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    Sequel Chapter 7 – Heading Home

    She simply couldn’t contain her happiness any longer. That the blonde was hers again and that she had fully and willing given herself to the producer. They were madly in love and could show each other again just how deep that love went. How boundless it was for both of them.

    Bette looked down and tightened her hold on the beautiful blonde. The tips of her fingers stroking Tina’s mid-section. Tina sighed in return as she began to wake from her slumber. She pressed her butt into the brunette’s body, feeling the fine soft hairs covering Bette’s mound. It making Bette chuckle.

    “Well good morning.” Bette brushed some strands of hair away from Tina’s ear and neck and placed short kisses there.

    “Mmmm, morning hon.” Tina smiled and wrapped her arms around those of Bette as she lay in their tight embrace.

    “You trying to tell me you didn’t get enough last night?” Bette whispered into Tina’s ear.

    “No, just making sure you’re paying attention.”

    “Oh I am, believe me.” Bette wanted to know if Tina was as happy as she was. “How are you this morning?”

    “Great honey, but kinda tired.” Tina groaned as she moved to lay on her back, but still within the brunette’s embrace. She gave a short yawn. “Sorry, but I have a really good idea why.”

    “Oh, really?” Bette brows shot up. “Why would that be? Up late last night were you Ms. Kennard? Maybe you should go to bed earlier missy.”

    “Well that might be a little hard to do.” Tina looked across at the brunette as Bette leaned on her elbow and looked at the blonde.

    “Why is that?”

    “Well you see.” Tina turned towards the brunette and started kissing the brunette’s chest and shoulders. “I have this so demanding girlfriend who kept me up last night. All night.”

    “Is that right?” Bette stretched her neck to allow Tina access to her skin, tucking her hand under the side of her face. Smiling wildly.

    “Oh yeah.” Tina moved up and pushed Bette back against the pillows once again. The brunette’s long hair covering the pillow. “She’s very exacting and highly charged. Very persistent.”

    “Umm, can’t that be a good thing though?” Bette sighed as Tina now moved to lay on top of her. Bette enjoyed the feeling. Their skin sliding smoothly on the other. The blonde’s legs slipping between the brunettes’ again like last night.


      • Hey Izzie –

        Thank you so much for the praise!!!

        If only it was that simple & quick to write!!!

        Thanks for following along on this journey. I think there’s 2 chapters left to post & then a break for a while & an eventual revisit later this year.

        Take care & stay tuned!!!

    1. Wow, there was so much in this chapter!

      I agree with Izzie – Perfect!!!

      Love Tibette back together on all counts and in all ways. They are such a terrific couple – even after all these years and all they have been through. Gives us hope for our own lives and true love.

      Seems that the long weekend in Toronto was a very good thing for both Bette and Tina.

      I have to tell you Collins, that I had reservations about how you were going to fix this GQ mess and you have done a fantastic job of it! Thank you so much for giving us this treasure of a story.

      Loved the insight from Angie on her parents and how they are with each other. She so knows them so well and is extremely happy for them. She and Bette get along so well together and team up like old pros vs Tina. And Tina just takes it in stride and laughs at their silliness. Great fun.

      Like this part of the scene when they are leaving the ski lodge and Angie looks back at her parents – she is just so happy for them and her question about their activities the night before finally was answered –

      ‘Bette and Tina had made love again last night. They had indeed taken a quick power nap in the chopper on the ride back to the city of Toronto. Once airborne, Angie had turned and smiled back at her parents. Their affectionate actions towards each other today demonstrating to Angie that they had indeed ‘gotten lucky’ last night. The teenager had chuckled to herself and shook her head. One quick glance back at her parents as they shared a quick kiss and then Tina snuggled onto Bette’s chest as the brunette wrapped her right arm around the blonde. Angie had smiled to herself and had gone back to enjoying the view from the chopper.’

      And when she tried to get them to separate in Tina’s apartment the next morning on their way out the door –

      ‘They acted like new found lovers. Angie had giggled several times since Sunday morning when her parents picked up her and Emma. She had caught her parents with roaming hands and directed eye contact when they thought she hadn’t been looking. The silly grins and quiet whispers to each other. The sparkling eyes whenever they glanced at each other. The teenager knew those types of looks exchanged between her parents and also knew what the end result would be.’

      ‘She caught them locked in an embrace this morning as they were getting ready to leave the apartment. Their arms wrapped around each other. It had suddenly gotten quiet and Angie surmised they had connected again. Hugging each other and tender kisses exchanged. They had been attempting to put their coats on, but one touch had led to another caress and then . . . Well .’

      It just speaks volumes of how things should be in their family and as Tibette as a couple.

      I know I’ve said this before, but the pictures you use are always so good and fit in the story so well. Love them.

      And the end when Tina suggests Bette take a different approach to their lives and start anew with a more relaxed image in her everyday business life. That little conversation with Kit was great. And how fitting advice even all these years later.

      Thanks for a wonderful chapter and please keep it going – we need a happy story!!

      • Hey Leigh,

        Wow – what a great comment!! Thank you so much.

        You are right – lots & lots in this chapter. Tying up some of these loose ends & getting the family back to LA/Silver Lake where they can resume being a family & build on the future together.

        And you are so right about Angie & her perception of her parents & wanting them back together. I’m sure over the years, she has seen a LOT of stuff happen between them – mostly good I hope. So I am trying to expand on that & provide them with new happy memories. Even though Covid isn’t in this story, there has been lots of unsettling emotions for all three of them & I’m sure at times during the past 3 years – a year before the divorce & then the 2 years they were divorced – they were a lot of missed emotions, tears & wishful thinking. Now they get the chance to make these new memories & be happy for a change. Too often in life, we take these little everyday events for granted & don’t stop to ‘smell the roses’ along the way!!

        Thanks for sticking around & seeing this story through. I know it hasn’t always been an easy ride – some bumps along the way & lots of forgiveness given.

        I hope that the pictures in each chapter enhance the storytelling & for each scene.

        Thanks so much for your thoughts!!

        • I so love these new memories and the togetherness that goes with it.

          You are so right about sometimes missing these moments in our own lives for whatever reason and not taking the opportunity to enjoy those moments when they happen.

          Don’t mind a bumpy ride once in awhile – it was well worth every bump along the way. I really appreciate all the details you put into your writing – it makes it so much more believable and realistic. You are a great storyteller.

          Can’t wait for where they go next!

      • Hi Deanna,

        Would sure like this to be a path that is taken in GQ, but I don’t think anything like this is going to happen unfortunately. Think we will all be disappointed by what happens this season on the show.

        Keep praying & hoping for the best!!!

        Thanks for reaching out & letting me know you liked the chapter.

        All the best


      • Hey Zhenya,

        You are so welcome for the chapter & thank you for reading.

        As I mentioned before, the Jessica character was originally going to be used as a foil to make Bette jealous, but I decided to take a different route & then had to figure out how to exit her from any log term interaction with Tina.

        What I’ve written became the route out of that situation & it provided Tina a chance to be back in LA much, much sooner than originally planned & all for the better.
        Jessica gets a super job promotion, gets to stay in Canada with her lady love & Tina gets to stay in LA with Bette & Angie & build their future together. Winners all around!!!

        Didn’t mean to mislead anyone, but I think this is a much better path for Tibette.

        Stay well & enjoy the spring weather!!!

    2. Thank you for this great chapter – it was really fun – lots of family time and some great conversations between Bette and Tina. They have really reconnected on all levels. So loving with each other and now accepting of the other on all levels too.

      So true that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Love how they tease each other too.

      Just lovely!

      Please post soon!

      • Hi Kira,

        These are the lighter moments in their relationship reconnection. We only got a few short scenes of this in OG & nothing at all in GQ, so I’ve imagined some fun moments for them.

        Their passion for each other has never really gone away – we could even see some of it in the 2 episodes in GQ – the way they look at each other – sparks still happening!!!

        Thanks for commenting.

    3. Hi Collins,

      It’s already a year ago you started with this story, congratulations! It was one bumpy ride and see were our couple is now, happy and really in love, ready to spend their life together again. A amazing smart and lovely daughter who love them, support them and likes to tease them and gets it right back. Yes, you did a amazing job to try to fix the mess GQ left behind!

      It took me awhile before i had enough time to read this chapter and wow it was a brilliant chapter and the images you used, very fitting!

      I loved to read LeighS comment, she is spot on with it! And i am glad Jessica is not the assistent with a crush on Tina, but hey, who wouldn’t have a crush on her or Bette!

      Bette and Tina really show they have grown, talk about all kind of things and most important about their feelings, they don’t shy away anymore. I am not sure they need couples therapy but it could be good for them both to see one on their own, Bette to finally deal with the loss of her sister Kit and her abondenment issues and Tina to avoid falling into the same mistakes and just check in every now and then.

      I am looking forward to the next chapter!

      • Hey Bibi,

        It has been a quick year & so eventful on this site. Thanks for the support as always. You are a true friend!!

        It’s been a pleasure to write a better path for them than GQ offered & there will be a permanent favorable ending to their story.

        There was a lot going on in the chapter & lots to look forward to also. They both have walked the long journey back to each other & have committed themselves to this lasting relationship.

        There will be some introspection in the next chapter & they will take another leap forward in their relationship.

        You take care & see you next chapter!!!

    4. Hi Collins:

      Great chapter, wonderful reconnection.

      Very romantic as it should be. here we can see why TIBETTE is endgame.

      Nice scenes of the family enjoying their time together.

      Agree with the other comments we should change GQ by this story.

      Thank you for this beautiful chapter.


      • Hey P,

        Thanks for taking a few minutes & commenting. It means a lot.

        I think all of us who appreciate this site are all in favor of Tibette as endgame!!!!

        Yes, if only a similar storyline like this could be incorporated into GQ!!!! That would be sweet for us Tibette fans!!!

        Saw you just posted an update too & I will be reading it soon!!!

        Thanks my friend.

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