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    Sequel Chapter 3 – Where’s Bette?

    Previously from The Sequel Chapter 2 –

    Bette was a stride ahead and looked back as Angie called out her glee in having missed the ball.

    That was all it took for Bette to misjudge where she was on the course and what was coming her way. That spilt second of taking her focus off the objects around her was all it took.

    It seemed like it happened in slow motion . . .

    Bette about 2 feet ahead of Angie.

    She was just turning her eyes back in front of her when it happened.

    The giant padded arm swinging towards the brunette at rapid speed and Bette just caught sight of it out of the corner of her eye.

     And then she was gone.

     Really gone.

    Like nowhere in sight gone.

    “Mom!!!” Angie yelled and sprinted forward.

    “Bette!!!!!!” Tina shouted and ran towards the brunette as fast as she could . . . .

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Grey Stone Productions

    “Bette!!!!” Tina screamed as she scrambled up onto the platform seeking out the brunette.

    “Mom!!” Angie shrieked as she ran up behind Tina and looked over her shoulder.

    “Turn it off!” Tina yelled at the engineer stationed nearby. She was referring to the mechanism that drove the machinery of the equipment. “Turn it the fuck off!”

    The operating engineer had actually turned off the power switch to all the equipment and moving parts of the challenge when he saw Bette go over the side of the platform. Thankfully.

    “Bette, babe,” Tina’s voice was high pitched, full of stress and tight, “Are you alright?”

    Several of the crew for the show hurried over to the site as well. Some rushing to the side of the lengthy structure.

    “Hey B!” Angie yelled.  “B!!

    “What?” Came Bette’s tight voice, laced with aggravation.

    “Babe?” Tina now slid over the edge of the platform and immediately sunk into the vast pile of rubber pellets.

    “Hey T.” Bette called out, looking up at Tina as she made an attempt to stand up.

    “Oh my god babe.” Tina grabbed for Bette, pulling her up with both hands and crushing the brunette to her. They were knee deep in rubber pellets. Tear drops spilling from Tina’s eyes. Worry on her face. “Are you okay?”

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    1. Love this chapter!

      So glad that Bette didn’t get hurt beside a nasty bruise on the wrist.

      I totally love the banter between Bette and Angie, it shows their incredible bond.

      Look forward to the next chapter!

      • Thank you Bibi for your loyalty in following this story. I know it’s been a ride!!

        I have tried to portray Bette & Angie’s close relationship & to reflect on it over the years. Tina too> I know in OG that they wanted another child, but it didn’t turn out that way so they poured all their love onto Angie & it has flourished in a very good way.

        More to come!!!

        Take care & see ya on the next entry!!!!!

    2. This was a sweet chapter. Liked how Tina took care of Bette and is showing her how much she is committing to their renewed relationship. She is building trust with Bette and that’s just what Bette needs.

      I liked the flashback references – those original scenes were some of the best by the couple and I’m happy to revive them in this chapter. Thank you.

      I get a kick out of your way of portraying Bette, Tina’s and Angie’s relationship. It’s so refreshing and honest.

      Thanks for another great chapter.

      Looking forward to more.


      • Hi Kira,

        Glad you like the flashbacks – they spoke to their new commitment to each other just as much as it did al those years ago.

        A few more chapters in Toronto & then back to LA for our couple. They have a big date coming up in Toronto!!

        Thanks for staying with our ride.

        Take care & be safe.


      • Hey Z,

        Thanks for commenting & following along.

        Yes, Bette is our star athlete & all around champ!!

        What’s your view on Tina’s Assistant??? What do you think is going on???

        Take care


    3. Great chapter. Love the pictures!

      Thought it was cute that Angie wants to plan a date with her parents. What kid wants to spend time with their parents? So Bette and Tina have done a great job with her. Go Angie!

      And Bette wanting to be all alpha with her injury and Tina just cutting to the chase and taking care of her woman. That was great.

      Waiting for what comes next!

      • Hi Leigh,

        I know – what kid would do that?? Obviously this kid is very different & a one of a kind kinda kid!!

        We all know that Bette is alpha in everything that she does & thinks. And I think we all also know that Tina has her wrapped around her finger pretty well even all these years later. Tina won’t let Bette get away with anything when it comes to her health & wellness.

        A few more chapters in Toronto & then back to LA a few months ahead.

        Thanks for reading.


      • Hi SG,

        One of Bette’s great desires in life was to have a child – whether it was to be a better parent that her parents were or just to love someone unconditionally, she clearly loves Angie with all that she is.

        I’m glad you like the flashbacks too – they’re fun to weave into the story & i like filling in many of the blanks that we have from OG & the last 10 years that we didn’t see.

        Stay safe yourself & hopefully the Covid vaccine is just around the corner for us here in Texas.

        Take care.


        • Yes, hope the Covid vaccine will be available to you soon,
          I can’t really put into words the emotional effect it has had on me. I feel calmer and have found it much easier to laugh over the last few days. There is also a faint stirring of hope in my heart that we are going to come out the other side of this.

          Stay safe my friend

          • So glad you are feeling better & your outlook has improved. As the saying goes ‘Laughter is the best medicine’!!

            We are experiencing vaccine shortages her in the states. Hoping that more vaccine will be available in a few weeks.

            So ‘dance in the streets’ & feel better!!!

            Continue to stay safe my friend.


    4. Great chapter on their family life. Like the back and forth between Tian and Angie too. Angie is so like Tina in many ways and loves both of her parents equally. I’m glad that Tina is rebuilding her relationship with her daughter.

      I’ve never been to Canada, but Toronto sounds like a nice place to visit or live. Let’s get Tina back to LA ASAP.

      Liked how Tina spoke her mind and let Bette know again she is determined to make their relationship last this time.

      Thanks for the update and looking for the next adventure.

      • Thanks JW for your comment.

        Little snippets of their life & personal interactions are vital to telling the whole story – embrace them as a family.

        I’ve never been to Canada either, but members of my family have & they attest that it’s a beautiful country & Canadians are super friendly. Maybe one day I will.

        2 more chapters in Toronto & then back home for our couple.

        Lots more to tell & issues to address.

        Thanks for commenting & take care.


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