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    War, Love, and Commitment…a Sci-Fi Story Chapter 10- THE LAST BATTLE

    Somewhere in between space and time – probably 6:00 pm Wednesday, February 19, 2059– Dining room in the Cabin.


    The dining room is full, but Bette and Tina have grabbed some seats and are sitting at a table with Buffy, Faith, Bo, and Lauren.

    Bette: “how are you feeling Buf?

    Buffy: “less nausea, but I think is starting to show”

    Tina: “almost nothing”

    Buffy: “Faith says is showing”

    Faith: “well…, when you are naked”

    Buffy: “I must look fat and repulsive”

    Faith: “noo…, you look beautiful, more than before”

    Buffy: “really?”

    Faith: “of course baby”

    Bo: “oh please, don’t start…, get a room”

    While the girls were talking, Bette felt a bitter taste in her mouth, a sudden panic bristles all her body, she felt unease and Tina perceived that too but coming from Bette. They communicated by telepathy.

    Tina: ‘what’s wrong honey?’

    Bette: ‘I’m scared, baby’

    Tina looked around everywhere.

    Tina: ‘where is Kit?’

    Bette: ‘it is she…, they have her’

    Both girls got up from the table and went to look for Kit and Angus. The intensity of the fear was very strong, so they telepathically call for Kit. Angus answered their call and they went to where he was. Tina, the most serene of them, used her long distance vision to check on her sister in law. She saw Kit, far away, trying to open a box and she instinctively knew what it was. Bette was distracted asking Angus questions about her sister, but immediately felt the thoughts of Tina and she looked at the point the blonde was looking. A wave of despair invaded Bette’s thoughts when she also saw Kit; it was now or never. She ran toward her with very high speed. Angus was disconcerted, but Tina knew what she should do.

    Tina: ‘go and hug her…, I’ll get you back …, hurry up…’

    Everything happened very fast. Kit is opening the box, Bette is almost there, and Tina has her device ready. Bette jump over her sister when the box opened and a green cloud started forming.

    Bette: ‘Kit, drop the box…’

    Kit let the box fall and she and Bette disappear. Buckley sees the box on the ground and Kit and Bette vanishing, she thinks the Porters were already taken by the wormhole, and she approaches to check the artifact. As soon as Tiana Buckley puts her hand in the gadget, the growing green cloud forms a vortex and suctioned her to who knows where and when. The empty box, fall to the ground and burned with a dying flame to become ashes and then mixed with the material of the wormhole ground.

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    1. Hi proteonomics,

      I felt honored that you thanked me for my loyal support, thank you for that 😊

      You left some open end, does that mean there will be a sequel?

      About the story, i loved it, i mentioned many times that i don’t understand all that you wrote about, wormholes, dimensions, alternative univers, etc, but you did a amazing job to try to explain and the story held my attention till the end!

      I have to thank you for sharing this story with us and i hope you will continue to write!

      Thank you 😚

      • Hi Bibi:

        Thanks so much for being a very loyal reader and commenter, and a friend. 😊

        About this story, as I said, I also learned many things, as most of the authors here, I also have to do some research, especially on Buffy’s fandom, and about sorcery and astral matters; the sci-fi part wasn’t hard, because is part of my background (I’m sorry if sometimes I was a little nerdish).🤔

        Well, indeed all these stories, the prequel of this, this one I designed as a trilogy; it must be a continuation, but as you read in older Tina’s statement the next adventure will happen in seven years, so…, (lol). 🤣

        I will continue with my other story, which I stopped to finish this and maybe after another one more, and then I will reconsider the continuation that I already called in my drafts “looking for you through the wormhole” But that has to wait, Tina and Bette have to grow up.😉

        Well, I’ll prepare the next chapter of the other story.

        Thanks again for reading this.


        • That is fantastic news that you will continue with the other story 👍but please don’t wait seven years!!! Any story you will write i will read and comment on it.

          And yes you are a little nerdish 😉 but i don’t care. You write about what you know and love and it gives a person without knowledge about it, like me, the chance to learn about it just by reading your story. So thank you for making me a little nerdish too 🤣

          I love and appreciate authors who put energy in their story and do research to get the facts right.

          Thank you my friend 😚

      • Zhenya:

        Thank you for reading and commenting.

        Yes, I like it when lesbian stories also end happily, especially the stories of TIBETTE.

        Even when there are drama and broken hearts, I personally believe that lesbian authors should write happy endings in these stories, because it keeps the spirits of our community high.

        Thanks again


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