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    Side Effects Chapter 9 – FACING EVIL

    Old Westbury, Long Island, Sunday 11:30 a.m.


    The Colonial-Style master house of Post road has unusual activity; the biggest bedroom is full of medical equipment and three nurses are walking around monitoring the vital signs of Dana Fairbanks who is staring at the garden through the window with a lost look. The athlete has the same appearance since thirteen days ago when she arrived at her old home; she is silent and with a lost look. The times her father came to talk to her, she looked at him with unexpressive eyes and didn’t answer any of his questions, as if she didn’t understand him or even didn’t recognize him.

    Howard Fairbanks was alarmed, the first three days he thought Dana was faking indifference and resentment, but her unchangeable state pushed him to hire two additional nurses besides the one who came with Dana from the clinic. He already complained to Don Kennard about her daughter medical condition, but Kennard only offered to send a physician, who finally didn’t know what to do.

    Before bringing her daughter home, and hoping for her total recovery, Mr. Fairbanks had sent her wife, Sharon, to their house in Boston, hiding from her the arrival of Dana to the Westbury house; in other words, Sharon has no idea where her daughter was. What Howard expected was to wait until Dana totally recovers and changing her sexual orientation, to show Sharon that their family is ‘normal’ again.

    However as the time passed, Dana’s condition is unchanged; the two new nurses have finally extracted some information from the caretaker who came with the tennis player from the Manhattan’s clinic, and they are convinced the problem is not only physical but also psychological; they have talked with Howard and have proposed to him to show Dana, some pictures from her family and friends to find if the athlete has any positive response.

    Being in Massachusetts, Sharon had decided to visit Alice to check on the progress of her pregnancy and go along with her to her medical appointments; of course she was doing that secretly, because her husband doesn’t suspect he is going to be grandfather, and a ‘red alert’ in Sharon’s brain is telling her to hide that from him.

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      • Hi SG:

        I’m sorry, I knew you don’t like cliffhangers, but I left a cryptic message in FB and twitter for those like you who don’t like them, and is also in my author note.

        But, anyway, apparently, I will have a little more time next week and I will try to post soon (I hope).

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


      • Hi Bibi:

        Thanks for your comment, I’ll try to update soon.

        However, the ‘clue’ to solving the cliffhanger, is in those last two chapters. Then you may have an idea of what is coming in the next chapter.

        The cliffhanger is the reason why this chapter is a bit longer than the former ones because I wanted to reach this point. Now, I’m feeling a little guilty.

        Thank you so much, my friend, for your last words, and I’ll try my best to post soon.


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