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    Sequel Chapter 8 – Family

    They shared memories, reflections, laughter, sighs and even some tears as their life together was examined and special moments remembered with mementos and photos and the like.

    True to her promise to her daughter, Tina and Angie had spent a few cherished evenings in the producer’s nearby apartment enjoying their ‘girl’s nights’. They strengthened their mother daughter bond back to what it was before Angie had come to live with Bette in LA. Tina was successful in rebuilding that level of trust with her daughter. In the end, Angie felt her Mama was indeed home to stay forever and committed to their family. The teenager was excited for her Mama B’s new happiness as well.

    Now this January morning, Bette felt the warmth of this amazing woman in her embrace. The brunette snuggled back into the pillows and cuddled back into her spoon position behind the blonde. Bette kissed Tina’s shoulder and brought her knees up behind Tina’s own bend knees and she felt the warmth of the blonde’s thighs on her own. She nuzzled her nose into the blonde’s hair and breathed in the scent of her woman. A smile on her face as she thought back over the last two plus months and how her life . . .  their lives . . .  had all changed for the better . . .

                                                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    November Last Year – Wednesday – The Day before Thanksgiving

    As previously promised, Tina had arrived back in LA via LAX on Wednesday afternoon, the day before the fall holiday. Bette had promised to meet Tina at the airport with a loving smile and welcoming open arms. Bette had arranged for a black stretch limo for a classy ride home to Silver Lake, a chilled bottle of champagne and crystal flutes waited for them in the car along with some snacks. A huge bouquet of deep red and burgundy roses, attesting to Bette’s undying love for her soulmate in the brunette’s hands. She had planned a special holiday for tomorrow and the entire holiday weekend. Bette was indeed determined to demonstrate to Tina just how much she appreciated her coming home.


        • Awesome chapter!!!

          Loved the holiday scene and the closeness of Bette, Tina and Angie. Certainly understood that they wanted this holiday to be special to them and that they shared it with just their immediate family.

          Bibi, Zhenya and Dumplin are right – the inclusion of Kit in their holiday was great. Sweet memories for all of them and they leaned on each other for support. Shows the growth from Tina and Bette.

          You can just feel the love for each other that Tina and Bette have. They are once again so hooked on each other.

          Agree about the rings – you are going to have to solve that for us!!!

          Great job Collins!!!

          Looking forward to the Christmas holidays for them!!

          • Thanks for your comments & glad that you enjoyed this holiday update.

            Yes, they have restored their deep connection & its here to stay.

            Yes, the rings will be resolved soon. I think I have created a good idea to resolve this & be a positive step into their future.

            Thanks for checking it out.

            Christmas is next!!!!

    1. Hey Collins,

      A short reply this time. A lovely update, love how you brought Kit in their holiday celebration.

      Sad to see this story almost done but what a great journey it has been.

      Enjoy your weekend!

      • Hi BiBi,

        Thanks for taking time to comment.

        Felt I wanted Kit to still be a part of their lives in a happy way as Bette is coming to terms with her death & grief. This was a small way to have the best part of her to be with her family & they share great memories.

        Yes, a few more chapters & then onto the next story.

        Thanks for all your great support along the way.


    2. I feel that I must make a comment about this story’s presentation of Angie’s curiosity and knowledge of her parents sex life. Angie is around 16 years old and making comments of hoping they get lucky and the realization that one of the other of them are being turned on because they are playing poker and hearing Tina threaten Bette with a “she would not get lucky” later that night, and that use of ear plugs would be must for that night is simply not appropriate things which a 16 year old should be hearing or saying or even have knowledge of. Having general knowledge that your parent may engage in sexual activities is somewhat normal but actually making snippy remarks shows a sign of disrespect and potentially an underlying problem. In any healthy parent child relationship, the child knowing what arouses a parent sexually is just down right creepy. I have no problem with Bette and Tina being affectionate – but there is a line in which a child should not be included. There are certain things which do not need to be share between parents and children and in this story that line has been crossed. Had all these same words or innuendos come from someone like Alice, well that would be different. Alice, after all, is an adult and not the responsibility of Bette and Tina becoming a well rounded self-sufficient adult. Coming from Angie? Well, that is downright creepy.

      The fact that Bette and Tina are resuming their sexual relationship is to be expected. The resuming the bond between Angie and Tina in such a short amount of time seems idealistic more than realistic. They have been apart for months and Tina and Bette have been divorced for two years. I would think that a certain amount of Angie’s relationship with Tina is dependent on Tina’s relationship with Bette. At this point, Tina still has an apartment in Los Angeles even though she stays most nights with Bette. Even though Tina has announce her intention of being a part of the family forever, she still maintains herself an escape pad should things not go according to her expectations. This is something that both Angie and Bette are keenly aware of. From my point of view, it is still far too early to see this family as a whole and intact. They have said some of the right words, but the actions to back those words up are still to be seen.

      Now, what has happened with Kit? Last we read, she was in a permenant care facility in a coma and who’s expenses were being paid by Helena which was unknown to Bette. I have to presume that there has been no change since that was written.

      I must say that their Thanksgiving Day was the most non-traditional celebration I have ever heard of. Breakfast with friends and a dinner with only the three of them seemed less than a natural arrangement. And the fact that Tina was not involved with the food prep seemed strange. The mental gymnastics for me to get my mind around all this? Well, I’m still working on it. I’m still having trouble with a Thanksgiving breakfast where you invite friends to come over.

      This chapter was not as long as your usual chapters. I feel that you were either in a hurry or you cut out a lot of your writing. And the time frame is to explained what happened from November to January. I wish you had cut out the card game or at least did not have Angie present if it were for the sole purpose of Tina seducing Bette. There is a time where parents need to be parents and sexual seduction and talk should not be a part of family activities.

      Appreciate you writing… Look forward to your next chapter….

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks for reaching out.

        I see your point about Angie and her knowledge of her parents’ sex life. Unfortunately teenagers today are much more perceptive & knowledgeable about this aspect of life than we were at that age. But thanks for pointing that out.

        I think you are confusing my novel with another writer’s story. In this story, Kit is indeed deceased & not in a permanent care facility. So I think you just have them mixed up.

        As far as their Thanksgiving Day & meal – I have had holidays like this for many years. For several years, my wife & I spent part of the day with one side of the family & then the second part with the other or with friends. Not everyone has that familiar Norman Rockwell type of holiday & that’s okay – we’re not all the same & need to experience life from all prospectives.

        Seafood is a great holiday meal as well as the traditional turkey or ham. But that had already been done in several recent stories posted on this site & I wanted to present something different. And if you recall from an earlier chapter in this story, Tina had made a mess of one particular Thanksgiving meal.

        Tina not participating in preparing the meal was because Bette & Angie had agreed in an earlier chapter to cook the dinner & Tina had looked forward to their joint efforts. It presented Bette with an opportunity to show her cooking skills & share the responsibilities with her daughter.

        Hope this clears it up for you a bit.

        You are right that the chapter was shorter than previous chapters. This is something that will be more the norm for my chapters as I post more into the future. I have adjusted my style and presentation a tad & this is one of the results. The chapters will be more focused on just one or two scenes or a short time frame. The Xmas holidays will be next.

        Thanks as always for your insight.

        Best regards.

        • Okay, my apologies on my error for Kit being dead…. Yes, she is dead in your story. Tina brought Angie to the funeral and left immediately after with Angie to return to Toronto.

          I made no mention of the menu for Thanksgiving….. it was what it was. The strangeness was having a celebration with just the three of them.

          If I were advising you about your writing, the first thing I would tell you is to write your story in a manner which is natural to you. Do not limit yourself to a certain number of pages, words, or scenarios. Chapters should be in natural breaks which you are comfortable with. This is not a newspaper or a magazine which has only so much space and then you start cutting. And there are no deadlines to meet. Many people enjoy long stories with long chapters. People are hungry for a good story with fully flushed out characters with logical reasonable responses to their world and challenges they face. Write it and publish it and they will come and read.

          JK Rollins first writings were the Harry Potter series. Long books and long chapters….

          So write whatever it takes to tell your story.

          • Hey Martha,

            Thanks for replying back.

            For the dinner, again, I just wanted them to celebrate with just the 3 of them as a family – they had probably endured a turbulent few years with the lead up to the divorce & then the last 2 years after they divorced. Make that connection again as a family unit to be thankful & reset their tradition as a family.

            Thanks for the support on the chapters & their length. I like long chapters too at times, but it’s definitely a challenge to write them. Plus I would like to post more often than I have in the past, so that is a good indication that the chapters will be shorter than in the past.

            Thanks for your continued support.

            Take Care.

    3. Thank you for the chapter! It was beautiful moments with Kit’s recordings and very interesting with poker :)

      But maybe for Bette and Tina it’s time to go from girlfriends to partners? Because when i think about two 50 years old women name each other girlfriends – it’s just seems very casual, not something that could last for long.

      • Hey Z,

        Hope you are ready for a great weekend!

        Thanks for checking in & glad that you liked the update.

        You make a good point about their terms of endearment for each other – will definitely adjust in future updates. They are definitely more than just girlfriends. Thanks pal!!!

        I still need to resolve Bette’s necklace with the 2 rings on it – that is coming soon!!!

        Take care & stay well.


    4. This was a chapter of exhaling and rolling along in a cool breeze. As is their custom, when Tibette have been apart and the time of reuniting in comes, like the greeting at LAX, they quickly get into their lovers world. They 4ever get their “money’s worth” when they kiss!!

      Tibette is doing a magnificent job of now including their joy even when tears of sadness come with some memories. They sorted through the old stuff, sniffling a bit along with the smiles.

      They included Kit’s voice ringing throughout the house and yard as part of their family celebration. NO more being afraid to say how much they missed her in fear that tears might spring to the eyes.

      And of course there is Tina, 4ever with banter and tease to distract and bait Bette. HeHeHe. Bette has really matured in the relationship in loving the playful, assertive, seductress, TINA!!!

      Tina is irreplaceable because what she knows about the Bette nobody else sees, it what makes her love special. Tina now knows how to handle the competitive, strong-will, tenacious Bette and is learning how Bette displays her personality.

      • Hey D,

        Cool breezes are sooooooooooo neat!!!!

        Yes, you are right, this Tibette couple is starting to hit their stride & get back that magic they have always had with each other. Trust & confidence is present again in their relationship. And yes, they have always only had eyes for each other – same again this time. Love is in the air!!

        Part of life is accepting the loss of loved ones & then finding a path to keep their memories alive without the maudlin emotions that the loss can bring. Bette is accepting the change in her support system with Tina back at her side fulltime.

        I have tried to portray them as equals in this story – which I have always believed they were even though that was not always displayed in OG. I wanted them to be true partners who rely on each other in every way.

        Thanks for continuing to follow this story!!!

        Until next time my friend.

    5. Thanks for posting, a great Chapter.

      Loved Kit’s inclusion and glad they are healing the relationship in this direction.

      Would have really loved the meal, enjoy seafood so much more than Turkey!

      Looking forward to Christmas and New Year and the rings around Bette’s neck being dealt with.

      Slowly coming out of Lockdown here in the UK, oh so slowly !

      • Hey SG,

        Thanks for your comment – great as always.

        So honored that you enjoyed this holiday reunion & the renewal of their relationship. They both deserve happiness!!

        I agree with you – I love seafood too!!! My wife & I have it often!!!
        Turkeys in our home are retired!!!

        Lots more family time still to come.

        I promise I will resolve the rings situation!!!

        Glad to know that your country’s Lockdown is improving even if its a slow process. We are still all over the map here in the states. It’s not bad where I live, but other parts of the country are out of control & sooooo many people are sick. We are still a long way off before anything like normal happens.

        Take care of yourself & continue to be safe.

        Thanks again.

      • Hi Izzie,

        My heart warms that you liked this chapter. I had fun writing it & creating the scenes.

        Like for millions of people, music has played a huge role in my life & I wanted to honor that love of music with Kit & the love of her family.

        So pleased you liked the photos – great!!

        Take care.

    6. Awesome chapter, nice continuation of the story.

      I love the fall holidays and looking forward to more moments with the Kennard Porters.

      The reference with Kit was very sweet and the love the family still has for Kit is lovely. Keeping those special memories alive is key to Bette’s acceptance of her sister’s death.

      It is great that Angie still likes to spend time with her parents. For two years she wanted her family back under one roof and now has that wish come true.

      Great job Collins.

      • Thanks for your compliments.

        We’ll explore Bette’s grief issues in the next chapter & what progress she is making in that area.

        The end of year holidays are on the horizon & the promise of a better new year for their family.

        Angie is a big part of their relationship & has played a key role in their connection over the years. She’s super happy for them all to be back together.

        See ya next chapter.


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