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    Southern Comforts—Chapter 2

    As the annual barbecue ended at the Kennard Plantation, the last carriage was seen off by John Kennard and it made it’s way down the oak lined dirt road leading away from the plantation.  Bette watched the departure from the bedroom window of the room she was occupying for the night.

    As the carriage disappeared from view she picked up the pocket watch her father had given her for her 25th birthday and checked the time.  She had fifteen minutes until she was to join the Kennard family for dinner.  She smirked slightly at the thought of the youngest Kennard daughter.  She was sure there would be visible and verbal protest of her presence at the table but truth be told she was ready for the entertainment of the firecracker known as Tina Kennard.

    She chuckled at the thought and turned her attention to the evening attire she had placed on the bed and grabbed the black trousers quickly putting them on that hugged her curves in the right places. She then picked up the white delicate pleat shirt slipping it on and buttoning it up making sure the tail was neatly tucked inside her trousers. She placed her engraved cufflinks with the letter “P” in the cuffs and sat down on the bed to place her nicely buffed and polished black boots upon her feet. Once she pulled the bottom of her trousers down over her boots she stood up putting her black tailored singled breasted coat on completing her ensemble for the evening.  Her brunette hair with its naturally large curls was neatly pulled back and tied at her neck.  She took a quick look at herself in the floor length mirror and after smoothing out her coat and tails and adjusting her shirt she headed out of the room and down the corridor.

    She could hear a cacophony of laughter from one of the rooms down the corridor as she descended the main staircase and was met at the bottom by Norris the Kennard Plantation’s trusted servant.  He bowed as she stepped down from the last step on to the wooden floor of the foyer

    “Good Evening Miss Bette. Mister John requested I take you to the formal dining room once you presented yourself for dinner” he says bending his arm at the elbow and holding it out for Bette to slip her hand around his upper arm

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    1. Tina…Tina.. what a shrew!!! No manners whatsoever!! The fact is Bette is being the perfect guest. She is getting along fine with the parents, the sisters, the help and the people at the ball. I have a feeling that you think you can make her life a living hell…but I think you need to think that out. She has been living in a man’s world of business and travel and different cultures and personalities. I believe she can handle most any situation. Wait until you hear what happens if there are no changes in your behavior…

      My bets are by the time you get to South Carolina, you will be wanting to go on to Pennsylvania just to be in the company of this attractive, charismatic woman.

      Lovely story…. so far… let’s just see how Bette handles Tina.

      Post again soon.

      • Thanks for the comment Martha! Appreciate your support as always! I am having fun I admit writing this story. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue it but after being messaged I decided to go ahead.

        Thanks for following along!

    2. Normally I’m no hugh fan of stories in a more historic setting. I don’t remember if I ever finished reading Gone with the wind. But your story is really great fun to read! Tina is such a spoiled brat, I’m looking forward to see how Bette will teach her some manners while encouraging her to still speak her mind.
      Please post more soon.

    3. Like kiwipit, i am not a hug fan of a more historic setting, but phew this is so funny!!!!

      That will be a very interesting trip! Tina, my god she is so spoilt and behaves as a like a thoroughly spoiled child who doesn’t know the word no and thinks the world revolves around her. She can learn a lot from the wretched screw Bette.

      I look forward how Bette will teach Tina some manners and how Tina will try to make this trip as miserabele for Bette.

      Thanks for this great chapter, i laughed a lot!

      • Aww Bibi28! I’m so glad it made you laugh and honestly it is my intention with this story. To provide a fun read. The historical setting is a catalyst as a how Bette and Tina interact with their different lifestyles and upbringing and the events during that time lead in how they evolve together during the story so it’s significant in that.

        Thanks so much for following this story and commenting!

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