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    Running on sunshine



    Bette had worked her way through several emails and was wondering how Tina was getting on with her mothers. After she had caught up with the news on the CNN website she made a decision that seeing as Tina was telling one of her family – she should do the same thing. She picked up her mobile and flicked through her contacts – really there was one person she did want to tell about her marvellous news. She dialled her sister’s number and after couple of minutes it went to voice mail
    “Hey Sarah it’s me – give me a call when you get this message. I am back in the country and staying in LA“
    She hung up the phone and went back to her emails – several contacts from people she had worked with when she had owned her gallery wanting to offer her work in the art world – she read the emails casually without really wanting to find anything to appeal to her. She didn’t want to go back to owning a gallery – but she did now have to find something to do with the rest of her life. She was now a married woman and that meant she had Tina to consider as well as herself. She smiled at even the thought of Tina’s name. There had been no woman who had just ticked almost ever box in Bette’s mind – but Tina was the woman who had. Bette thought back to looking up from her kindle and seeing Tina for the first time. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a pigtail and she was wearing a white dress that showed off her tan. She had smiled at Bette and asked her if she minded if she sat at her table. Bette was pretty sure she must have said yes – she didn’t actually remember what she had said. She must have said something – or else Tina wouldn’t have sat down and they would not have started chatting. But they had started to chat and finding they were both Americans travelling around Europe on their own. One coffee had become two and that had turned into a glass of wine and a second and a third – that had led Bette to inviting Tina to dinner. Bette did remember dinner with Tina – the table was booked for 7:30 and they were still talking after midnight. Then the only obvious next course of action had been…..
    Her phone rang snapping her away from a special memory. She looked at the phone and grinned as she picked it up
    “Hey sis “
    “Bette – back from your European tour “
    “I am – how are you?”
    “Great – what about you? Does mom know you are back? What are you doing in LA”
    “I will tell you later – no mom doesn’t know I am back yet – I will text her later “
    “Well make sure you do “?
    “I will – are you free today?”
    “I am putting the final touches to an article for new lesbian magazine that is launching in a couple of weeks “
    “Well done – so do you want to meet up?”
    “Sure – what about Harvey’s in – say an hour?”
    “Can we get a table?”
    “We can since I started dating the assistant manager”
    “Ah – your stalking wore her down?”
    “I do not stalk – Porters do not need to stalk “
    “Rebecca told you that didn’t she?”
    Sarah laughed “Yes – but I don’t stalk with a scalpel “
    “It’s a good thing I know you are kidding “
    “It is – so Harvey’s in an hour?”
    “I will pay”
    Bette hung up and texted Tina to tell her not to worry about her because she was going out. She paused – how exactly was she going to get across town? Her car was in another city and her wife was at her parents. She needed a cab – and she also needed a trip to an ATM machine – well that would be a logistical challenge but she had travelled around the world for six months – getting across LA wasn’t going to be that hard. All the same she would get changed and head out so she wouldn’t be late – she was looking forward to telling her sister that she had inherited a sister in law.

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    1. Wishing you Merry Christmas …
      Very very happy to read your story again. I like Bette ‘s new background with the sisters and Tina’ s four parents. Thank you for posting and won ask for more except PPS…..

    2. Merry Christmas Ally. Always remember we are never really alone. For through this wonderful community we are all there for each other.

      Love this story and all of you others. Wishing you a very Happy New Years too.

    3. I have been waiting for a new update. I was curious about Bette, who will be the first to say that she is married.
      I love this story. you’re one of the best writers on this site. I’m looking forward to a new chapter in the New York minutes.
      Merry Christmas!

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