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    Side Effects Chapter 12 – THE MYSTERIOUS SISTER

    Revere Beach, Ma, Saturday, 9:00 pm 


    As the party was ending, Bette was telling goodnight to her folks while lustfully checking her wife, who was wearing a sleeveless blue dress fitted on her waist that enhanced all her curves, contrasting with the blonde’s daily clothes; on her side, Tina was kissing off her mom and thanking other guests for attending to her wedding.

    Bette was also saying goodbye but saw a sign from certain bodyguard and excused herself from Tina.

    Bette: “I’ll be right back with you to go to our room in a moment”

    Tina: (astonished) “bu…, but where are you going?”

    Bette: “I’m gonna check with the security team”

    Tina: “okay…, but don’t be late, I’ll wait over here”

    Bette left kissing her wife and went to look for a disguised Louise, who was outside of the kitchen in the pathway that connects with the neighboring house where the bodyguards have their headquarters.

    Bette: “what’s up Louise?”

    Louise: “something very important has happened…, but first…, tell me, how long are you and Tina going to be out of business?”

    Bette: “what…? Louise, this is our honeymoon”

    Louise: “oh come on, Bette, this isn’t even your first time…, you have been in each other for many years”

    Bette: “Louise…! This is our wedding and we want time for us”

    Louise: “well…, you both don’t have time, many things are happening now…, five minutes ago I received a phone call from Long Island, there is a breaking in Dana’s case”

    Bette: “what…?”

    Louise: “we found where she is and there is someone trustable with her and her mom…, we have to be cautious, she will be transferred to Boston and we will have access to her…, she is very ill, but if there is a cure for her it’s in the hands of both of you”

    Bette: “wow, Louise, that is great…, we have to tell Alice…”

    Louise: “nooo!!!, we can’t…, she’ll run toward her wife and they both will be in danger…; look…, Dana is coming to Boston with her mother, a physician and several thugs…, we can’t even tell the police, because if they act, the ruffians have orders to take the ladies back to where they came from; so, as you see that will endanger Dana’s situation, we have to be very careful…”

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    1. Hi proteonomics,

      Welcome back girl! It is good to read that you try to move on from that very difficult and painful time. The road to recovery and giving it a place is long, take your time but i am happy and proud that you find the way up 😘

      Know that you can always contact me for some kind words, you know i will give it anyway 😉

      Thank you for bringing this story back!!!

      • Thanks, my friend,

        Yes, I’m going step by step, but I have made the commitment to getting well.
        I have also made a commitment with myself of never leave a story unfinished, so I will finish this (as painful it is for me) before I post the new one.
        And yes, Bibi, I know that you are a friend that I always can count with.



    2. Hi proteonomics:

      Welcome back! Sorry to hear you going through a bad time, the road might be tough, but this can show the other good things in life. Hope you can keep writing, I admire your works, and it is also because of you to make my story alive. I support you no matter what, please do finish the story, I will be waiting anytime!
      Thanks for the update, amazing chapter, can’t wait for the next!


      • Hey CJ:

        Thanks; of course, I will finish this story, the plot is already finished in my head and draft, and I will keep writing after this one.
        Thank you very much for your support, I will leave my comments to your new chapter this weekend, waiting always for the unexpected.
        But you will see me here writing, more frequently.

        Thanks again.


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