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    She will be loved

    LA – Summer 2002 

    At a karaoke bar 

    After hearing her name being called, Bette started wondering, still in the same  position and not removing her hands from her eyes, had that really happened?  How could that be? 

    Since a few seconds of complete and utter silence followed, Bette finally decided she was absolutely sure her mind was again playing tricks on her. 

    “Get out of my head… please…” The brunette immediately begged out loud, totally unaware of the fact that, for once, her conscience wasn’t the one to be blamed. 

    Upon hearing Bette´s words, Tina was unsure of what to do. Clearly the breathtaking brunette had visited the bar of that establishment a lot, so Tina started second guessing herself. Maybe it hadn’t been her best idea to approach Bette in that condition, and in that particular place. 

    But on the other hand, it had taken every bit of strength she possessed just to be standing in that bathroom, and at that moment Tina knew she wasn’t prepared to let go and disappear again.. 

    “Bette…” Tina repeated herself using the same tone in her voice as previously. 

    And at that moment Bette knew she was certainly drunk, but not drunk enough to question her brains again. She was just unsure if she indeed was ready to uncover her eyes.

    Yale – 1996 

    Bette was comfortably sitting in a chair with her feet crossed on the edge of her bed when she heard that familiar knock on her door. She instantly knew who it was and automatically the brightest smile appeared on her face. 

    “Come in! It’s open and I’m not naked yet…” She yelled. 

    “Ha ha! Very funny Porter… I take it that you had a clown for breakfast?” Tina replied smugly.

    “Oh look who’s talking…” The brunette replied slightly chuckling.

    Tina had entered the room and in two quick steps she had removed her shoes  and was now emptying the edge of Bette’s bed, which was filled with books and  notes. She then proceeded to take a seat, for She was having a craving and Bette didn’t even need to look to know what that was all about. 

    “What are we up to?” Tina asked after a couple of seconds, trying to sound  as innocent as possible, since her friend seemed extremely taken by that book she was reading. 

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    1. Oh honey….you love dragging this out! You have us hooked and waiting for your next post….we check several times a day to see if you updated your story!!!! Then, yea..there it is…open it up….begin reading where you left off…”Bette”! You set us up and then….take us back where we were on Saturday….hanging on a cliff!!! You are enjoying seeing us hang on to the cliff by our fingertips! As you should..because WE love this story….please post again soon.

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