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    Remember Who You Are 49

    Morning had arrived.

    The light outside the window soft, filtered through the mist that still hung in the air, cool nighttime weather giving way to the stronger rays of the waking sun. The birds were starting to sing and there were some sounds coming from the kitchen as Rosie and Yaya shared their morning oatmeal and fruit.

    Tina stirred first, her bladder announcing itself before her eyes could even open, but she really didn’t want to move, she didn’t want to ever ever move. Bette’s body was so soft and warm and lovely next to her, heaven really. She listened to the sounds coming from outside, to the light breathing of her beloved, to Rosie chattering away to Yaya. But her bladder was not to be ignored, and Yaya had warned her that this was to be the hallmark of the rest of her pregnancy.

    She played with the nearby curls for a moment, soft, silky, smiling softly at Bette, who looked so content there with her eyes closed and her face relaxed, her cheeks a little pink from the warmth of their bed. Pulling away, Bette opened one eye to protest.

    “Stay Tee…” came her deep voice, husky, suggestive.

    Tina leaned over to kiss her on the corner of her mouth, lingering on the soft cheek, the smell of lavender filling her nose delightfully. “Nature calls, Babe. I will be back right…”

    After using the toilet, she washed her hands in the sink, looking at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was a mess and her face puffy from sleep. Her boobs hurt, aching from either the position she slept in or just another fun second trimester side effect.

    She panicked a little, was it possible she was actually bigger? She felt like she grew over night, her hands going to her breasts and waist to see if she was right. She was, or at least it felt that way. Dammit.

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    1. “To Boo, Bette was a blend of fire and earth… able to stand tall in the midst of chaos and heartache while still providing a gentle, reliable, unconditional foundation on which the couple could build. Boo knew nature and in the wild, an animal that dug in, even when things were hard, was a force to be reckoned with.” Dug in. Just perfect.

      So this posting is going to get two comments. This first one because I really don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle. I just want to say a heartfelt thank you. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration in allowing the readers to experience all of the celebration and love in this story and this chapter. Now, at this point the rest of the merry band that so love your stories pop out with flowers and champagne and balloons. Because damn girl, you did it. You gave us all our River Wedding! And some amazing Tibette loving.

      I for one love longer chapters. The reader is able to get lost in this chapter. In your writing. Like your other stories you set the stage beautifully. We all knew this was coming. We all had our save the date on our collective refrigerators. I felt like I somehow needed to dress up just to read this chapter. But then I remembered I was hanging with Boo and Yaya and Jerry and all my buds. Like excited family members and close friends we have waited for this day. Because we have all adopted these characters. They are all with us now, BK.

      The great thing for me is that so often in life when we get ourselves so excited for an event, so amped up, when it finally happens there is often a let down. The reality can’t possibly live up to our imagination of how we want it to be. This kind of wish fulfillment is why we read fanfiction. You have not disappointed. Ever. In fact your chapter far exceeds expectations- in my opinion. I have visions of a child watching her mother bake a cake. Knowing there is a process that has to take place and knowing that cake is going to taste so good. And you, BK? You always let us lick the spoon.

      I heard someone say this recently: GQ has fucked up Tibette so badly that they have squandered the right to our couple. So fanfiction exists and has taken stewardship. Where happy endings can abound and our girls are treated with love. And protected. And respected. Not always, but mostly. There is so much angst regarding the new season. Your positive story and this chapter could not come at a better time. Your writing is in a class with but only a few others writers. Take the day, hell take the week. But not too long.

      And now I get to ponder my thoughts on a wedding and a honeymoon and everything in between. Second comment soon. For now though: It’s Rosie and Bette and the shoes. And Boo. Wise sage. “Consider a temper tantrum to be a badge of trust, Bette. She trusts you enough to show you herself. You are a safe person for her. She didn’t run away and hide like I heard she did before. She trusts you. You decide if the shoes matter that much today…consider all the change she has been through…”

      High tops it is. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

      • Billy, you opened up your comment with a thank you to me and I really appreciate that BUT I am going to throw it back at you like a hot potato and say thank YOU. I really enjoy reading your comments. They are never too long, and always give me an unfiltered view into how you as the reader feel about what I wrote. It is invaluable. So thank yOU!
        LOVE the idea of a save the date magnet on the frig for this wedding. No pressure, right!!? I was daunted at the prospect of writing a WEDDING for these two but some of the pressure came off when I realized it was to be a river wedding and therefore some things would go wrong, somethings would be perfect and something wild and magical would happen at the same time. I pulled from a trip to New Orleans I made years ago where we stumbled on a wedding in Jackson Square and it was very similar to the flash mobs you see now – but before flash mobs were a thing. Think early 90’s.
        GQ HAS fucked the story and with our heads – and continue to do so – (I swear if they are shooting a Carrie/Tina wedding then I will write one helluva different plot, after I throw up) so I love that this site is here to allow us to marinate in the couple as all these readers and writers see them.
        High tops indeed
        Thank you Billy. Grateful.

    2. Continuation of my previous comment. As lovers of Bette and Tina as a couple nothing can possibly give us more pleasure than a Tibette wedding. And why? Well BK you said it so well: “This is a story of a love that has been battered but never broken, tested but never wavered, forged by fire and sheer determination. This is a story for the ages.” That it is. And it is impossible not to cry. This is the wedding we should have gotten to see on screen. Can you just imagine?

      Heroes of the chapter? Jerry for coming to the rescue and walking Tina into the circle. Rosie for being in the story and for stepping up in her high tops and getting Bette into the circle. Alice, Shane and Lucy for creating the perfect honeytime venue. (Your writing so great because you convey do much emotion with simple gestures.) Sideways Sam for getting our wives to that same said venue and breaking up the emotional oh this is just too much crying going on with some side splitting laughter. “He’s going to kill us, right? We are being taken to our deaths in some weird river cult, never to be seen again. Remember I love you…” “What have I told you about CSI, Honey?” Tina retorted, looking at Bette fondly. “I don’t think there was ever a CSI episode like this, Babe…” Bette said seriously, “I think that is because they never found the bodies…” Again tears from the emotion to tears of laughter. Tina you’ve got your work cut out for you.

      And speaking of Tina, her grandmother is present at her birth and now at her wedding. “Boo was there when Tina was born, placing the squalling, tiny baby in her mother’s arms, watching as she latched on and was soothed by whispers and the feel of skin on skin. Surrounded by love. Boo was there to teach Tina to fish, to skip rocks, to wear a bra. To take her first, wobbly steps and to swim.” The circle of life. How appropriate that their ceremony was conducted in a circle. And Tina got married at her true home with people she adored who shouted and clapped and embraced both their own Tina and their newly found and forever Bette. And Bette is so happy to be accepted and embraced by these people, people she loves and respects and calls family. So fitting that Yaya and Boo had the closest seats. Bette and Yaya are totally connected forever. “How could she ever thank the stoic, kind hearted woman for everything she did for Tina, for her? It was more than the gift of healing physically, Yaya constantly reminded Bette that the most important healing was that of the heart, the connection with Tina. She respected the older doctor tremendously and learned so much from her.” The normally stoic Yaya holding back tears and unable to speak. Join the crowd!

      I love how our couple so totally ground one another. A slight touch. A glance. Always aware and knowing where the other is. Thoughtful, caring, loving glances that only they understand. And always knowing what to say and do for the other. Bette with her special way of relaxing a panicked Tina over her bigger breasts. Tina easing Bette’s nervousness over their journey on the river. As I say all the time, I am a Bette person. But it was not until this chapter that I finally figured out why. It is your writing of Bette. It’s that simple. “Her whole life Bette Porter wanted only one thing. To be loved unconditionally. To be understood, to be cherished. It wasn’t about the wedding or the flowers or the music or the fancy dresses. It was about love, pure, unfiltered love, like oxygen to her very soul. Tina looked so beautiful that Bette just wanted what she wanted all day, to take a moment and be present, to be aware of what was happening and to enjoy. So… she stopped and take a fucking minute to look, really look at her Tee.” What I find very interesting is how the reader is able to fall in love with Tina and appreciate Tina and adore Tina because we get to view Tina through Bette’s eyes. I used to think that Shane was the only one to really get them but now I know that Rosie and Boo really do top the charts. And that’s a very good thing.

      Phrases to cherish:

      “It’s honey time”

      “A knot less knot”

      “I am an old bird who doesn’t like to learn new flight patterns.”

      “Mutually satisfying weirdness”

      “That’s my wife, her heart sang”

      My favorite line? There are too many to choose from but this one is an absolute showstopper: “You built me a home in your heart then opened the door and invited me in and asked me to stay and I will never be comfortable anywhere else.” Just because. I’m so feeling the love. Now I’m going to read again and pour another drink and toast the happy couple.

    3. This is the Bette and Tina I love….. the long awaited wedding…. and everything was perfect….

      I love honeytime… what a delightful concept…..

      Thank you for this story…. It warms my heart so much….

      I do not know what else to say…. I love the vows… I truly love the characters and story….

      Now…. let’s see how the final days on the river go and the start of a new life in LA…

    4. Hi BK,

      What a beautiful chapter!

      Finally wedding day has come and oh man, it was so worth the wait! You wrote such a beautiful wedding and oh my god,Rosie, she had my heart already but now it’s cemented in stone!!! I love her and Bette together, the bond they share, simply amazing and melt my heart ♥️!

      So many things that catched my eye and filled my heart with joy and love for this couple. Bette’s and Tina’s vows were spot on and Bette she has found her home in Tina’s heart, she is so proud and so happy that Tina is finally her wife!

      They are spending their Honey time in a tree house, love that! How do you come up with this? It’s brilliant!

      I know for sure i will come reading and rereading this story many times! Don’t ever stop with this story, so many more to tell about this couple, Rosie, Boo, Yaya and the river people!

      Thank you so much for this incredible story!

    5. BK, thanks for letting us be part of this beautiful wedding. I had a blast and am still recovering from a little hangover. All that champagne at the party ;)

      You painted a perfect picture of coming full circle. The setting, the choreography, family and friends from the past and present and of course the thoughts and stories how they met and how far they have come.

      There are so many little things that I love in this chapter. Tina’s little breakdown because she was convinced that she suddenly wouldn’t fit in her dress anymore was too cute. But Bette’s way of calming her down….hilarious! ““Your breasts are bigger? Let me see…” But she is right, they’ve been through so much, not just the boat accident, nothing can come between the happy couple and their wedding.

      Then Boo’s memories of her years with Tina at the river and her work on Tina’s dress. So sweet. Reading this made me immensely happy for Tina. Boo is part of her full circle. With her it might feel to Tina that her mother was with her as well. Speaking of which…. does Tina have a photo of her mom? Can’t remember if her father showed her some. Maybe a present from Boo when baby KP arrives.

      Then Jerry. Too funny that he and Shane get on so well or even Jerry and the rest of the LA gang. It’s great that he was at Tina’s side down the aisle. Somehow it feels like this was the right person to accompany her. I still think that Jerry is Rosie father and this makes him a part of Tina’s family, more than Peter/Turnup does.

      But some of my favourites moments are all little girl Rosie. What made her so angry and cry so hard? Maybe it was simply a moment of being petulant just because of the shoes. But maybe Bette is right and something from her early traumatic memories was triggered. Did all the hustle and bustle around the house and outside scare Rosie? Too many strange people around, no one took really notice of her, her moms not to be seen, the focus being on the preparations and on the brides but not on the little girl? Fear of being abandonned with her moms leaving for LA without her? Bette is handling this little crisis so good. Once again the bond between Rosie and Bette becomes obvious. The girl is loved so much. And it shows when she takes over the ceremony and ends all the stalling and staring and crying. Another story to be told in the years to come: “When Rosie made sure that Bette found her way to Tina at their wedding.” And of course honeytime. Too cute.

      BK, thanks for this perfect wedding, it just makes my Tibette heart sing and nurtures my soul. Your words are so vivid, the scenes that you paint with each sentence are so colourful they make me feel like I was among the guests to witness Tina’s and Bette’s union.
      I am sure that I will read this chapter again, after some sleep and after recovering from all that dancing and partying at the wedding ;-)

      Feel hugged, my friend, enjoy another tremendous La Ola in your honour.
      Stay safe and enjoy the weekend

      • KP
        A champagne hangover, those can last awhile right?! I if remember correctly, Tina has two pictures of her mom from the shoebox Boo left for her in the tree. One when she was pregnant with Tina and one after she was born. Remember her mom did not live long, so this is all Tina has to see what her mom looked like.
        I can totally see Shane and Jerry sitting around a fire smoking and drinking. Two rascals, very much loved by their friends, very frustrating to the ones they date. Two peas in a pod.
        Yes, Rosie adds so much to this story. There is so much about her and her personality that we don’t know yet and that she hides. The more comfortable she gets with her mamas the more of herself we will see, I think. She is as layered and complicated as Bette in many ways.
        I feel the hug my friend and am happy that you enjoyed reading this chapter. It was fun to write. Cheers back!

    6. I have read this Chapter for the First time and cried for a good way though. I say for the First time because I am sure to read it again and again.
      I have read the comments and been blown away by Billy’s, nothing new about that!
      So now I just need to thank you for this part and also for the other 48 parts of this excellent story.
      Thank you seems inadequate but what more can I say?
      So, thank you for this superb Bette, this wonderful Tina and for all the other great Characters that you have given us in a very special story of your version of our favourite couple.
      Thank you BK so looking forward to the return to LA

    7. WOW , I’ve just been part of the build up and a wedding. Your writing actually takes you into their fold, you feel you are there with then, sing8ng, dancing and crying!
      I agree with everything everyone has said, You have a wonderful imagination and way of explaining and telling a story.
      I love the Rosie and Bette relationship, love that Rosie stuck to her guns over her shoes, that Bette the strong Alpha, froze and it was Rosie who had came to her, how all the river people have welcomed back Tina and taken Bette into their hearts. How Bette and Tina always ‘ground’ each other in different areas, they fit exactly together. I loved it was Jerry who eventually walked Tina out, it seemed fitting giving his blessing somehow not only for Bette and Tina but also for the adopting Rosie, I’m hoping he is her father,
      Honey time, bucket of shrimps, the band floating up the river, water mouse, Kit singing, Alice’s speech, Boo moving to LA, I can’t help wondering if Yaya might eventually get there to, as she and Bette have definitely jelled …… I could go on and on,……….fantastic, please don’t stop anytime soon❤️

      • Hey Janice, what a great comment! You summed up the entire chapter so perfectly with all the highlights in this post and I appreciate so much that you took time to let me know. I had not thought about Yaya moving to LA but def agree with you that she and Bette have an amazing bond. Stay tuned, more of this story to come…

    8. BK

      OMG Girl, just lovely. The prose so beautiful that they put you right there in the front to watch our girls walk towards each other. A most romantic wedding for sure. I feel sorry for the dumbass GQ writers, they now have imagery to compete with for a wedding that rivals none other.


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