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    She will be loved

    New York – Summer 2002 

    Alphaville Main quarters 

    Tina had been up to her neck with work for the last six months. She was sure she was  gonna die if they didn’t finish the movie that coming next weekend, but she also knew it was probably one the most important projects she had found herself involved with. She had promised herself she would not let the chance of working on it escape her when she first laid her hands on that script. 

    Tina had been an accomplished executive producer in the independent movie  industry for the last 4 years, which not only demanded her most of her time but  also to move to New York and of course to travel whenever it was necessary and that was usually needed. 

    Even though she was still young she had always been very determined when it  came to her career and her will to get to the top. She had sacrificed a lot in her  way up and although she wasn’t happy with all the decisions she took to get  where she was, she was content with her life. Almost.

    The one and most important regret she had was always gonna be there. 

    The mother of all regrets. Haunting her, suffocating her. 

    At times it was easier to bear, because most of her days were filled with either  project selection or location arrangements or crew and staff meetings or trying  by all means to convince major actors that independent movies were worth  doing. And of course there was the travelling. 

    She had been in LA on many occasions over these last few years due to her job but never had the courage to even attempt to contact Alice or any of the girls while she was there. It was just too painful to face them, especially one of them. 

    Instead she looked from afar.  

    Sometimes she would just spend hours sitting in the rented car the company always  provided her when she was on the road, staying out of sight… simply staring at the rear-view and contemplating tiny bits and pieces of the routine in the lives of the people that  ever meant something to her, especially one of them.

    And it always broke her heart but then again, it was something she always felt compelled to do. How could she not? How could she avoid staring at that marvellous creature, that heavenly creation, even if it was from a safe distance?

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