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    Remember Who You Are 9

    In the end, however the real person in control was Tina. It always was.

    She raised up on her knees and begin to move her hips so that her center rubbed over Bette’s tongue and chin the way she wanted it to. She kept the tempo set by her wife, Bette leaving her tongue in the same place so that Tina could pleasure herself. Her hips gyrated in a slow-motion dance set in place with Bette’s first lick as her inner lips and clit massaged themselves on the still tongue of her lover.

    Tina reached down, seeking Bette’s hand on her thigh and their fingers entwined. Her other hand reached lower to gently, tenderly caress Bette’s neck with her fingertips as it stretched so her mouth could reach Tina’s pussy. She could feel the strong softness, the vulnerability of Bette’s neck, feel her muscles moving as her mouth moved. It was incredibly erotic. She was sexy as fuck, laid out under Tina like an offering from the Gods. Tina moaned at the sight of Bette’s perfect body under her, spread out for her to see. She trailed her fingers leisurely over Bette’s neck and up along her jawline, feeling the movement of her mouth there as well. Cupping Bette’s chin she felt her release coming… finally, blessedly on its way…

    Bette felt Tina’s hand grip her own tighter and, judging from the sounds she was making, knew she was very close. Entering her inner lips with her tongue then going deeper inside, she sealed her outer lips with her mouth and thrust hard, pulling Tina’s hips down on top of her face as she did so. She tongue fucked Tina with such urgent abandon that Tina exploded, screaming Bette’s name as her hips jerked uncontrollably. When she had stilled her hips, she rose up higher on her knees and looked down at Bette, her chin and lips wet and her eyes bright with love.

    Unable to do anything but roll away from Bette to her back, Tina let out a string of half recognized curses. She wiggled her body until her head lined up with the upside-down head of her wife. Cheek to cheek, the top of her head touching Bette’s shoulder she nuzzled her under her ear. Bette’s hair was a pillow of softness and lilac and she breathed her in loudly. She groaned out loud, her body coming back to itself. Speech returning. “Bette, my God” she whispered.

    When she had settled, she reached behind Bette’s head to turn her face towards her to lick her juices off her chin before kissing her deeply upside down. Tasting herself on and in Bette’s mouth, mixing with the taste of Bette she herself still carried. After a few minutes, they lay cheek to cheek as their breathing slowed.

    “Tina? Bette whispered.

    “Yes Bette?”

    “Tina… Do you know how much I love making love to you?”

    “I know that Bette, I love making love to you too.”

    Bette turned her head to kiss Tina’s check, smelling herself on Tina’s skin.


    “Yeah Tee?”

    “Bette, thank you”

    “For what?”

    “For letting me chase my dreams”



    “Honey, I am not letting you. I am walking along side you. Together, remember?”

    “Kiss me Bette…”

    And she did.

    Next up: The movie launch. Bette takes a stand. Tina goes commando.


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