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    Remembering Me – Part Two

    Remembering Me – Part Two – Canyons

    Bedroom – Bette

    As Tina dozes on my shoulder, my thoughts drift back up the ceiling, lazily pausing on this thought and that, when a memory from my childhood settles in my mind.  A piece of translucent honey-colored amber of my mother’s.

    Before she’d died we’d hold it to the light and make up stories about the hapless beetle trapped inside. We’d imagine him, as he’d crawled along a tree trunk a thousand years ago, his armor tough and impervious to most things, until his amber moment happened.

    Tina stirs next to me and my thoughts drift back to her warm breath on my shoulder.  With one leg thrown across me, her wet patch pressing against my skin sends signals deep into my brain – never wait this long again.

    I sigh as my thoughts drift back up to the ceiling.

    What would I do if a Gypsy woman appeared right here in my bedroom?  If she took out her casting bones and pitched them on the floor between us,  looked me in the eyes,  with her coal black ones, and said I had only two choices left before I died.

    Be entombed like the amber beetle preserving this blissful moment with Tina forever?  Or live until the stroke of midnight, with this sweet moment forgotten, gambling something better might come along?

    But could it? Possibly?

    “How long until we need to get our daughter?” Tina breaks my reverie, with a back-to-earth matter.

    Hoping she means let’s go again, I remind her, ”You see I’ve got quickies down.”

    “You are kidding, right?”

    “Mmmm,” I sigh, leaving her to wonder.

    She kisses me up and down my belly. “Seriously Bette, do you need to call Shane and tell her the coast is clear?”

    “But we’re not out of bed, yet.” I pull her to me and we enjoy a long, lazy kiss. “Please tell me, if you know, why haven’t we been together like this? I know the list of ’what-elses’ that’s been going on…but still?”

    “The ’else’?  It will not make sense to you,” she warns me.

    “Okay, you think you know that, but go ahead. Try to fly something past me.”

    “That’s the problem, Bette, it’s not an intellectual discussion, it’s an illogical one and we don’t have time.”

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    1. Fantastic chapter!

      Alice and her Vampire, God, she is the only one of the gang to get involved like that.

      I would’nt mind to only see Bette in tanktop and pajamas, she looks incredible sexy in it.

      Beautiful pictures! I love them and this story.

      Thank you!

    2. Thanks Bibi! (Here’s more about what I was thinking, too)

      As the writer, I’m creating the arcs and portraying the inner struggles Bette’s going through in this pivotal part of her life. To do this as an immersive experience for the readers I’m creating sub-textures and metaphors in Bette’s mind as she tears and knits her thoughts and emotions back together, Hopefully, there’s a real sense of sharing that grief and hope with her through her experiences.

      Starting moodily with post-coital bliss and moving to uncertainty on her trail run, her true feelings of tenderness are revealed in her watercolor portraits of Tina and the baby. All these mixtures of emotions she goes through as she wrestles with her sense of alienation she’s labeled her, lesbian daddy blues.

      Her character changes dramatically in “Remembering Me, Part One” through “Part Two”. From ardent in her quest for sexual intimacy, her professional high-powered egotistic self no longer suited up for action, we’re meeting the struggling Bette Porter trying to find her way in a wholly new form of intimacy that’s unfolding.

    3. Okay, so I had time to read it before my flight loved it! I see Angelica isnt the only one nursing (smile)! Vampires…….yup only Alice! I love the incorporated pictures cant wait until the next chapter!

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