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    Savannah – Malaika


    "Bette…" Tina shouted in turn. "Bette, over here…. I’m here!"

    Hearing the sound of her wife’s voice nearly overwhelmed the blonde. Her words near strangled in her throat as she realised Bette had survived the crash too.

    The last Tina recalled seeing her wife was, as the vet had tumbled out of the little Cessna after it had bounced one too many times on the ground and before, both wheels had snapped off and the plane had started skidding on the ground on its belly before plunging down the little bank where it had finally come to a halt.

    For a moment, it had all felt like a dream. One of the worst kind. One from which she would wake up and find out that it had been all but a bad dream.

    A sequence of impossible situations taking place one after the other. One second they were happily flying through the air, having just flown over the exact spot where they had got married and then, in a flash of blood red, their whole world had turned upside down when they had started plunging to the ground.

    The right wing had dropped. The tail had lifted and the little Cessna had found itself in a tight spiral plunging downwards.

    "Tina," She heard Bette call her one more time, then hearing the sound of running steps before she saw her wife for the first time.

    Out of breath, brown hair untidy and dirty, her whole body covered in dirt and caked in blood, beads of sweat covering her face, she appeared in the gaping hole left where the door, which once was there, had flown open and was torn away in the crash landing.

    "Tina," Bette called once again as she lunged herself inside the tiny space of the cockpit, climbing over the seat she had occupied as the pilot to reach her wife.

    "Oh my God, Tina," the vet continued, struggling to reach the blonde as the plane was tilted onto its side, precariously propped up by a broken wing.

    The brunette was frantic in her approach, running her eyes over the heavily pregnant woman as she climbed on board, looking for the first obvious signs of injury, her eyes darting all over before checking back to look at the pale face.

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    1. Wonderful story. Seems Bette can never say no to Tina even when she knowws she should not give in to Tina’ wishes. When you truly love someone, it is very difficult to say no. Wonderfully sweet and loving story and it always is when you write them. Thanks for bringing us this great story. Waiting for your next. Don’t remember if I had a chance to wish you a Happy New Year!

    2. Aah Kins loved the gentle ending after a bit of a fraught beginning.No matter wether its a PG-13 or a NC-17 story its beautifully written and descriptive.Always a great knowledge of the subject you write about.Loved the story from beginning to end.So looking forward to the next one.No rush you understand i know a lot of work and research must go into each story you tell.We are lucky to have you writing these stories for us…Cx

    3. Wow! I didn’t realize how much I’d been holding my breath until Tina had their baby. Great writing Kins and this story in particular is one of my favourites! I’m looking forward to the other treats you have in store for us too ;0) (PS, good to see you haven’t lost your touch for cliffys with the previous chapter)

    4. Hello Kins!! ;-) thanks for another amazing story!! :-) You made me squirming anxiously when I read about Tina’s delivery process.. Such a moment that refresh my memory! Uhm.. :-p I feel a kinda glad for having no time to peek to the site lately when I saw the waiting time from previous chapter to this one :-p hehe… Though I also feel a bit sad that I can’t drop by as often as before :-/… But i am glad that i manage to catch up your story!! ;-) Anyway.. Heard that something big is on the way! :-D I will keep an eye for that! Haha.. I hope all is fine with you there and no more problem with your comp ;-) take care and looking forward to your next posting! :-D

    5. Ok, after having two babies, I can totally understand Tina’s urgency to pee! hahaha!!!! I was laughing out loud. Almost died in a horrible plane crash and her biggest problem: the desperate need to pee and couldn’t get the seatbelt off! Priceless!

      This story is so beautiful and I think it’s time for an update. Maybe more babies?

    6. I can not tell you how much I loved this story!! I just happened upon your story on a search for something to read. I absolutely love your writing! As I was reading I felt as if I was transported into Bette’s and Tina’s beautiful country. Thank you so for writing this story. Would love another sequel on Bette,Tina and Angelica life on the Savanna! Thank you again your are an amazing author!

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