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    Remember who you are 7

    The next morning, blessedly, was a Saturday. Bette woke before Tina. And for the first time in a long time she had the opportunity to observe her wife sleeping. Bette was a notoriously bad sleeper but usually sleep eluded her in the middle of the night and she slept longer in the morning. She stirred and opened her eyes to see Tina sleeping beside her. Bette took a shallow breath in.

    For a long time, months… agonizing months… she believed she would never see Tina in her bed again. Never again feel the warmth of her wife’s body next to her, never again feel the softness of skin that soothed and calmed. She was in the habit now of reaching for Tina in the middle of the night… and part of her expected to feel the cold, empty sheets that had welcomed her for so long. She listened to Tina’s gentle deep breathing, watched as her eyes moved under her eyelids and smiled tenderly at the memory of their lovemaking the night before.

    Tina was on her stomach with her face turned towards Bette and her hand touched Bette’s upper arm. Her back was exposed, and the sheet covered her lower half to just where the curve of her butt cheeks started. Her back was smooth, her arms toned. With her leg bent Bette could see a hint of her breast underneath her. She was beautiful.

    Her skin was pale against the slate color of the sheet and her hair covered most of her face. Bette lay there on her side and half dozed, secure in the closeness of her wife and watched Tina wake up slowly front of her. Tina stirred first in her leg, which straightened and prompted her hand and arm to tuck under her. She settled then next her head moved slightly, and her eyes flickered open but then closed almost immediately.

    And like a bee to honey, a moth to a flame…Tina searched for her wife.

    Her hand moved first and upon making contact, her body soon followed. Bette watched as Tina folded towards her, eyes still closed as she nestled in her neck and her arm snaked across Bette’s stomach to pull herself in. Her leg covered Bette’s and her warm naked body pressed against Bette’s side. It was like warm honey had been poured over her, slowly covering her and making her shiver with the sensation of being…enveloped, encased. It was delicious. Every part of Tina pressed into Bette, skin on skin. She was warm, she was soft, she was utterly fantastic, and Bette’s heart thumped in her chest.

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    1. What a marvelous surorise : a new chapter of your so delightful, deeply endearing story I love so much !!
      Oh, I was there, savouring all your last chapters with the same joy – simply, I wasn’t there enough, emotionally, to be able to comment….
      Let just say I’m suffering of a relapse of this strange invisible illness called depression – c’est la vie, n’est-ce pas ?
      But nothing will keep me far of your so precious story, my dear talented author,,,
      Thank you SO much for this medication :-)

      • So very glad you liked it! And glad you feel strong enough today to comment. I struggle with Depression as well as it’s good friend Anxiety. They often come hand in hand to disrupt my day. So I hear you. Message me if you need to talk. This story helps me cope with the strange tidbits being offered in the trailers where it appears Bette is without her other half…

    2. Your Bette and Tina are so wonderful. This is love and the bonding of a maturing couple who have had their troubles but have found the secret to happiness – communication, and sharing of their lives, their fears, their emotions and their bodies. I just want to see that with every revelation of Bette’s history, Bette does not question even to herself that Tina will leave her. So unless Bette does something to break the trust they have in each other, Tina will remain by her side. At this point, its hard for me to see Bette or Tina doing anything which they know would hurt the other. At least anything like cheating or lying or being deceptive. I think they would sooner die first. The cost would be to great. Bette and Tina forever…

      • Thank you Martha. I have decided to write this Bette as the couple I always hoped they became, deeply flawed and needing to work together but committed to the relationship. Challenges will come their way but they will deal with them together. Thank you for commenting and reading…

    3. Hi BK,

      What a way to escape in the past with our favourite couple!!!

      I mentioned it before, but i am really in love with your story!!! This version of Tibette warms my heart, you show us clearly their love for each other! They have matured and it is great to see Bette open up about her past with Tina without being scared anymore that Tina will leave her!

      It was a fun, sexy and relaxing day for them at the beach, together with their friends.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

    4. Your story is making me forget about the horrible trailers. It is wonderful seeing Bette and Tina communicate at all levels. They have matured so much and know what their weaknesses are and are determined to work together to fix them. The lovemaking in the ocean was passionate and intimate and convey the deep love they have for each other.

      • Yes, JS. I have watched the trailers many times and I am not sure I can watch a Bette where Tina is gone. Is she dead? Moved on? Out of the country? In prison? None of these are acceptable. Horrible is a good word to describe it. I dont read forums to see what other fans are saying but it seems like this will cause some backlash?? Glad you like the story…

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