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    Side Effects Chapter 14 – WHEN THE HEART WANTS…

    Boston, Ma, Friday, 4:00 pm 


    Tina was still uneasy after answering Bette’s phone, that voice, a woman’s voice, like a whisper from the past…, but who is ‘str’, why Bette never mentioned her; she checked on the phone, finding that ‘str’ has, recently, called several times to Bette, she also check the phone number and wrote it in a new document in her computer; she felt guilty for doing that, not because she didn’t trust Bette, after all, they have gone through, infidelity could be the last thing she could think about her beloved, but that voice… was making her nervous, who is ‘str’?. Bette was leaving the bathroom wearing a robe, looking the worried expression on her wife’s face, she walked quickly toward her.

    Bette: “baby…, what’s going on?”

    Tina: “Bette, who is ‘str’?”

    Bette: (suspicious) “What…?”

    Tina: “while you were showering, your phone rang…”

    Bette: “oh… and…?”

    Tina: “I wanted to take it to you, but it stopped ringing, and when it started again I decided to answer and take the message for you…, but I…, I was confused about the person in the other end.”

    Bette: (concerned) “who was it?”

    Tina: “a woman…, her voice…, it was like a weird sensation…, I said ‘hello’ and she mentioned your name, but when I told her you were busy, she hung up …, I checked in your phone who was she and then I saw it, the name that was written, it was ‘str’.”

    Bette: (biting her lips) “that’s all…?”

    Tina: “who is ‘str’… and don’t tell me that ‘str’ is for Meryl Streep…, because I know, you don’t know her in person.”

    Bette tried to think quickly and find a convincing answer; she immediately thought what Louise told her about Dan Foxworthy’s sister.

    Bette: “well…, as a matter of fact, is not her…, ahem…, it is someone you don’t know…, well not even I know ‘str’ in person, it is Dr. Foxworthy’s sister, he told me that his sister is treating someone who was affected by the drug your uncle is using on lesbians…, he thinks it could be Dana, so he gave me his sister’s phone number…, ‘str’ means ‘sister’, Dr. Foxworthy’s sister.”

    Tina: (surprised) “why you didn’t tell me?”

    Bette: “I heard about that on our wedding day, and honestly, my mind was focused on something else…”

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    1. Bibi28 says

      Oh no 😱

      They did get our couple, i knew we could expect that but i am so troubled about it.

      Tasha, you bitch, your job was to protect them, instead you were with Alice 😡

      How in the world is it that Louise know everything and can’t protect them.

      Phewww, proteonomics as you can read i am very worried now!!! You can make up by posting the next chapter asap 😋

      Xxx 😘

      • proteonomics says

        Hi Bibi:

        I’m sorry my friend, about TIBETTE, but don’t worry, there is still a little more way to walk.
        Yes, Tasha, it is hard for her, and it’ll be harder in the next chapter.
        Now, Louise trusted in Jane, and Jane trusted in her people, apparently, there was a void in the chain of commands. And yes, Louise knows many things, I was wondering, why nobody asked me how Louise knew so many things, but it will come in the next few chapters.
        About posting, I have more chapters written, but I want to keep some discipline with myself, so, I will post soon, like in one week (hopefully).
        Thanks, Bibi for reading and commenting.


    2. DumplinT says

      I’m not doing so well trying to envision a scenario where innocent peeps survive the proficient evil of Sir Pedophile Bigot Homiphobe Kennard!!! Did I mention that he also a “murderous fu*%*ck?!!!!

      • proteonomics says

        Hi DumplinT:

        Oh, don’t worry, I didn’t update for many many weeks, and I understand your point of view,
        Let me refresh, Don Kennard is the son of a very wealthy businessman, he made friends with a group of powerful and corrupted people who enjoy the illegal entertainment Don provide for them.
        Don is infatuated with her niece, Louise and knowing she is a lesbian, he hates all type of homosexuals. While looking for Louise, he found her sister Tina, who was a young scientist and found that he could make money with her discoveries and at the same time perhaps catch Louise.
        He found that Tina discovered an epigenetic drug (okay epigenetic is a new field in genetics and biochemistry, recently developed) able to change sexual preference in mice; he asked her to give him a similar drug effective in humans, because he wants to make money selling it to his homophobic friends and perhaps to change the sexual orientation of Louise, in case he could catch her.
        But the drug he stole from Tina is the wrong one, the one that is effective only in mice, and injecting it in humans only causes diseases, aberrations and eventually death.
        Don is hard to catch because he has very powerful friends (judges, politicians, billionaires). Louise is also trying to take Don down, by infiltrating in his organization…
        The rest of the plot is coming in the next few chapters (there are few chapters left), also you will discover how the tragedy of her past is still haunting one of our protagonists.
        Now, my stories, as many here are fantasy; if this is a credible story or not, I can’t tell, some of my sources come from what I watch (law and order among them) and what I lived, saw and heard in real life from some friends.
        I hope this could help you to envision a scenario for this story. And yes, Don Kennard is a criminal, (a mixture of homophobic, cold blood and white collar) who only want his profit and physical satisfaction.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


    3. Crystal J.H says


      OMG, please don’t let anything happen to Tibette! If that bloody, freaking, devil-like Don hurt them or their baby, he really are in a serious issue. I don’t know what Louise is doing but I’m sure she didn’t want this kind of things to happen, but I really do hope she kick Don’s ass for all of us.

      I don’t blame Tasha, she’s in love, and please, you can still pick up the phone when you are making out. It’s not like Dana is going to call or something…sorry, I’m a bit angry for that. Just so get used to the upright Tasha in the show.

      Love this chapter but not enough! Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, I read a few times to make sure I didn’t miss the detail. One more thing, what on hell Dana’s so-called father doing? He’s dumb enough to send her daughter to Don, and he’s not even a doctor, why didn’t he check before he thought Don’s dead?

      Anyways, please post soon and can’t wait to see what happened to Tina and Bette, please let something good happen. Thanks for the story!


      • proteonomics says

        Hey, CJ:

        Thanks for your words; I’m worried about TIBETTE too, but I hope their survival instinct will help them. This is something Louise was envisioning and she told Jane, but there was a missing pawn, Tasha; I think she and Alice will feel very sorry when they realize about the consequences of their ‘moment’.
        Tasha will feel the need to do something to compensate for her failure, and that could be dangerous.
        I’m worried for Duffy, hope she could survive the shooting.
        Howard Fairbanks is as cruel and wicked as Don, and he is now sucked down by a whirlwind of his evilness toward hell, where he will find his peers.
        Well, from this chapter until the one before the last one, our girls are going to be fighting for their lives. I will post soon.
        Thanks again for reading and commenting my friend.


    4. SassyGran says

      “Still some way to go” you say!
      Have mercy I’m really worried about Tibette!
      Please post soon so we can move quickly to a safer happier place for Bette and Tina!
      Still enjoying reading though:-) :-)


      • proteonomics says

        Hi SG:

        I’m worried about TIBETTE too, but they have their own adventures and just trust in their instincts.

        This story will have more incidents but there are few chapters left, so the chapters are going to be a little intense. And yes, I’ll post soon again.

        Thanks for reading and commenting


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