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    sometime soon

    “Something happen at the gallery?” Shane squeezed a lemon into a glass of water.

    “Hmmm?” Bette hummed in response. “Oh. No. I actually haven’t been to work yet.” She ignored her friend’s skeptical look.

    “Bette?” Shane’s voice deepened as she leaned forward, a gesture of anticipation in hopes that Bette would reveal a secret.


    “It’s…uh oh 3:00…ahem!” Shane placed the water in front of Bette without looking up.

    “Shane it’s not even—“ Bette eyed her curiously until she heard the distinct voice next to her.

    “Hi Bette.” Carrie was there, leaning against the counter.

    “Carrie. Hi.” Bette placed her bag on the bar, freeing her hands to clench into fists.

    Shane gave Carrie a club soda and walked away to the other end of the bar hoping to intercept Alice coming from the restroom.

    “Do you have a minute to talk?” Carrie asked politely.

    “Sure. Is everything okay? Tina got off…to Toronto?” Bette amused herself with her wordplay.

    She also knew very well that she had. And she had her text, and she had taken her to the airport, and she had kissed her goodbye in the front seat of her car like they were forbidden teenagers in love. Stop swooning in front of her fiancé, she reminded herself.

    Bette sipped her water trying to hide the smirk forming at the corner of her mouth.

    “Yeah, she just text me that she’s about to take off.” Carrie stated with just the right prick of a pin to deflate Bette a bit.

    Carrie 1, Bette 0, Bette thought.

    Carrie didn’t waste any time when she asked, “Bette, did you see Tina before she left?”

    Bette’s sudden tension teetered her resolve so she shifted her weight to steady herself while her mind filled with intrusive thoughts. Does she know? What do I say? Is this how our affair ends? Carrie cornering me, asking questions? Asking questions about Tina? Her Tina? No, her Tina. My Tina. Jesus, Tina. What do I say?

    A stupor clouded Bette’s reality as flashes of their brief morning together reeled in her musings and cast out Carrie’s presence. Bette’s lips against Tina’s neck. Tina’s tongue in her mouth. Bette’s hands massaging those beautiful breasts. Tina’s fingers traipsing down Bette’s muscular back. Bette’s arms on either side of Tina’s head. Tina’s thighs wrapped around Bette’s hips. Bette’s arms flexing with every thrust. Tina’s hips crashing against Bette. Bette riding Tina’s thigh. Tina’s head thrown back with Bette’s face between her tits and hand between her legs.


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