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    Sequel – Chapter 10 – In The Holiday Spirit

    In their shared apartment that first year, they had a huge tree with an abundance of colorful lights and decorations and everything else that spoke of the magic of the holiday and the importance of love and understanding that it brought. Both women wanted to create their own traditions and to give each other the happiness they hadn’t experienced as children themselves.

    The Saturday before Christmas each year had become the day that a freshly cut evergreen tree was delivered and decorated. Year by year those decorations had grown as they added more and then when Angie arrived, they grew even larger. Both women wanting the joy of the holiday to be special for their little girl.

    Even in the rough years when things weren’t good between them or when they weren’t together as a couple, they vowed to not allow the state of their personal relationship to affect their daughter and her celebration of the holiday. The images of their unhappiness at the holidays as children was all too prevalent in their minds and they wanted desperately to avoid that for their daughter. So they had put on happy faces and put their problems aside for the special day. They gave their daughter all the love they had. On occasion they saw the love they still held for the other too flickering in the other’s eyes. Their deep connection once again surfacing and binding them together if only for a day in the down years.

    This year though, their connection was genuine and both women knew deep inside that it was forever. The glow in their eyes as sparkling and bright as any tree light . . .

    Tree Trimming – Present Day  

    So this year, the Saturday before Christmas found the three Porter women and Jordi in their Silver Lake home decorating a huge tree that filled the corner of the vast living room. Bette had ordered the tree for delivery the previous week.

    Bette and Angie had gotten all the boxes and decorations down from the attic for the tree earlier in the week and this afternoon, they were happily trimming the tree. The rest of the house had already been bedecked with festive items and the joy of the holiday season could be felt in every room of the house. Tina’s flair and design skills could be seen everywhere. Angie had helped her mothers and was happy with the results. The house was filled with wonderful trimmings all around.


    1. The light-hearted ness of this chapter is palatable. Refreshing. Revitalizing. And as mentioned in earlier comments, we study carefully the images you’ve selected to drive home your points.

      Really love the three linked open hearts made of precious metals NICE touch. Hmmmmm . . . So did they happen to buy each other the same necklace?!!!

      • Hey D,

        Refreshing chapter – so glad you liked it. I wanted to make it light hearted as we Tibette fans are in a BAD way with all the rumors & stories about GQ2 & what a mess it will likely be. So I thought we all needed a bit of some good cheer & some happy Tibette moments.

        I save the picture images from SM, L Word sites & internet sites, so I’ve got a bunch. The hard part is trying to find some that of LH & JB at their current age together – not an easy task. So I am super glad that you like the pics I select.

        The 3 hearts at the end was from internet search I did on – 3 hearts together!!! The metals have no special meaning for the chapter – just a representation of the hearts of B & T & Angie links together.
        No necklace this time.

        Xmas gifts coming next!!!!

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

        Until next time – Chapter 3 of DOH probably posted within the week!

    2. Collins, saw this notification that you posted!!!!!

      I am on my way to work – promise to read before the weekend is out!!!

      Can’t wait!!!!!

      Will let you know my impressions!

    3. These two are continuing their traditions for the holidays….. but they are also continuing their personal traditions. Bette is continuing to beat herself up about things she did before she ever met Tina (some 22 plus years ago) and the affair she had before Angie was born (some 17 years ago) and how she made mistakes throughout her life… Tina says she has forgiven her but somehow Bette cannot forgive herself. Time to move on Bette…put all of this in a box and bury it in the backyard. Forgive yourself Bette and move on….

      Tina too is continuing her traditions – that of telling things which are of great importance to her friends before she talks to Bette. Alice was at the house for her 1st pregnancy results, she told Alice she was pregnant with Angie and then of course everyone but Bette knew and now she is telling Helena that she’s ready to marry Bette again even though she has yet to discuss this with Bette. The only reason she is telling Helena is because they have thrown Alice out of their life…. When will Tina learn to talk to Bette about these monumental moments in their life before talking to her friends….. Once again….it is very possible that Bette is going to be the last to know….

      For women in their late forties or early fifties, they do not seem to have learned very much about what not to do…..

      Oh and why does Bette’s Foundation need a warehouse? What is it going to be doing exactly with a warehouse?

      Thanks for the chapter…. Merry Christmas….

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks as always for commenting.

        I didn’t intend for Bette to dwell on her mistakes of the past – but we all have them & it’s important that we don’t keep repeating them over & over again. Lessons learned & move on. So in Bette’s scene with Shane, ny intent was for Bette to acknowledge those missteps & not repeat. I think she has moved on – she’s ready for these next steps with Tina – she’s planning in both her professional life & personal life with Tina. They are sharing once again sharing the journey.

        Tina isn’t about t to go & tell everyone she can that she wants to marry Bette again. She’s confiding in a dear friend she trusts. Besides, she’s told Bette in an earlier chapter when they were discussing the wedding ring that Bette wears around her neck – that she would like one day to wear it again. Remember too their date in Toronto when Bette & Tina run into Amy in the club they visit? Tina tells Amy that Bette is safeguarding her ring for her right now. ???
        Tina wants to get married again & she knows Bette does too. No secrets – no hidden agenda.

        You’re right about Alice – they have dissolved their friendship – it’s for the best for them.

        The Kit Porter Foundation will be a huge company – eventually employing hundreds of people & having multiple departments for the homeless, drug & alcohol programs, meeting rooms, offices for everyone, LGBTQ center & a women’s center as well – pretty big. When I envisioned this in the beginning – I thought of the center that the 3 friends create in honor of their deceased friend in The First Wives Club movie. Have you seen it?? It’s from the 1990’s with Bette Milder, Goldie Hawn & Diane Keaton. I just love it!!! So that was my background for this idea.

        Yeah, Christmas in July for sure.

        Thanks again & keep well.

    4. Thank you for the chapter!

      So, Tina wants to marry again? Hmm, well i guess i can see it. But i hope they wouldn’t go for a big wedding – well because i think for the third time it could be not very understandable. It’s not first or even second wedding for them.

      And – what gifts Santa bring to them?:)

      Waiting for the next!

      • Hiya Zhenya,

        Marriage – even for the 3rd tie is always special. Tina knows how MUCH Bette wants to be married to her. As alpha as Bette has ben in her life – she still wants to belong to Tina – for the world to see & witness. She wants that connect to Tina – it represents so much to her – deep down – Bette’s a traditionalist in this regard. And Tina just wants her to have that happiness. She wants to belong to Bette again too – officially.

        No big wedding – kinda like the – been there, done that – thing before. The question will get popped soon – very soon.

        Xmas gifts are the next chapter – so we’ll see what they all get – some big & some small gifts all around. But most of all – they’ll all have the love of each other for keeps this time around.

        I have part of the next chapter written – I think 2 more chapters & then we’ll get them to their happy place. Maybe a check in by the end of this year.

        Take care of yourself.

    5. Hi Collins, glad to see you are back with this story. I don’t think Tina telling Helena she wants to remarry Bette is the same as Alice finding out she was pregnant before Bette did. A lot of people mention to their family or friends that they would like to marry someone before actually proposing. Looking forward to the next chapters and finding out how Tina pops the question.

      • Hey Cathy,

        Thanks for reading & commenting.

        I didn’t view Tina explaining to Helena that she wants to marry Bette as the same thing as the situation that transpired in OG season 1 with Tina doing the pregnancy test with Alice. She just wants to share the joy she has with a great friend who she trusts & values. Tina has already stated to Bette in an earlier chapter that she would be open to marriage again – actually twice when Tina & Bette talk about the wedding ring that Bette wears around her neck. Tina just wants to reassure Bette a bit more before she asks her. It’s all GOOD!!!

        A few more chapters to go with this story & then it will wrap up – time to move on to other stories & ideas. But will definitely get them to that happy place first. Maybe check in with them before the end of the year!! I will keep the options open for this story – I guess because it does continue their lives after OG & corrected the ills of GQ season 1.

        Thanks again & will post soon.
        DOH story will be next – stay tuned.

    6. I loved this, Collins!

      Loved the flashbacks to past years. Bette taking the tree down with her when she fell, lol. I can laugh because all she really hurt was her pride.

      And this:
      “I was lost for a while . . . A long while. But I’ve found my way back home. Back to you.”
      “And I’m so glad you did.” I Want To Hear This In GenQ S2

      My favorite thing was the ornament. Beautiful writing, Collins, throughout the chapter, and so many memorable lines. Like these –

      “You know swans usually mate for life.” Bette whispered this little nugget of knowledge into Tina’s hair.
      “Like us.” Tina murmured as she felt the same as the swans. She rubbed her hand up and down Bette’s sleek back under her lightweight jacket. “Just like us babe. Together for life.”

      The entire passage ending with First…Last…Forever

      Shane said what all their loved ones know, and what we all know, too – Bette & Tina have always belonged together and are destined to be together

      And the pictures are perfect! Thanks for this chapter.

      • You are so right about many of the lines in this chapter.

        They all just fit for rightfully.

        Like Angie telling her moms to stop kissing and get to important things – like putting the lights back on the tree. So cute! Typical kid!! Then Bette asking when’s her bedtime??? I laughed at that one.

        Tina telling Bette as they hang the swan ornament on the tree – “May this be the very first Christmas of the rest of our lives.” So much meaning and love in that sentence. Truly forever.

        Bette telling Shane about Tina – ‘she’s found her way back to me and brought the light back into my life.’ What more needs to be said – so touching.

        Agree about the pictures too – all great!!

      • Hey Westy,

        Thanks for your sweet words and comments. They are dear to my heart.

        It is challenging at this time to write positive chapters & stories about Tibette – but we will always have them for the most part happy & in love.

        I’m thrilled that you liked many of the moments of flashback in this chapter. You know I was visiting family last month & there was a LOT of reminiscing going on – so I thought I would create some memories for the Kennard Porters as well. So glad you liked how they were presented – all done with love!!

        A long time ago I had learned that swans so mate for life & actually had 2 swan couples in our backyard pond years ago. They stayed for 2 seasons & then moved on. But they were beautiful creatures & so graceful. So they were my inspiration here. Amazing!!

        Yes – don’t we ALL wish that Tina & Bette would have that conversation in GQ about Tina being lost. That would be sweet!!! We can pray!!!

        Happy that the pictures fit the story so well.

        Gift giving comes next!!!

          • Yes, it really was. One of the swans – we think it was one of the males, injured his wing & had to recover, so they stayed in the little reserve that was in the back of my home in the development’s common area.

            We feed & watched with care that they were all okay over the course of the winter & then they stayed on during the summer & into the following winter too. My dog went wild whenever she saw them & just wanted to play!!! Whenever we opened the slider to our patio area, the swans would all rush to the fence for food. It was the best time!!!

            Then the following summer, one of the couples had a little family – it was soooooo cute to watch the little swans playing & learning to swim. Once they did, Mom & Dad walked them out of the reserve & they were on their way to another heaven.

            It was a great experience.

            Keep praying for Tibette in GQ2!!!!!!

    7. Hey Collins, welcome back after your holiday. I hope you had a great vacation!

      What a great chapter, and the pictures you’ve included are beautiful and fit so well!

      The background stories about how their Christmas celebration came about and how important it was for them to continue to celebrate it in harmony despite their relationship problems, in order for Angie to have a great Christmas is heartwarming. Just like the story of how they found their first ornament and why Tina took it with her when she left home. Very nice to read.

      Bette and Shane, such wonderful friends, the bond between them and their conversations full of advice and never pointing a finger at each other. Who else but Bette can allay Shane’s worries about her impending motherhood. At least she did better than Kit did, adding more to Bette’s worries and her sense of insecurity. I love Kit, but she wasn’t always the best counselor to Bette.

      How nice that Tina wants to marry Bette again and makes that known to Helena. I definitely don’t see it as Bette being the last to know, this is so different from when Alice first found out that Tina was pregnant.

      They have so many things yet to come and they do it together in the knowledge that their love conquers all, that their love is everlasting.

      • Hiya friend,

        I know you always love the pixs – so I tried by best to pick really great ones.

        Everyone has a holiday memory or item that t they cherish & it has special meaning for them. It stirs their emotions & the memories rush back & their heart swells with happiness. Why wouldn’t Bette & Tina have the same thing????

        We all know that Bette’s the big romantic one – but Tina can be too. They are the perfect match. Most couples usually purchase or make something when they first get together to commemorate their first major holiday or event. I thought having the ornament & then Tina taking it with her to hold Bette near to her even when they were thousands of miles away was telling that maybe – just maybe – they really weren’t done yet.

        Yes, I’ve paired Shane & Bette as great friends & Tina has Helena. They have all been through thick & thin together & support one another. I thought the flashback with Angie’s birth & Kit was exactly what Shane needed to hear & Bette to remind her of the beauty of birth & how it affects you as a parent.

        You’re right about Kit, but she & Bette did share respect & deep love for each other even if they didn’t always agree. I think in later years as Bette matured more, developed her role as a mother – she could embrace the wisdom of her sister. Kit mellowed too with her relationship with Sunny.

        Thanks for your support about Tina discussing marriage with Helena. I thin it was fine – no worries.

        Their love does conquer all – after all – Forever Means Forever!!

        Til next time my friend!!

    8. Collins – good to have you back. Hope your holiday was a good one.

      I finally got to enjoy this great chapter – so much to take in and sort through.

      You present this couple and family in such an honest and meaningful way. I love how Bette and Tina have grown in their reconciliation and can now be truthful with each other. It’s wonderful to see them falling in love with each other again.

      Like many of us fans are thinking at this point in time – GQ will be starting in another month and many of us are not looking forward to what drama and changes it will bring to Tibette. I am so happy that I know you will always present Tina and Bette as a loving, committed couple – who may have their challenges and struggles – but in the end will that their love is strong enough to survive anything.

      I absolutely love the holiday theme and all that you included for us to savor. I thought the flashbacks were so meaningful and helped form the background of how and why the family is as close as they are today – the connection. Even in times not so good for them, Bette and Tina managed to put their differences aside for their daughter and the love they thought they had lost, but was still there under the surface – just waiting for them.

      The scene where Tina presents Bette with the swan ornament was so sweet & touching – the love they had for each other that first Christmas and how it traveled with them, year after year. And comparing them to the swans that mate for life – you can definitely say the same for Bette and Tina – soulmates for eternity. And now the ornament has found a rightful home again – with both of them – together.

      I love the teasing banter between – that comes from two partners knowing each other the way that they do and having that comfortable sense of each other too. They’ve gotten back that easy companionship that they once shared. They still have that silent connection too – where they can communicate without saying one word to each other. So nice.

      I loved the talk between Shane and Bette – they support each other so well. Bette knows exactly how Shane feels – she’s been there herself. And then she’s honest with Shane about her feelings for Tina how she views their relationship. And then Tina for her part, shares her feelings and thoughts with Helena.

      I too agree with Cathy and I don’t think that Tina talking to Helena about marrying Bette again is a bad thing. She seems to be expressing her deep love for her partner and her wanting to do everything within her power to make Bette happy. She knows how much Bette values marriage and what it represents. Helena is Tina’s dear friend – Tina feels comfortable talking to her about how she feels and what she’s thinking. I didn’t perceive the conversation as hiding something from Bette once again.

      The flashback with Angie’s birth and Kit was so touching. You wrote it tenderly and with lots of emotion – great job! Bette will do anything for her daughter.

      The last scene with the three women – Bette, Tina and Angie – funny and tender at the same time. They have so much love for each other. I loved the three hearts at the end – my heart skipped a beat too!

      Thanks for the awesome update.

      Like Zhenya – I’m wanting to know what they received for their gifts. ?????
      And how, when and where will Tina ask Bette to marry her?????

      • Hi Kira,

        Thank you for the lovely comment! It means a tremendous amount of satisfaction to know that the way I presented the chapter was seen in the same way I saw it!!! Thanks

        And you mentioned all my favorite parts!!! How sweet!!!

        As you can tell wit all the flashbacks I’ve done in this novel – I like to reach back into the Tibette past for nuggets of info & special moments between them & their family. I think it helps tell the story as to how they got to where they are today & how their family & love grew over time. It also helps to convey what they thought & how they acted or reacted to situations & each other.

        I mentioned in a comment for the last chapter that for them dating & romance isn’t just about fancy dinners or big planned events. Just like in real life, special moments can be created in little snatches of time anywhere & at anytime. And B & T definitely possess the ability to do that for each other. Teasing is a way for them to connect & show the deep love they have for each other.

        Thanks for the support about the wedding talk with Helena. No hidden agenda – just honest talk with a friend who wishes the very best for them.

        So I see that lots of readers want to know about the gifts all our girls received or will receive next chapter. Let me get on that ASAP!!!

        Seriously, thanks for your warm comments – they mean a lot!!!

    9. Collins,

      I finally have time to comment – so sorry if I’m a bit late to the party for comments.

      But I will tell you that this was a magical chapter – so much to enjoy and reflect upon –
      From the promises Bette and Tina made to each other in the beginning of their relationship concerning special holidays through to the present time – through it all they tried their very best to make things joyful and happy for their little girl and each other.

      And then sharing all those memories from their past in flashbacks – great fun and it truly sparked our own memories of OG and also what we didn’t get to see or witness. Thanks for filling in lots of the blanks we have.

      The other readers have already expressed similar thoughts on this chapter that I have – so I won’t bore you with repeats. But know that I truly love your writing and how the story flows. GQ was a difficult storyline to try to correct and you have done an outstanding job in doing do. Hat off to you and your storytelling skills!!!

      Looking forward to the gift giving too!!!


      • Never too late to post a comment or write your thoughts. Thanks

        Glad you enjoyed part of the trip down memory lane with Tina & Bette – just part of some of the missing pieces in their lives that we never got to see, This is how I envisioned them acting & behaving towards each other – even in the lean years when things weren’t at their best.

        Thanks for your kind words & I appreciate you taking the time to comment – glad to know my efforts are welcome!!!

        Gifting exchanges coming up next!!!

        Thanks again.

        • I love how you have filled in those missing parts of their lives and story. Especially all the flashbacks concerning Angie through the years. We didn’t get to see much of her during the run of OG and its very nice to get glimpses of how Tina and Bette were parents and how they adored their daughter. Just another marvelous facet of this super couple.

          Your efforts are always welcome!!

          Thank you for your talent!!

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