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    Southern Comforts—Ch. 1

    It was the spring of 1861 and on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia the sound of horses pulling carriages made their way up the long winding dirt road lined with oak tress leading to Kennard Plantation. It was the annual barbecue given by plantation owner John Kennard and every socialite within 30 miles was there. At the center of attention and surrounded by several male suitors was John and Grace Kennard’s three daughters–Mary Elizabeth, Frances Grace, and Christina Nicole. All three were single and were highly courted and today was no exception. As Mary and Frances entertained the charm of their admirers at the main house, Christina was out under the gazebo swooning hers, although her interest was not at all directed at the men currently under her seductress charm. Instead as she spoke, her eyes stayed on one male that she was completely infatuated with– Eric Wilkinson.

    ”And I really don’t know who I will choose to take me to the cotillion although I wish that one special person would”

    ”Let me Ms. Christina. Oh I would love to take you to the cotillion” A young man excitedly offered as he grabbed Christina’s hand and kissed the back of it.

    ”Please Henry. Call me Tina. There is no need for such formality of my name. And I will consider your offer as well as yours Frank, John, Jessie, and Sam. Now I really must be getting back to the main house. It’s time for my nap. You boys best be getting back for your parlor time with my father”

    As Tina stepped down from the gazebo every young suitor fought over one another to walk beside her to the main house. As an argument ensued behind her amongst all of the men, Tina paid no attention and continued to walk as she watched the man she desired drop to one knee and propose to the woman who just became her enemy.

    ”How dare you Eric. You love me not her. You are supposed to marry me. I can’t let this happen” Tina said to herself as she hurried along the trail trying to catch up with Eric and the woman he just proposed to.

    As she reached the door to the main house and ran up the stairs her sister Mary jumped in front of her hugging her and spinning her around before putting her down much to Tina’s annoyance

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    1. I love this beginning!

      Tina a little spoilt rich bitch and Bette as the perfect gentlelady. And Bette is certainly not afraid to speak her mind. I think we can expext a lot of fire between them!

      Look forward to the next chapter!

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