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    The Tibette Collection – A Weekend Retreat Part 2 – Saturday Night Special

    Previously from a Weekend Retreat Part 1 –

    “Oh, my god T.” The brunette sighed. “That was…”

    “Mmmm, yeah babe. I know.” Tina purred as she kissed her way up Bette’s neck and finally claimed her mouth in a tender kiss.

    “Did you cum too?” Bette’s grin was lazy and lopsided. Still a bit spacey from her release.

    “Yeah.” Tina answered, her voice soft as velvet.

    “Sweet.” Bette’s voice was soft and low too, filled with satisfaction, love and happiness. The smile on her face telling Tina everything she needed to know, but wanted to hear anyway.

    “You okay?”

    “More than okay.” Bette kissed Tina’s forehead. “Thank you.”

    “My pleasure babe.” Tina cupped Bette’s cheek and trailed her fingers down to her chin and brought their lips together once more. Sweetness abounding.

    “I love you.” Bette’s smile was lazy and sexy, just the right mix of both. Her eyes still a tad glassy from earlier. Tina had to smile too.

    “I adore you.” Tina wrapped her free arm around her wife. “You know that right?”

    “Yes babe.” Bette said in a contented tone. “I know.”

    “Thank you for all the little touches honey in the suite.” Tina acknowledged Bette’s efforts with all her favorite things. “You take such good care of me.”

    “As I said, this is your weekend babe.” Bette kissed her nose.

    “I liked your idea of indoor exploring.” Tina giggled into her wife’s chest.

    “As soon as I recover here Mrs. Porter Kennard,” Bette circled her wife with her arms as well, “I will show you my own version of indoor exploration.”

    “Can’t wait honey.” Tina grinned into her wife’s neck and took a deep breath. Bette’s scent filling her lungs.

    “And we still have 3 ½ days left babe.” Bette reminded her wife as she enjoyed this little bander between the 2 of them. The intimacy it provided. Just them. She could never get enough of it.

    Their bond today as strong as ever . . . .

                                                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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    1. Awesome chapter. This was hotI am so glad they are back together here. Bette is not finished with Tina. I would not be surprised if Bette asserted her dominance in a BDSM way. I know she wants to possess and consume Tina completely.

      • Hi Jane,

        Thanks so much for checking in – happy that you liked Bette’s ‘dessert’. You are so right in that Bette is NOT done with Tina yet. Jacuzzi time is next and another round of lovin’ is gonna happen.

        You are right too that it will be a consuming chapter!!!

        Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


    2. Awesome chapter! I am ready to take another shower. ;-)

      Love the description from the clothes they are wearing for their intimate dinner. And wow, dessert time was really hot, i love Alpha Bette! But they still manage to be so playful and tender, you can feel their deep love for each other.

      Look forward to the jacuzzi scene!

      • Hey Bibi,

        Shower time for all of us!!!

        My pleasure to share this little treat and another glimpse back to happy times for Tibette.

        We’ll see Alpha Bette again in Part 3 too. So get ready for 1 more treat!!!

        Loving these little short stories & the chance to see them in love.

        Take care & stay tune!!!


      • Hi Mscully,

        So glad you liked the chapter and its events. Lots of lovin’ and tender touches.

        Stay tune for one more part to come!!!

        Best regards & enjoy the next chapter too!!!


      • Hello JW,

        Dessert time is always a special time for our Tibette couple. But then anytime really can turn into a special time with them. All they need is each other.

        Thanks for taking the time to check in.

        Part 3 coming your way soon!!!

        Stay safe.


      • Hi Zhenya,

        So pleased you liked this second part. Bette just can’t seem to get enough of her wife.

        Last part coming soon!!

        Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

        All the best.


    3. Kira,

      Cold showers needed for everyone!!! And it’s not Valentine’s Day yet for all this lovin’!!

      When several readers commented that they wanted a part 2, I had to make it happen for everyone. And Then I thought, if there’s a part 2, why not a part 3??? So the last part will be coming soon!!

      Stay safe & be healthy.


    4. Very sensual chapter.! Loved their interactions, conversations and naturally their actions. They are just the perfect couple and this short story shows their absolute love for each other. They have an endless ability to demonstrate just how much they mean to the other and each will do anything to make the other happy.

      Jennifer and Laurel gave us such a tremendous example of what the perfect couple looks like.

      So good.

      Thanks for this treat & looking forward to part 3!

      • JB & LH certainly did an exceptional job at establishing this perfect couple for us & all the years of enjoyment & fun we have had reading & writing about them.

        I’ve been a fan of this site for years & have enjoyed hundreds of stories about Tibette & their many adventures.

        Thanks for following along & I’m glad you have enjoyed this short story. One more part to come!!!

        Stay safe.


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