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    Side Effects Chapter 8 – THERE ARE ALWAYS HOPES

    Boston, Ma, Monday, 10:30 am 


    Jane has sent some of the files decoded by Bette to NYPD on Sunday evening hoping that Olivia should have the warrant to search for Dana by now. She’s been called since early to find out about the clinic in West Village, Manhattan before sends Korsak and Tasha. The communication with NYPD has been difficult this morning until finally, she reached contact with her friend Olivia.

    Olivia: “we asked the Judge for a warrant, to search the place, but he denied it; it looks like that is an especial private clinic, the clients are powerful people and the place is a property of the venerable judge Young”

    Jane: “what…? This is a crime, Oliv, Dana was kidnapped”

    Olivia: “yes, but the judge said we have not proofed she is there, and the court denied the warrant, based on the privacy rights of the clients already in treatment in the clinic”

    Jane: “really…? What type of clinic is that?”

    Olivia: “that is another thing, this is a psychiatric facility; the court is weighing the need of searching the place against the potential harm to the clinician-patient relationship and the impact on the treatment processes; they said they don’t want to jeopardize the patient-care activities”

    Jane: “that’s bullshit, Oliv”

    Olivia: “I know, Jane, I’ve called Alex, she is arriving anytime now; she has her ways to convince the judge to sign the warrant”

    Jane: (grinning) “good, seems she has your back…”

    Olivia: “well, it’s her job…hmm…, is there a pun intended…?”

    Jane: “nooo…, I was just thinking she’ll do anything to help you”

    Olivia: “she is a… co-worker and a friend”

    Jane: “I see…, with benefits”

    Olivia: “stop Jane, she just entered the office…, okay Jane I’ll have you posted”

    Jane: (smiling) “yeah…, about her progress …, right?”

    Olivia: “okay, okay…, by the way, the judge asked how we get the information on the clinic, and Elliot told him, it came from BPD…, hmm, Jane, I’ll call you later…”

    After the conversation, Jane was pissed, the search for Dana has to wait and she knew Alice was stressed, and for some reason she has the feeling that Dana has to be found as soon as possible before things get more complicated; weighing Olivia’s words she was thinking to keep Korsak here because now her consultant team may be in danger and she needs to keep at least one of her assigned officials to protect them…; perhaps she could send someone else along with Tasha to Manhattan. At that precise moment, Tasha entered to her office.

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    1. Proteonomics:
      Wow, I’m the first. Thank you for bringing back the amazing story, finally something good between Bette and Tina, please make their wedding come true with peace and unharmed, hope that Imhotep will fall very soon! Hope you can keep going! Can’t wait for next chapter.

      • Hi Laurel:

        Sorry for my late response, and thanks for your nice comment.

        Yes, the wedding will come in a couple of chapters, but about the peace and unharming is another story; strong couples, deep loves are always tested; but remember, there are always hopes and that gives us the strength to keep going on and succeed.

        Now, today I can tell you I’ll post soon.

        Thank you so much for reading and commenting.


    2. I can’t believe it, i am not the first one to comment 😮😉

      So glad that you found the time to update. And finally some good news for our girls. Laurel J.H. already mentioned it, let their marriage come with peace.

      There must be a way to stop that creep Don Kennard and his helpers. I hope they get what they deserve when they are able to catch them. But please don’t let get Tina and Bette hurt.

      Great update, thank you proteonomics!

      • Hi Bibi:

        Thank you, my friend, for your comment.

        As I said, the wedding will come, but with many things along; you know I wanted to post three days ago, but I wasn’t ready, as I explained to you; but I’m in the verge of finishing it.

        The next chapters will clarify things about our couple and the others, the entanglements will be deconvoluted, so just remember there are always hopes.

        Thank you again Bibi, I’ll post soon.


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