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    The Beginning 3

    The smile Tina gave her was like the sun coming out from behind the clouds. “You have a gardener? That is a crime, Bette Porter. I will gladly take over that responsibility if you’ll let me”
    “It’s yours if you want it, Tee.” Bette replied seriously, she enjoyed making Tina smile. Her hand found it’s way to Tina’s hair and she stroked it, her fingers playing with the long strands by her shoulder.
    “I like it when you call me that, I’ve never had a nick name before…” Tina said quietly.
    Bette kissed her on the shoulder, playfully, friendly. “It suits you” she said.


    Flowers and bags of soil were unloaded and carried to the backyard where Bette showed Tina her “garden”.

    “There’s nothing here…”

    “What do you mean? There’s dirt, see… and space and…plenty of light in the morning…” Bette glanced at Tina then winched. “Ok. It’s pretty bad, right? That’s why I hired a gardener, but now… it’s your job.” She gave Tina her most winning smile, Tina responded with a reproachful look and begin rooting around in the weeks to see what was there.

    If Bette was being honest with herself, she had mentioned the idea of Tina helping with her garden only because she didn’t know what else to say when Tina finished describing the events of her date with Eric.

    Seeing Tina cry and hearing the ugly things Eric said about her body made Bette … angry, furious really. She felt such a jolt of protective energy soar through her as Tina laid her head on Bette’s shoulder that if Eric had been standing there, Bette would have happily reduced him to a pile of ash. Then danced on the remains. Bette had never felt that way about anyone before, other than maybe Kit.

    So she did what Bette always did when strong emotions confused and scared her, she took action. Tina had mentioned in one of their late-night conversations about needing to go see her Grandmother to help with repotting a plant.

    The idea to distract Tina with planting seemed the perfect avenue to give Bette some time to examine the feelings that seeing Tina upset had aroused in her.

    She was pulled from her thoughts by Tina, who rose from where she was crouched and held out her hand.

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    1. BK
      This story is so, very, very sweet. Hilarious banter with our girls “thinking flirtatious thoughts” that they suppose the other can’t hear. But I think they are so willing to serve and comfort one another that their innocent play is now bubbling over!

      I’m typing quickly now so that I can go back and read again. I must squeeze every drop of juice out of this delightful drama.😃

      I’m liable to blast off to the moon with chapter 4 now that they have had their first 🥰🥰. Can’t wait for them to have their little weekend get-away

      Have mercy dear friend and post quickly!!

      • Thank you DT! I am enjoying writing their thought bubbles as they navigate this relationship. Who do they think they are fooling? As always you pick out my favorite parts as well, the little jealousy coming out in Tina being at the top of the list. Thanks for always being such a loyal reader, I look forward to seeing your reactions. Peace my friend!

    2. Oh!! One more thing . . . I 🤣🤣🤣 when Tina was at the Gallery Opening watching Bette walk away and called herself “not likin’” how women were checking out Bette!!! That little jealousy devil reared it’s head in Tina’s thoughts real quick!!! In Tina’s mind, Bette was HERS and she was fixin’ to set some ladies straight.

    3. This really was a hot ending to this chapter…actually a really nice cliff hanger.

      So this is where everything changes….really sweet that Bette was so able just to let Tina take control and take this step. She is being a true friend indeed by not putting any pressure on Tina even though you know she been having a hard time not to be a little more romantic over the last three months of their friendship. Tina has made the move first and has indicated that she is ready for more than just a friendship.

      This is really a nice story…ready for more.

      • Thank you Martha. How hard do you think it was for Bette to wait and wait to see what would happen. Glad you are along for the ride. Buckle your seat belt for chapter four!

        • I guess I am reading more into the story than is there. But I still see that it would be incredibly hard. Bette’s thoughts of how beautiful Tina’s body is my evidence. Bette has always been highly sexual and knowing that Tina was not very receptive and very straight kept her under control. I would think that she really liked Tina as a friend and did all she could to maintain that relationship. But I am sure there were times after Tina left that she had to head for a cold shower or even a little DYI to keep herself in check for he next time they were together. There only so much a girl can take without taking things into their own hands.

          Thanks for the response. Always along for your rides.

          • Martha
            My comment was missing some punctuation. I meant to say, in agreement with you, “How hard do you think it was for Bette…” with some exclamation points and possibly an LOL. I agree `100% with you – this has been really tough for her and you will see in the next chapter that it doesn’t get any easier.
            Sorry for the confusion.
            Reminds me of that old example of how important it is to check your writing – the difference between
            Lets eat Grandma
            Lets eat, Grandma
            applies here. Thanks for your comments, as always. Have a great day!

    4. I am running out of words, without repeating myself, to say how much I am enjoying this story! So glad you decided to write it and loving the affection and humour that you are giving this blossoming relationship.

      Thank you, so much, for this post you brighten my day.
      Looking forward to more.
      Stay safe and well

    5. Beautiful, exhilirating, balm for the soul, sensual. BK, you once again created so many wonderful scenes with your words. You have an amazing talent with words. The sentences simply roll off the tongue smoothly and sweet like honey when read out loud.
      From their banter in the garden and the first family dinner to Tina calming Bette during the “flower situation” and becoming Bette’s focus during the opening it’s palpable how their connection is growing fast and strong.

      I love Bette’s protective instinct (and I’m not always a fan of it) with the best quote “Bette would have happily reduced him to a pile of ash. Then danced on the remains”. Yes! I’d cheer her on. And I love how Tina is taking care of Bette – the garden, taking time off work before the opening, the flowers, the promotion for the opening.

      And that kiss! Wow. Simply wow. High up in the list of best first kisses. It was perfect that Tina indeed made the first move. Yes, it changes a lot but not the great friendship they already built.

      Reading this made me feel wrapped up in the energy and love Tina and Bette are exuding.
      BK, your story is just what the doctor prescribes.
      Thank you for sharing. I’m with DT: have mercy and post more soon :-D

      Enjoy your Sunday, stay safe


      • This is high praise indeed KP. thank you so much. I loved the flower scene too, I tried to picture in my head how it would play out and put that to paper. I am not always a fan of Bette’s possessiveness either, it always seems to be a tool she used to lash out in the show but here she is feeling the first twinges of love that prompt her to want to take care of Tina. It is sweet. I wanted to be wrapped up in their energy too, it helps with all the craziness going on in the community and world.
        Keep reading, I think you will love chapter four too. Thanks. Be well.

    6. love this story! i love how you have tina exactly how she is…such a calming force for bette. and bette with her insecurities just under the surface that she revealed to tina. and insecurities that tina just sees without bette having to say anything. all these things just pulling bette and tina closer. I was surprised at the end but…with that…I’m going to respectfully ask that you post the next chapter (and chapters!!) PRONTO, ma’am! :-)

      thanks for this take on their origin story.

      betteandtina_houseofstirfry <3

      • BandTHoSF – Thank you for your comments! I am curious if you were surprised with the kiss, that Tina made the first move or that the kiss got hot and heavy? I always love to see reader’s insight, it makes me a better writer so please let me know if you have time.

        • I guess I was surprised by all of what you listed! varying degrees of surprise. :) that we got to that point with them in chapter 3 is…refreshing! but you had established that time had passed in this chapter and a deep friendship had developed (on top of the deep attraction). it was refreshing to see tina take charge. because on the show, the first kiss was bette initiating…I always thought that that artist dinner on the show was just so she could get closer to tina. I mean, do we remember the look bette had on her face when she was walking over to tina who was looking at the painting? :) but we see how tina had the confidence in your story to take the first steps (literally)…because bette was not wanting to be in the friend zone but didn’t know that tina was feeling that way. to not have to wait for them to figure stuff out and for tina to just go for it? surprisingly refreshing! im always fine with hot and heavy but especially if there is a reason for it…it’s their first REAL kiss and im glad that by the end? it’s clear how they are feeling. even if it’s scary. and here’s where the fun begins! so much more to discover…for tina…and for bette. im glad we get to get to it without waiting too long. sorry. this was really long. but…im truly loving this story (and im also loving Remember Who You Are!). thank you for understanding bette and tina and writing them with so beautifully and on point.

          • That makes a lot of sense. I do remember the look Bette had on her face – I love your thought that the artist dinner might have been a way to get Tina back in to the studio!!

            And you are 100% right, here is where the fun begins! I really appreciate your comments, thank you for getting them the way I do

            Peace, BK

    7. Bk,

      A truly amazing chapter of blooming love. Truly am enjoying your take on the beginning of their relationship & all the sweet connections they have.

      Bette’s been very honorable in holding herself back from Tina as she has clearly fallen in love with her.

      Tina has fallen too, but only now starting to realize the depth of those feelings.

      Beautifully written.

      Thanks so much.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!

      • Thank you Collins. I am enjoying your story too so don’t wait too long to update us on how things are going there. I think you are right, they have both fallen for the other but don’t see it yet. Next chapter coming this week. Thanks

    8. BK

      You caught so perfectly the emotions tied to the excitement associated with the transition of a friend to a lover. Add to that Tina’s decision to enter into a relationship that is different from what she has identified as a romantic partner in the past and complexities of that decision were caught beautifully. Even with Bette, her hesitancy to not push Tina into anything and yet her exhilaration when Tina made the first move.



      • Thank you K, that is so nice coming from you. You have spun some good tales yourself there my friend! I always wondered what it was like for Tina – canon bs about her sister aside – to go from a world of dating men to Bette Porter. I mean, she hit the jackpot but still… what a transition. Glad you enjoyed the chapter, I have the next one almost done….
        Hope to see your work on here soon too. Peace

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