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    She will be loved

    Yale – 1996 

    “Good morning my friend… how did the essay go last night? Did you finish it?” Tina greeted the brunette, who was sitting at their usual table at the cafeteria very early in the morning. The blonde was clearly in a good mood. 

    “What the hell happened to you?” Bette asked, still half asleep since for some reason, of course still unknown to her, she hadn’t been able to sleep well the previous night. 

    “Oh my… aren’t we grumpy on this fine morning?” Tina immediately replied in her North Carolina accent. 

    “What’s with the accent?” But Bette thought about it for a moment and almost instantly connected the dots. “Ohhh I see…” she  quickly added with a mischievous smile. 

    “No… no… it’s not what you think…” Tina added severely blushing. 

    “Someone got laid last night… good for you… so… what’s his name?” Bette asked trying with every fiber of her being to be cheerful for her friend.

    “You know… I didn’t… and his name is Brian by the way…” Tina tried her best to sound normal since for some strange reason she did not feel the need to discuss that particular subject with the brunette.

    “Awww… so Brian uh… well I hope he does better than Joshua” Bette’s stomach made a flop at that moment. What the fuck is wrong with me? She instantly thought to herself.

    “Aren’t you hilarious in the mornings? And for the second time… and read my lips  this time… nothing… happened… last… night…” Why oh why I don’t feel the need to tell her about this… Of course Tina kept those words for herself.

    “Yeah… sure… cause your face and your happy mood don’t scream I just got  some right?” Bette’s stomach made another flop bringing her even more  confusion. 

    “Oh God give me patience…” Tina exclaimed looking at the ceiling of the cafeteria and then covering her eyes with her hand, resting the weight of her head on her elbow, trying her very best to feign annoyance. 

    After not hearing any smart ass replies from the other side of the table she got  concerned. 

    “Bette… are you ok?” She asked, uncovering her eyes only to find her friend apparently lost in her thoughts.

    The brunette was pensive, so absorbed by her previous reactions that she had not listened to a single word Tina had just said. 

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    1. Okay… Tina is not an hallucination Bette. Why do you think she would show up at your bachelorette party, unannounced? She has something to say…. time to find out what it is she wants to say. But you need to sober up first…..

      Please write and publish as soon as you can….Thank you…

    2. Ugh! Bette is too drunk to really hear Tina right now. Get her out of there ASAP and make a pot of black coffee. Tina do not react to anything Bette may ramble about. Wait it out until she is sober.

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