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    Remembering Me – Part One

    This brings me up short. Make a move or die time.

    I go for it.

    Gripping her by the hair at the back of her head, I kiss her with everything I’ve got and send up a flare to all the other frustrated motherfuckers out there, everything’s a negotiation, absolutely everything.

    Here’s my point: This next kiss must go well.

    I hear a sports announcer’s voice narrating in my head.

    “This dive is very important. It all rides on this, doesn’t it Cecily?”

    ”You’re so right, Lance. Her form, how she enters the pool, how many back flips she makes, all determine this diver’s score.”

    Lance says,  ”Let’s show our viewers a graphic of Porter’s double-flip-twist combo.”

    Cecily’s voice over continues, ”Impressive!  But can she do it from such a high diving platform?”

    Lance sounds excited to be a witness to my feat of greatness, ”I’ve gotta admit, she’s very, very high up there. . .eight hundred feet above the water.”

    Cecily finishes breathlessly, “Let’s see what the judges say, as she makes her final diving attempt now…for the gold.”

    Bedroom –

    In a series of diagonal backwards steps and sudden turns I lead Tina through doorways and around corners and now, softly down.

    I make wind of her clothing. Some fly to the left, more off to the right, everywhere but still on her.

    From the bed, she watches my stomach muscles flexing as I pant and wait and lean over her…waiting…waiting…waiting…because I don’t want to forget this look in her eye of remembering me.


    My tongue moves down her neck to awaken the milk in her breasts. Sucking, sucking, sucking her nipple, until it weeps a salty-sweet milk flow.

    She massages her breast while whispering, “Bette, you have no idea what this feels like with you. You can’t. But I think somehow you do.”

    A mist appears between us.

    I can’t wait.

    ”Ohhh…Babe,” Tina cries, as we slide and slide together.

    ”I love you.”

    ”Oooo…you feel good.”  She lifts me up from her nipple by my chin.  ”But I promise, I don’t have the stamina, Bette, for one of your long journeys to the edge and back again.”

    ”But you know I’m no good at quickies. I’m just not built for it.”

    ”Yes, you are.”  She quickens our pace, thrusting her hips against mine. ”Bette, it’s a known fact.  You know exactly how to make me orgasm.”

    ”Well, when you ask for it so nicely…”

    ”Ooooo…ohh…” she moans, as her muscles throb up and down my fingers.

    ”We won’t wait.”

    ”Don’t wait. Don’t wait.”

    I feel her touch moving round and round on my clitoris.   Ripples of orgasm begin to shake her body as I arch my back to reach her cervix.

    She cries out, ”Oh that hurts, hurts, hurts…with perfect pain.”

    Knowing I’ll never stop, no matter what she says, we go over the edge and our orgasm breaks in waves between us.

    She moans and holds my tongue in her mouth until our last shutter.

    Finally, breaking our kiss, she says, ”Bette, we have to find a babysitter.”




    1. Thanks for your note! I will continue on with more sexy interesting adventures in hopes that you’ll enjoy them, too. Tell me, did you find Bette’s secret blog amusing? The sports narrators still amuse me and I’ve read the story fifty times.

      We all agree, Bette and Tina need a babysitter!

    2. Yes yes, you granted my wish!

      I loved this story the first time and love it even more now.

      Bette’s blog and the sports narrators are very amusing. Bette’s craving for Tina’s milk is a little weird, but i can imagine that there are men or woman that have the same thoughts about it and get turn on by it. It is very intimate.

      I am so happy that you repost this story and hopefully continue it for a long time.

      Thank you!

    3. I consider normal the way bette wants Tina, and if the desire comes through
      Of milk, great, that enjoy and enjoy this intimacy.
      The birth of angelica gave Bette and Tina another emotional link, that of being
      I loved the blog and the sports narration.
      All Stars.

    4. Hi Blackbird:

      Very nice story, I read it before on your site, but I think you have changed it a little for the best.

      It is funny how Bette looks for advice in the blog and the different opinions and the variety of tips she gets, and finally how she finds her own way to Tina.

      I hope you could find the time to keep going with this story; you are a very talented and professional writer. Thanks so much for this gift, and pps.


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