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    Remember Who You Are 8

    They went inside and Bette put the items in the cooler away, knowing Tina’s wrist was hurting again. She wrapped up some ice in a washcloth then walked into the bedroom to find that Tina had lifted her shirt and was looking at her back in the mirror. It was very pink, sunburned and painful looking.

    “Oh Tee!” Bette exclaimed, seeing at once that Tina would need some help getting her clothes off. She put the washcloth and ice down and walked over to stand behind her wife, then gently eased her shirt all the way off and untied her bikini top to drop it to the floor.

    “Oh Baby” she exhaled, the skin pink and painful looking. She kissed her softly in the middle of her back, feeling the heat of the irritated skin. Tina met her eyes in the mirror and Bette could tell it hurt. She worked Tina’s shorts and suit bottom off carefully, the back of her legs burnt too.

    “Come here”, she said, taking Tina by her hand and led her to the bed. Putting a towel on the sheets she directed Tina to lie on her stomach. She arranged the ice and washcloth so that her wrist and hand were covered then brought Tina some Motrin for the pain in her wrist and her sunburn.

    Bette had an arsenal of expensive skin care products. All their friends knew if they needed something for an ache, a blemish, a rash or a scratch then Bette had something for them in her bag. This time she pulled out a soothing spray, designed to reduce the inflammation from sun exposure as well as a cream with aloe and a steroid to decrease swelling and redness.

    She sprayed Tina’s back liberally, then the back of her legs and arms. She kissed her on the cheek, Tina’s eyes closed as the spray started to alleviate the pain.

    While that dried, Bette undressed herself and took a quick shower then re-emerged to get dressed in panties and a tank top.

    Tina watched her from her position on the bed, “stay naked, Bette…you don’t need clothes. Bring that sexy ass and those gorgeous tits over here for me…”, she called. Bette grinned and walked slowly to the bed.

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    1. Hi BK,

      Wonderful start of my day to read a new chapter from you!!!

      Eric, hmm don’t trust him at all, after all these yeard he is back and i wouldn’t be surprised if he wants Tina back and him working/supporting Tina’s workplace is his way to try to get Tina in his arms back.

      I suspect that there could be a plan between him and Jodie, to try to break up Bette &Tina. But Bette & Tina are such a strong couple now and will win everything that is thrown their way. I am ready to help them fight off everyone who try to break them!!!

      Smart therapist Bette saw, true intimacy isn’t about sex, but to share all the little things in your life with the love of your life!

      A awesome update, look forward to the next one!

    2. I love the notes between Bette and Tina – naked creamy bliss and melting chocolate bliss…wonderful descriptions.

      I hate Eric and I hate Aaron. I really want to see those two get some payback for their behavior. Aaron hires Jodi and now he hires Eric. If he didn’t have Tina, his studio would be shuttered closed.

      I have believe that Tina and Bette will remain faithful to each other. What I worry about is the appearance of unfaithfulness rather than it actually occurring. That’s the fuel which will cause trouble in their relationship and the thing that someone like Jodi would love to use.

      Your story has so many moments of intimacy between Bette and Tina. Although, I am thrilled that they have finally gotten to this stage in their relationship, I feel sad that it took so long and so much hurt and pain to get here. Real intimacy comes when both parties are able to drop their defenses to use to protect themselves from hurt. And to do that there must be a trust that neither of them will use their vulnerable attributes as weapons against the other. That is what enables Bette to tell Tina about her fears. She trust Tina will not at some point in the future use it to humiliate her or use it to her own advantage to manipulate her behavior. Without this trust, the shields will not come down and intimacy is difficult to achieve.

      Good story…keep the chapters coming.

      • Thank you for reading Martha. I love your description of intimacy and how it links with trust, so true. And it comes from such a place of hurt, but that is why we love this couple…

    3. Dearest BK,
      I’m just beginning, slowly, as the gourmet I am (mais oui !), this new precious chapter of your story I adore and this quote of yours touched me so much that I had to express how much I agree, deeply :
      “True intimacy is not sex (…). True intimacy is crying together, wiping tears off each other’s faces after a hurt or disappointment. It’s the whispers late at night when the lights have been turned off. Its talking about what scares you and what makes you happy, its holding hands during a funeral. Until you have that you are not experiencing true intimacy.”
      I’ll comment the rest when I’ll finish to savour it ! After all, readers and writers can experiment a kind of intimacy too through the emotion they share,,, Words have this magic power, it will never stop to amaze me.
      Thank you so much – for everything. I mean it.

      • I would love your thoughts when you done reading, and always appreciate the insight. I wrote and rewrote the part about true intimacy so I am glad to hear you think it is on target. thanks –

    4. Great chapter! I love your definition of intimacy. So true.

      Interesting background story to Tina and Eric. Watch out for the ordinary ones, the predicables. His persistence on talking to Tina leaves me wary to his true intentions.. But T + B will handle this situation as well and their relationship will only become stronger. At least I hope that’s what’s going to happen ;-)

      Looking forward to the next part.

    5. In all the stories I’ve read I never found one that matches your description of the former relationship between Tina and Eric, it was uncredibly well written and I loved it !

      I don’t know you but I know you’re so wise :”True intimacy is not sex, True intimacy is crying together, wiping tears off each other’s faces after a hurt or disappointment. It’s the whispers late at night when the lights have been turned off. Its talking about what scares you and what makes you happy …”
      Wow !!

      What a wonderful story, thank you.

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