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    New York Minute 91-100


    CHAPTER 91

    “Tina – have you seen where my towels are?”
    Shane came through. She had finally found an apartment that was nice enough for her and was in her price range. Both Bette and Tina had looked at the place with her and Bette had insisted on giving her some money to act as a deposit for the apartment that Shane liked the most. Shane had found a job in a coffee shop by day and at night she was working as a DJ in a gay club 4 nights a week. She was delighted with the jobs which were different enough to be challenging and together the jobs meant she was earning more now than she had been in LA. That had been the final reason for her to stay in the city – all in all Shane was settling in nicely on the East coast.
    “They are in the laundry room “
    Shane raised an eyebrow
    “I was looking for things to wash so I didn’t put on half a load “
    “You are mothering me – you know that “
    “Well I was putting the washing machine on – it was no trouble “
    “And the towels were dirty?”
    “There were paw marks on them – I think you will find that Sheba is our responsibility “
    “Thanks – I will get them in a bit – how are you doing?”
    Shane sat down at the table with Tina who was nursing a coffee. Tina smiled ruefully
    “Nervous “
    “Do you think Angie will not like them?”
    “I don’t know “
    “Tina – she’s a really good kid. She’s smart but she’s grounded. There is no way that anyone would not be charmed by her “
    “I hope so – I can’t help wondering if this is too soon “
    “How long have you been talking to your parents again?”
    “Do you have any doubts about them?”
    “No – it’s not been easy – I know that no one thought that it would be we have worked through things and we have a really good relationship emerging”
    “They must really be pleased “
    “They are – they are good people Shane “
    “I don’t doubt that – but you are edgy “
    “I am – it’s one thing for me to get to know them again and for Bette to be involved but this is our daughter “
    “I think that I can understand that you are nervous but it’s the right thing for you to do for her sake. “
    “That’s what Bette says”
    “Bette is rarely wrong “
    Tina lent back and sighed “I want the best for all of us “
    “And why is Angie meeting her grandparents bad for her?”
    “If things don’t work out between my parents and me – it would hurt her”
    “You just said that things were going very well “
    “I know that I am not making much sense “Tina smiled
    “No – you aren’t “
    Tina laughed “Ignore me – are you ready for your move?”
    “I am – I am excited – it’s the right move for me.”
    Tina nodded “It’s been a riot having you here “
    “It’s been an honor to be around the three of you – watching the two of you together has really brought back some memories “
    “Do you think our relationship is different ?”
    “Yeah – much different – still loving and devoted to one another. But more equal – you are less deferential to Bette and she likes that. She’s changed of course but so have you. I am looking forward to seeing you get married”
    Tina rubbed her nose “If I – we – invited the others would they come?”
    Shane looked at Tina in surprise
    “You want to invite the others after the appalling way that they have spoken to the two of you?”
    “I just wonder if I should do something to break the ice. I don’t want to tell Bette until I have spoken to you “
    “I think that while it’s your wedding and you can invite who you want of course – I think it would be wrong to invite them. They are in the wrong -not you and Bette. If adults cannot deal with a little girl being devoted to her real mother and pleased for all three of you – hell Tina – they don’t deserve any of you “
    Tina nodded “It’s just with me getting to know my family again – I want Bette to be happy “
    “Tina – if you and Angie are happy – Bette is happy. Kit – hell I just do not understand Kit. With Alice – its guilt – she was in the wrong not to hold out a hand to Bette and everything that had happened with her since then has been her trying to justify a position that was wrong in the first place. But Kit – I don’t know “
    Tina nodded
    “I guess you are right”
    “I don’t have any answers Tina but I have talked to Bette a lot about Kit and Alice and she really thinks that it’s their loss “
    “Maybe I am just not thinking straight “
    Shane grinned
    “Okay – stop sniggering “
    “Where is MS Angelica?”
    “She is tidying her room up “
    “That never usually takes her very long “
    “She is listening to the end of her audio book. I suspect there is a lot of listening and not a lot of tidying going on “
    “What time are you all meeting up?”
    “Noon – my parents insisted on driving up this morning – they are staying tonight “
    “What are the plans?”
    “Meet at the gallery, probably go out for some lunch and stroll around the shops. But Bette has suggested that Angie will be at ease if we take her to the Natural History Museum “
    “And that would be okay by your folks?”
    “Yes – dad said he had always wanted to go there – I told him that if he defers in his knowledge to Angie about dinosaurs he will be doing well”
    “The museum sounds like a good option “
    “We have not nailed anything down but it’s what we will probably do “
    “It’s probably a good thing to have something to do so all the attention isn’t on Angie and your parents. It gives it more normality and less room for people to feel awkward “
    “I have been thinking of inviting them here on Sunday “
    “It makes sense that eventually they will stay here when they come to the city “
    “Bette keeps telling me not to worry”
    “It’s only natural that you do – that’s why you cared so much about all of us even when we didn’t think we needed someone to take care of us “ Shane got up and kissed Tina “You need to stop worrying – Bette is great, Angie is amazing and you are getting married soon – enjoy what is happening to you rather than worrying in case everything is going to unravel before your eyes “
    “There are times when you are too bloody smart “ Tina retorted “Do you know that ?”
    “I do know that – it has been commented on more than once “

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    1. Thank You AllyEmnerson, I love all your stories and it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to continue reading New York Minutes.
      I hope soon to have new chapters of The L Wing, one of my all time favorite fanfics, ever !!!!
      happy Holidays!!

    2. Thank you Ally – there really is a Santa even though a couple of days late!

      I so love this story thanks for the great update. You really are ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ need I say more or would that be pushing my luck!

      Seriously thank you, May I wish you and all of us a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy New Year!

    3. JUMPED STRAIGHT TO COMMENTS – to Thank You AllyEmm, as well as Lord Rockingham. NYMinute made me jump in my seat when I saw it – wooohoooo -let’s get to it ! Lookiing forward to many more chapter adventures with OUR most esteemed author! :) :) :) :) :) :)

    4. As you can see from the wonderful response, you were sorely missed. Opening the website and seeing that allyemmerson has posted means it’s going to be a special, lucky day. Like opening your wallet and finding an overlooked $20 bill Or waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Just delightful!

    5. Jumping up and down for joy. ( not really to old, my knees would really hurt) I would if I could. I love this story and the L Wing. Thanks for posting your stories. They are truly a treat.

    6. I have been off this site since December 2014. I came back December 2015 and I just found out that you had posted your story on January 10, 2016. Just read this few chapters again and what can I say, just so good. One of my favorites, and always will be. Thanks for sharing with all of us again.

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