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    Side Effects Chapter 13 – HELLO…, … … WHO IS IT?

    Revere Beach, Ma, Sunday, 10:00 am 


    After Maura left Louise’s office and talked to Jane, the lieutenant went to meet Tina’s sister in the bodyguards’ house, coincidently at the same moment, Tina had woke up from the long evening and morning of lovemaking; she rolled over her side of the bed without bothering the sleepy Bette, put on a robe and went to the window to watch the beach, unexpectedly seeing also Jane entering the neighboring house, and again she felt something weird in her heart, but she kept observing the place.

    A few minutes later, inside of the bodyguards’ house, in Louise office, Jane was sitting in a chair facing her.

    Jane: “so, you are Tina’s sister.”

    Louise: “yes, you doubt it?”

    Jane: “no, the resemblance is very clear.”

    Louise: “good…, Dr. Isle wants me to talk to you.”

    Jane: “would you be willing to tell me what you know about the kidnapping of members of the LGBT community?”

    Louise: “I’ll tell you what I know, which is the same and few things more than what you know now; and I’ll start telling you the whys my criminal uncle is doing this…; Don Kennard was always the less promising of their brothers, he was a dangerous megalomaniac, when he was a teen; he was already a sexual predator in his twenties; later he also misused some money from his father’s company, for which the old man kept him far away from his business, with that purpose my grandfather sent him to check his business in Texas where Don  found us…, I think the old man knew what his evil son was going to do to us, and he didn’t care. When that monster attacked us, his father was on his side, dismissing Don’s criminal behavior, which encouraged him to keep looking for me until now.”

    Jane: “well, that explains why he is after your family, he wants to use them to find you…, but, why he is attacking the LGBT community?”

    Louise: “well, as it was in my case, Don Kennard realized that lesbians sometimes get the girls he couldn’t have, and it bothers him a lot, that’s why he hated all lesbians and later, for some unknown reason for me, he also hated gays; but, what he never accepted is that he has been a loser all his life. When he lost most of the money her father gave him he started mixing with certain people to do illicit joint-ventures, as human traffic, prostitution, and other atrocities to make dirty money; he was always immune to any accusation and law enforcement’s raids  because Don had influent friends.”

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      • proteonomics says

        Hi Zhenya:

        Well as Tina will say in the next chapter, ‘I don’t think str is for Streep because Bette doesn’t know Meryl Streep in person’; but you are in the right way.
        Thanks for reading. See you next week.


      • proteonomics says

        Hi SG:

        I’m sorry for the cliffhanger, but this is nothing in comparison to the cliffhanger of the next chapter; It’s not that I want to torment the readers…, is that this is the best way to cut a chapter and start fresh the next one, at least for me.
        And yes, I intend to post soon, (at least that is my intention now).
        Well, I didn’t want to alarm about the drama, but you’re right, more than one big drama is coming soon.
        Thanks for reading and commenting.


    1. Bibi28 says

      Str? I also think it stands for sister, for Louise!

      Some drama is about to start? I think it will be a drama in a big way.

      Tina isn’t stupid and will be very pissed of that Bette, her mother and now Jane kept her in the dark. They are doing it to protect her, but man she will be so pissed!!!

      So happy to read this story!!!

      Thank you proteonomics for coming back to finish the story!

      • proteonomics says

        Hi Bibi:

        Yes, you have no idea how Tina is going to react as soon as she finds out about her sister.
        But take this into account, Louise knows her sister from a long time ago, she understands how Tina reacts; Tina isn’t able to measure her response when it is about her loved ones, she submitted to Don’s condition of working in Imhotep because she feared Don was going to hurt Bette, her family, and her own mother (that you will realize soon).
        Yes, more than one drama is in the way.
        Yes, as Zhenya, you are in the right way about str.
        Thanks for reading and commenting my friend.


    2. Crystal J.H says


      First of all, I really don’t like Louise hiding away from Tina. I knew that she’s trying to protect her sister and she didn’t mean to threaten Bette and Tina’s relationship, but it’s just too risky. At this moment they should stick together instead of creating any drama. I hope that Tina won’t get mad about Bette is hiding something from her, cause if my partner (wife, actually.) do something or hiding something such important things to me I will be furious. But in those circumstances, I really can’t be sure what will I do if I’m the one who is going to protect Tina. I can understand her decision not to let her sister involve in whatever she’s going to do, Tina has suffered enough, I believe let her sister know nothing is the best way to reduce the risk and keep her away from the danger. I am hoping that Louise is smart enough to know what’s she’s doing. Jane did say she won’t hesitate to arrest her.

      As for Tasha’s dilemma, this happened in every place instead of just this situation. Sometimes taking care of a very close friend who happened to break up with his or her girlfriend. The caring, the secret sharing, the intimate contact somehow really did make people fall into it unconsciously. It’s an unexplainable feeling. You don’t even know whether he or she likes you or not, or do they really let go of their ex? It’s a tricky question that no one can explain and certainly, no one can help. You just stuck in these feelings and unable to get out.

      I myself love the cliff hanger because this means there will be a new chapter I’m going to look forward to. Can’t wait for more, and please, click the publish button more often. This long waiting is killing me, but thanks for bringing back the story. Always good to reread it, some stories are worth to read again!

      Great Chapter! And welcome back again! Always your biggest fan!


      • proteonomics says

        Hi CJ:

        Yes, I don’t like either when people hide things, especially people that you love, but some times there is no other choice if you are afraid for the life of the loved ones.

        Well I’m going to emphasize what Louise told to Jane, Louise believes she is going to die fighting her uncle because she knows the obsession of Don Kennard for her is sick and criminal, she wouldn’t allow being touched by him, and she will die before that happen; but she doesn’t want to ruin Tina’s life, she doesn’t want Tina close to her when the moment Louise face Don arrives; because, Tina will risk her life for hers. Louise knows Tina has suffered a lot, she wants to be remembered by her sister for the good moments they lived when children and not for the horror of being raped by her own uncle. And Louise is risking everything she has to take Don down,

        Tasha situation is another drama and as you said, sometimes is unavoidable to fell in love when you are close to someone who you are consoling and taking care, and sometimes (perhaps most of the times) is hard to set the boundaries; sometimes require to be a very experimented person to do that, but in this case, the situation will produce a very hard outcome in the next two chapters (I won’t say another word about it)

        CJ, I can’t click the publish button more than one time per week, but I’ll try to do it every week in the future.

        And I’m your biggest fan too, waiting for your weekend chapter

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


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