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    sometime soon

    Bette scratched her head thinking of what they actually talked about.

    All that echoed in her mind was the sound of Tina’s moans and whimpers, her singing Bette’s name in howls, and uttering ‘baby’ in growls.

    A soundtrack that spanned from the tonguing on the stairs to Bette insisting on driving her to the airport to the squeals and squirts from their romp upstairs.

    Bette simpered at Carrie, her eyes glossed over with the evocative retrospection.

    Tina came back from dropping off Angie and lovingly wrapped her arms around Bette when handing back her keys.

    “Thank you for letting me use your car to take her today.”

    ”How could I say no?” Bette swayed Tina in her arms and placed a soft kiss to her head as Tina plopped her forehead against her shoulder.

    “Hey, T, are you okay?” Bette breathed in the fragrance of the freshly washed blonde hair just under her nose.

    “Yeah.” Tina moved aside and sat on the staircase, looking up at her ex-wife. “I just always miss Angie so much and I hate that I’m leaving for soo long.” A tinge of her southern accent always slipped out early in the morning.

    Bette stepped up a few stairs to stand next to Tina, a look of adoration pouring over her as they held each other’s hand.

    “It’ll go by quick once I’m there. Hopefully.” Tina put her glasses atop her head and rubbed the bridge of her nose, releasing the tension between her eyes.

    Bette tilted her head, basking in nostalgia of married mornings with her wife. “I need to get dressed but I can make you a quick breakfast.”

    Tina played with the hem of Bette’s robe before skimming her hand under it and over the bare, bronze leg. She shook her head while responding, “And I keep thinking you may change your mind while I’m gone. About this,” her hand appreciating the silky skin as it crept its way further inside the robe. “About us.” Tina spread her fingers over Bette’s ass, gently squeezing as if she needed to hold on.

    Bette faltered against the railing, her eyes dropping to meet Tina’s. She tucked a loose blonde wave behind her ear and caressed the soft lobe with her thumb, tracing along her jaw to her chin, dipping into the chin dimples and pulling the perfect lips apart.


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