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    Side Effects Chapter 7 – TAKEN

    Manhattan, NY, Saturday 11:00 a.m.


    Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.


    The national meeting is taking place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, located on the West Side of Manhattan, in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood; the complex lies on the banks of the Hudson River; the external walls of the center are made of glass resembling a crystal buildings, indeed one of the installations of the complex is the fabulous Crystal Palace. The inauguration of the event took place yesterday at 7 pm followed by a reception at 9, and today there is a series of conferences in the morning and at noon is programmed a massive lunch while a keynote speaker will make a presentation about global warming.

    The night before during the reception many old friends and college-mates reunite, among them were Shane, Carmen, Jenny, Marina, Jodi, Kelly, Kate, Samantha, Brenda, Lena and others, their conversation was mainly related to their old experience in college, their research and the ‘news’ about their social and affective life, at the end of the gathering they agree to keep their conversation the next day during the big lunch.

    Early in the morning in their house in 35th. in Astoria Carmen and Shane, were discussing their attires for the big lunch, Shane has already unhanging her clothing from the closet when Carmen looked at her displeased.

    Carmen: “Are you going to wear the black tuxedo?”

    Shane: “yup, mi gray one is still in the laundry”

    Carmen: “oh shit Shane, I was going to wear my black one too”

    Shane: “what’s the problem; couldn’t we wear the same color?”

    Carmen: “no…, they are too alike; now…, I need to wear my royal blue suit”

    Shane: “that is nice, especially the short skirt”

    Carmen: “well…, yes, but it’s very common, Jenny is going to wear one of the same colors at the meeting and she will be mad seeing me in a similar outfit”

    Shane: “oh come on Car, why you guys are so affected…, besides hers is another style”

    Carmen: “okay, okay…, I’ll wear my blue royal”

    Arriving at the convention center, around 8:30 am, the girls found a big crowd of scientists in the main hall outside the conference rooms. They blended with them and commented the events, while drinking coffee, pastries and waiting for the speakers of the first talks; Jodi was the first in approaching them, the director of Evolution knew the couple very well from their old times in the parties at the Revere Beach; in those college times, when, as Shane, Jodi, had been a heartbreaker too and later a kind of philanderer, but at the end as most lesbian, Jodie ended friends with all her old flames.

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    1. Hi proteonomics,

      You kept your promise and a long chapter too! Thank you for the update. I know you are very busy.

      It is a fantastic story, a story line i never read about before.

      I feel so sorry for for all those girls and men who are abducted just because of a mad man who is crazy as hell and hates the LGBT community and thinks he can change them.

      The secrets between Bette and Tina makes me sad, it harms and hurt them. But Bette is only protecting Tina.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. Hi Bibi:

      Thank you, for your comment, all my stories are unusual…, you know, I’m crazy.

      Things in this story may get harder but hope our wonderful couple and their friends could solve the situation and help the affected ones, and destroy the bad guys.

      I’ll try to post more frequently, seriously, I’ll try it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


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