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    Side Effects Chapter 15 –… SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE HAS TO DO

    Worcester Ma, Saturday, 2:30 pm 


    The alarmed voice of Jane Rizzoli is heard in the car, while Tasha and Alice were disentangling their bodies and fixing their disheveled clothes.

    Radio (Jane): “all the units report to alpha, Boston General Hospital, there is a 10-71at the door, and we have a 99 in progress too and several 105, repeating to all the units 10-55 officers down, paramedics on their way, to all the units, report to the crime scene”.

    Tasha: (buttoning her blouse) “oh shit…”

    Alice: (putting on her underwear) “what was that?”

    Tasha: (scared) “I have to take you to your house and go back to Boston”.

    They drove toward Alice’s house in silence, both feeling the remorse for what they had done; after five minutes Tasha left Alice and went back to Boston, she checked her phone, there was a voice message from Duffy.

    Duffy: “Tasha come to the hospital right now, we’re under attack”.

    That was all that Tasha needed to know, she failed, she failed to the BPD, to her boss, Jane, to her secret justice group commanded by Louise, and the worse, to her friend Duffy, ‘shit, I fucked it’.


    Boston, Ma, same day, 3:20 pm. 


    When Tina was followed by the attackers, Bette ran to rescue her, but she was tackled by another ruffian, then Duffy shot one of Tina’s assailants before she was also shot by Kopac himself. Dan, James, and Maura went to help Bette, but as soon as the brunette was free from her pursuer she kept running looking for her wife while the rest of the team stayed fighting the ruffian, who barely could escape. After that everything happened very fast; the sirens of several police cars increased the confusion on the street and Jane running toward her officers, was surreal. The lieutenant seeing Duffy wounded in the floor looked for Tasha, who supposedly had to be with the fallen officer; but she didn’t see the African American; fortunately, the paramedics arrived at that moment and Jane spoke to a semi-unconscious Duffy.

    Jane: “everything is gonna be fine, you are gonna be okay…”

    Duffy: ”they are after Tina…”

    Jane: ”I know…, I’ll take care”.

    Jane took two other detectives to look for Tina and Bette; as they turned the corner Jane saw the dark van, she shot, but the vehicle started the ignition and speeded up followed by two police cars, leaving an injured man in the floor; at this point, Jane couldn’t see Bette or Tina; she used another police car to follow them.

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      • Well, you have to wait until the next chapter to find out what Tina is going to do, but, hypothetically, if I were Tina, I will start asking myself why my sister is hiding from me.
        But I’m not Tina, and we’ll see what is coming soon in the next post.

        Thanks again.


    1. You like keeping us hanging 😉

      Yeah Tasha you screwed up and thank god you catched the baddies, but overal you screwed up and now you only hope Duffy will make a full recovery.

      Howard comitted suicide, it wasn’t a surprise. I can only hope he left evidence that will convict Don Kennard to a life time sentence in prison. I hope for him he doesn’t drop the soap!!!

      Poor Dana, it is quite a ordeal she has experienced, i hope her feelings for men are temporary due to the great fear she feels deep inside. Glad she has the girls and Lara to help and support her.

      Thank god our girls escaped from the van and were fine besides a headache (Bette) and a few scratches.

      Tina now knows about Louise and is of to? My guess, her mother.

      I truly enjoy this story!!!

      Thank you proteonomics!!!😘

      • Hi Bibi:

        I know what you mean about the cliffhangers, and believe me I have been reading the stories here and I’m also feeling a little impatient when there are cliffhangers, but
        c’est la vie and I understand the writers when they do that, sometimes in as my case, you don’t have any other choice but to cut the chapter, otherwise, it would be too long.

        Poor Tasha, she knows she did wrong, and the worst is that she knows the Duffy was probably right when she told her what Alice would choose; honestly, at that point, I believe Tasha was really suicidal when she crashed her car with the criminals’ van.

        Oh, yeah, Howard has left many documents, but could the police catch Don? and if they do I really hope he would drop the soap, so he could get a dose of his own medicine.

        I also hope that Dana’s feelings are only a psychological reaction.

        Well, our girls are safe for now, but there are still three chapters to finish this story.

        Thanks, Bibi for reading a commenting,


    2. proteonomics:

      Ketamine saving people? That totally blew me away! Smart Tina, I’m so glad they both escaped and returned safe and sound, except for Bette’s head. Love her tenderness to Tina and I really do like Bette wanted to protect her wife so much. I think Bette was a bit too careless to let Tina overheard the conversation about Lousie, my biggest worry was coming true. I hope that Tina won’t do anything stupid, if I were her I will certainly be angry as hell, but doing things in a rush without thinking only makes things worse in this situation.

      Tasha, Tasha, Tasha…I don’t know what to say to her, she did almost sacrifice herself for chasing the criminals but making out with someone who has a wife and caused a police officer injured? Well, I believe she will need to wait until the entire case to close down to let go of the regret she has done.

      I hope that Dana and Alice can meet as soon as possible, or at least a phone call? I know Dana’s persistence but it’s been a long while and if she did love her wife I think she needs to tell Alice she’s fine. Probably Alice will rush to her but it’s better than wait for Dan so long and didn’t know she’s fine or not.

      Please post soon, and don’t let anything happen to Tina, I love the current status she’s with Bette’s now! Thank you for the great story! I’ve been waiting for the entire week!

      Oh and by the way, I’m glad that Dana’s father died and found his conscious( maybe?), can’t blame anyone for his death, I’m just hoping that Don can meet the same fate like him.

      Sorry if I complain too much, love your story and please, please, please post soon.


      • Hi CJ:

        Yup, you’re right, Tina is very smart and lucky of having some of her chemicals with her at that moment. Bette love her very much, it goes beyond the physical, what they have it’s something built with a very strong foundation, something that started with friendship and rivalry at the same time, and some attraction too, they have been through so many things and they have forged their future together, so, love, tenderness, protection is the consequence of that.

        I’m not really sure if Bette was careless, maybe she was, by talking with Jane in the safe house, knowing Tina is there too, but I prefer to think it was bad luck and the fact that that type of secrets can’t be hidden for a long time. I agree with you, I hope Tina won’t make things worse by rushing her reaction.

        Tasha, I’m sorry for her, but we’ll see what is coming in the few next chapters left.

        I agree with you about Dana, she needs to see her wife and how her child is growing inside Alice, but she will need a little more to get her confidence back.

        I also think the ant the end of his life Howard Fairbanks, was aware of all his mistakes and bad judgment, and in the process, he saw Don as the monster he is.

        I can’t assure that TIBETTE will stay safe, but I just hope they’ll be fine at the end.

        Thanks, CJ I like your comments very much, they help a lot.


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