and re-read your comments. I love how insightful you are. Yes, this chapter probably presented more questions than answer I suppose. I hope to unravel more of it next chapter – when I start writing it of course! Love your comments, please keep them coming they motivate me to keep the story going. Thanks, peace

    3. Wow, didn’t expect that, sweet innocent Donna a druglord?! Wow again!

      I agree 💯 with Martha’s comment, she said or pointed out what i think or want to know.

      Love the support and connection between Bette and Tina. I am glad that Tina is seeing Eloise and has a positive feeling about her. That is important and nice that she has a dog who helped Tina when she had that cleansing cry outburst.

      Great chapter BK!

      • Thank you BiBi
        I am glad Tina is seeing Eloise too. Seems like there a few stories in this recent group of stories where Tina is seeing a therapist – clearly the fans want that character to figure her shit out :))

    4. Bk.
      Love the total surprise that Donna was/IS the Drug QueenPin!!! Lawdd!!!

      I believe that her belittling and vitriol especially toward Tina is out of jeolousy. She probably resented Tina’s innocence as a child and ability to love unconditionally as an adult.

      Love that Tina has gotten so much healing from her session with the Eloise.

      Thrilled that Tina held her ground in meeting with Aaron. She took her power and didn’t back down to his anger that she was leaving NO matter how angry he was. She didnt owe him anything more than she had already given

      • DT
        Yeah, Aaron had that coming to him. Tina is on to bigger and better things. Can’t wait for her to start working and put all this mess behind her…. Thanks for your comments, I love reading them =

    5. My thought is Donna, Academy Award nod, is most definitely the mastermind of manipulation. Tom knew what was going on, thereby he’s body is feeling the effects. Donna wanted Tina home because of her movie access. Lots of ,money there. There has been no true love for Tina or Lucy. Lucy tried to escape toTina but got caught up again.

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