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    War, Love, and Commitment…a Sci-Fi Story Chapter 9 – THE TRAP

    Somewhere in between space and time – probably 9:00 am. Monday, February 10, 2059- Cabin – Bette’s and Tina’s bedroom.


    The night has been hard for Tina, she couldn’t sleep because of the nightmares, Bette woke up several times and consoled her and because of the rough night, they fell asleep until late. Bette was the first in wake up this morning; she decided not to disturb Tina. When the brunette returned after a shower, Tina was still sleeping, so, she decided to wake her up.

    Bette: “Tina, baby, we have to report to the Lab…, wake up, baby”

    Tina: “huh…, Bette…, what…, what’s up?”

    Bette: “it’s 9:00 and you are usually at 7:30 in the Lab”

    Tina: “shit…, what happened…?”

    Bette: “your nightmares we had a rough night”

    Tina: “I need to take a shower”

    Tina rushed to the bathroom, while Bette used her h-phone to talk to Louise and tell her what has been happening in the last two weeks.

    Bette: “Louise, she had nightmares all the night, we have to do something, she is suffering; I know it’s about me, she mentioned many times that I wasn’t here, that I was lost”

    Louise:  “we need a session with her we need to enter her mind”

    Bette: “it has to be now Louise; it’s killing me seeing her in that way”

    The girls left their bedroom and walked to the lab, where most of the support group was already working. Willow was worried talking to Dr. Rossi.

    Willow: “Louise, where are Tina and Bette?”

    Louise: “they will be a little late”

    Willow: “another nightmare?”

    Louise: “yes…, she is having some bad dreams”

    Willow: “who’s warning her?”

    Louise: “what…?”

    Willow: “someone is talking to her when she sleeps, giving her some warning”

    Louise: “… you’re right, but I don’t know who…, not even if is a foe or friend”

    Willow: “is it helping her or hurting her?”

    Louise: “good question…, you’re right we have to find out”

    Louise, Bette, Willow, and Tina stayed the whole morning together trying to find out the source of Tina’s nightmares. Louise knew it wasn’t the same person who has been communicating with her, nor Maxim, Kristen, nobody from Bette’s dead family. They took Tina to Louise’s office and made Tina sleep and Louise tried to enter her dreams, while Bette and Willow monitored their vitals during the experience; but she wasn’t powerful enough. Bette joined Louise in the effort, and they were almost there, but they fail.

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    1. Hey proteonomics, welcome back!

      Only one chapter left 😔, wow didn’t expected that.

      I really enjoyed this chapter. Looking forward to the next chapter when they destroy the First Evil for good.

      Please don’t let Kit open that box, i don’t want her or everyone else disappear for good.

      Thank you so much for for this incredible story proteonomics!

    2. Hi Bibi:

      Yes, is only one chapter left and I hope to post it next week, but I also hope our lovely couple, if they survive, of course, will continue their adventures in the future.

      When I started writing the story, I, honestly, was expecting to finish it on last October, but several things came in the way, among them a big hurricane and consequently lot of work, but finally, we are here, in the verge of ending this adventure.

      Thank you so much, Bibi, for being such an excellent reader and commenter, you as other readers are the vital force of stories, because in my opinion, without readers stories would be only ideas, personal reflections, cathartic notes, isolated essays from our souls and minds.

      I’m honored that you read and comment on my stories.

      Thanks Bibi


    3. Hi proteonomics,

      Thank you for your kind words 😊.

      But if you want me to continue to read your stories, you must let Bette and Tina survive this war, without Tibette in love and happy i will be devastated and crying my heart out 😭.

      I would love to read about them when they are older like in Tina’s dream.

      Please, can you promise to a loyal reader that you will not harm Bette and Tina and not break my poor heart?

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