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    The Tibette Collection – A Weekend Retreat

    Author’s Note –

    Hi everyone. Hope you all are staying safe & healthy.

    This is another in the short story category.

    It’s another trip down memory lane with our couple as they enjoy a weekend away & by themselves. Just another little slice of married life & all the joys that come with that!!

    Hope you enjoy and I look forward to your comments.

    Thanks so much!!!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The Tibette Collection – A Weekend Treat

    The Inn at Erlowest – Fall 2015

    “Wow, look at this place T.” Bette explained excitedly as she maneuvered their silver SUV onto the estate where they would be spending their long relaxing weekend.

    Angie was staying for the weekend with her Uncle James and his husband Alex in their NYC home. Bette and Tina had convinced Angie that she would be helping her uncles in taking care of their new baby boy. Angie was excited to help and Bette and Tina were ecstatic too. Looking forward to a few days all to themselves.

    Bette and Tina had managed to pencil in a long weekend trip just for them to spend some quality time together and away from their hectic careers and daily routines in NYC. They were looking forward to this alone time and reconnecting in ways that they hadn’t in months. Both of their work schedules had been crazy busy the past few months. Tina away at times on business trips for the studio and Bette making acquisitions for the galleries she owned with Kelly Wentworth.  They hadn’t had the same measure of quality time they usually reserved for their love making. But this weekend they were determined to be together.

    Really together.

    Spending quality time together and exploring their love.

    “Babe, it’s beautiful.” Tina pushed her sunglasses onto her head and looked out the windshield, taking in the view. “This is gorgeous country. You know I like the fall colors so much.”

    Bette had booked a 4 day weekend vacation trip to The Inn at Erlowest – a beautiful old world castle located on Lake George in the Adirondacks Mountains of upper New York State. The Kennard Porters over the years took numerous vacations all over the USA and abroad but this one would be in their current home state.

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    1. The video clip perfect for this little sensual ditty.

      Auhhh I love when Tina is in charge. Knows her sweet partner oh so well. Hmmmmm let’s see how Bette will reciprocate!!! I say it involves the Jacuzzi !!!

      • Hey D,

        I had this video clip saved on my laptop & saw it as I was writing the short story & thought – Viola – there it is & a perfect effect!!

        So, I had originally planned to make this a 2 part short story & then thought – no – I’ll just do it as a single chapter shortie & now?????? So chapter 2 is in the works & will be posted soon!!! Ha. ha!!

        So you’re thinking Jacuzzi?????

        We’ll see!!!

        Thanks so much.

        Take care


    2. This was a great treat for the weekend! Couldn’t think of anything better for the week we’ve had.
      Like DumplinT said – the video was just right.

      I love the way you make these two equals in your story telling. Love when Tina turns the table on Bette and she’s can’t say no to anything Tina wants to do. Who’s the alpha now!!! Ha, ha.

      I agree with D again that we need a part 2!!!!

      Have a great weekend yourself. And thanks for making mine a little better.


      • Hi K,

        Thanks for giving the story a try & happy that you liked it.

        I have always viewed Tina & Bette as equals – each woman has her own weaknesses & strengths & they compliment each other.

        Both can be an alpha when needed or wanted & leave the other breathless.

        Hear you on a part 2 – working on it now!

        Take care yourself & thanks again.


    3. Hey Collins,

      What a fantastic way to start the weekend!!!

      I agree with DumplinT and Kira, the video was perfect for this intimate and sexy chapter!

      Like Bette said:

      “And we still have 3 ½ days left babe.” Bette reminded her wife as she enjoyed this little bander between the 2 of them. The intimacy it provided.

      Loved the playful banter between them! And Tina being the top and Alpha is so sexy!

      Look forward to the next chapter!

      • Hey Bibi,

        As always, thanks for your comments & thoughts. They mean so much to me.

        I think a lot of fans over the years have always seen Bette as the alpha in the Tibette relationship, but in many ways to me she appeared that way because Tina gave her that power & loved her for it. And I think Bette loved to have Tina take control.

        Their conversations & chats convey the easy rapport they have with each other & the deep love they share & give to the other.

        Yes dear – working on that next chapter now!!! Ha!!!!

        Be safe!!


    4. Sure did like your ‘little slice of married life’ for Tina and Bette. They are so made for each other and they’ll do anything for the other.

      Like all the other comments, can’t wait for the chapter at the resort!!! After all, they have ‘3 1/2 more days!!!!

      Thanks for the treat and please keep them coming!

      Waiting for your next Forever sequel chapter too!

      • Hi JW,

        married life for these 2 is so special & loving. The chapter practically write themselves as both Tina & Bette are so rich in character & personality. Their love goes so deep & is so broad. Years & years of passion & pleasure to build on & express.

        I get that the general thought is that the chapter needs a part 2 – so I will be writing it.

        And yes, I am working on the next chapter for the FMF sequel!!!! More to come there.

        Thanks a bunch.


      • Hey Z,

        So glad you enjoyed the chapter & their ‘exploration’!! They are so fun to write about & they can be put in just about any situation.

        Working on part 2 right now!

        Take care & be safe.

        Thanks for writing.


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