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    Remember Who You Are 6

    The metal jungle was complete, and it rose beautifully in the studio, more intricate and compelling than Tina could have ever imagined. She had expected the colors to be harsh and unappealing, instead they appeared soft and relenting. She stood in the middle of it and turned slowly, amazed. When the light was adjusted everyone was transported to another time and place, exactly as the script demanded. Elena and Lara stood off to the side and watched the unveiling of the set with excitement that changed to shock when Jodie took center stage.

    The Art Director, Martin, was beside himself with happiness. The cameras caught his enthusiasm as he saw it for the first time, and Jodie was front and center to take the praise. She pranced and smiled and managed to appear in all the pictures of the event, offering no credit to the other artists who had worked to complete the design.

    Tina wasted no time in scheduling the first shoot, and one week later, the actors took their places for final testing on lighting and sounds before the first frame was shot. With the rest of the movie done, this was the final phase of the movie and she was eager to get going. Shane appeared to fix hair, the aesthetics were key. Tina asked Justin to backlight the set from a different angle, so it was taking some time to get the lightening ready. The actors went in for makeup and the crew begin to drift in. Everyone wanted to see what the set would look like for this scene.

    An hour later, Tina sat in her chair on the edge of the perimeter, ready for the first frame of the shoot. Her nerves were on edge, she was always keyed up on the first day of a scene. There was so much that could go wrong, so much left still to human error. Her anxiety was through the roof. She nervously chewed on her lower lip and held the walkie talkie up to her ear to hear a question from Justin.

    Elena sat to her right and Lara sat behind her. They glanced significantly at each other a couple times and Elena fidgeted before Tina finally asked, “what you two? What is it?”

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    1. BK, what a beautiful and emotional heart wrenching chapter. Oh how I love your writing. You know your a good writer when your readers can be brought to tears by your words. Looking forward to next chapter.

    2. This story is so incredibly written. Gosh what a fantastic job you’re doing in showing the maturity f this couple!!!

      I just re-read each chapter over&over while waiting for the next post!! U’re a marvelously insightful, skillful, sensual writer unlike any other!!

      Keep it up!!!!!

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