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    Speak Now

    The sun was shining brightly on the beach as the two brides made their way arm in arm up to where the minister was waiting for them. One bride, all smiles, her long brown hair blowing in the gentle sea breeze as her eyes held tears of happiness back so as not to ruin her mascara. The other bride bared a forced smile as she walk passed her friends and her ex-wife standing and watching the pomp and circumstance from her “side” of the aisle. Half of her blonde hair was clipped on top of her head and crowned with a tiara that her soon-to-be-wife had insisted that she wear. This was her fiancé’s fairytale.

    For a split second, the blonde bride’s eyes met dark brown orbs that looked tired and hopeless. Defeated. A smile accompanied those eyes as if to provide encouragement, but it was clear that the smile could not hide the pain behind those dark eyes.

    Tina quickly looked away from Bette so that she would not angle her neck backwards as she soldiered forward. Even from this distance, that cool ocean wind carried Bette’s perfume to Tina’s nose and she closed her eyes as she breathed in a big gulp of air.

    The two women finally reached the head of the alter and handed their bouquets to their maids of honor, the only two other people in the wedding party. Tina reached out and kissed Angelica as she took the small gathering of flowers into her hands. Angie had seen the eye contact between her parents on the way up and gave her mom a pleading look with pursed lips before Tina turned back to her bride to be.

    Tina and Carrie faced each other, holding one another’s hands before the small standing crowd and the minister. They smiled at one another and Carrie squeezed Tina’s hand in excitement.

    “You may be seated.” The minister began. “Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between, we welcome you to this gorgeous southern California beach where Carrie Bates and Christina Kennard have decided to embark on a lifelong journey with one another. A journey they have chosen each one of us here today to share with them as they declare their love and eternal commitment to each other.”

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    1. Hi MEL:

      Excellent, this is what we need now, thank you, I think someone has to fight for the love of her life.

      Yes, it looks like Tina and Bette still have things to talk about.

      Thank you for the story and pps.


    2. I loved this story
      And Bette would have to say:
      “Tina, You came and brought light when everything was dark. You put colors where I only saw black and white. You brought joy to everything that was just sadness. I learned to have that support, your presence here with me. It would be difficult without you.
      You changed everything around me for the better, showed that everything can be different, that we just have to believe and hope. That life can smile for us
      If you ask me why I want to be with you forever, I will say that it is because you are a unique human being, full of good energies, with a good heart and an unparalleled presence. What you make me feel, I won’t find anywhere.
      Everything I want from now on, I want with you. What we experienced was enough for me to realize that we really should be together, that I am right in what I feel, that I need to be by your side
      And holding your hands and looking into your eyes, I see myself loving you forever … ”
      All the constellation

    3. Hi Meloveslu,

      What a wonderful surpise to see you here again!!!

      My god, episode 0107 broke mine and Bette’s heart in million pieces ????????????.

      So thank you for this story!

      You should let Bette say the words mscully suggested for Bette to say to Tina!

      Hope to see and read more chapters!

    4. Hi Meloveslu,

      What a wonderful surpise to see you here again!!!
      The last Episode broke mine and Bette’s heart in million pieces ????????????.

      So thank you for this story!

      Hope to see and read more chapters!

    5. Scrolled thru comments (there are so many MUCH braver than I) only to say, I’ll need a few more days to “get a grip” in leu of the free fall from episode 7 of TLWGQ.

      Back in a few days to enjoy this story…..

    6. Nice quickie, mel! Well, not in that sense but .. ;-) Did you start writing while watching e7? Thanks a lot for this one.

      Though I hope we don’t have to wait for the last second to see Tina get back together with Bette.
      Who needs Carrie anyway? She could fall in love with someone else, have problems with having Angie in their lifes, having problems with Bette being near and in their lives – see, already “disposed” of the other woman :-)

      I’m ready to read more stories from you.

      • Since I’m on the west coast, I can view the new shows at 9:00 pm Saturday on the Showtime App. I watched, processed, watched again Sunday morning, and belted our this story while watching football in the early afternoon. It was ready hours before it aired live on the east coast.

    7. I know this is a comment that most won’t want to read, and will hate it if they do, but here it goes. (Please know that this comment does not reflect on the quality of the writing…which is wonderfully good…especially the dialogue…but more on the story line itself.)

      When are Bette and Tina going to stop tearing apart other people’s hearts while they figure out their own shit?! It’s 22 years later and they STILL haven’t figured it out??!!! And when they think they have, they always have to do it by plowing through someone else’s life!

      Let’s remember that Bette and Tina were together and supposedly happy until Tina FELL IN LOVE with someone else. If she loved Bette so much, why did she leave in the first place? Uh…gee, I’m not happy at this particular moment in my current marriage, so I’m going to use someone else, in this case, Carrie, by saying I’m in love and just run?! Yeah, that will get Bette’s attention and she will show me who much she loves me?!

      And, this happening at the ALTER and with Carrie being so understanding…puh! LOL Sorry, I guess I’m just over watching all the lives that have been wrecked for no other reason than they unfortunately fell into Bette and Tina’s disastrous orbit.

      I’m sorry, but at this point, with all the hurt they have caused other people, I don’t think they deserve to run off into the sunset together to live happily ever after!!

      LOL I guess that hit a nerve. LOL That said, I reserve the right to change my mind about them next week!! :-)

      • I feel ya, Seahurst. I certainly wouldn’t be happy being left at the alter. This was a bit of a throw back to the Carmen/Shane debacle of season 3, but I absolutely agree that Bette and Tina’s merry go-round always seems to have catastrophic third-party casualties who deserve better (sometimes).

        I mean, are they Bette and Tina if they don’t leave a trail of destruction in their wake?

        And it seems to me that Tina really hasn’t done much growth and gained independence since her split with Bette. Remember, she said “Carrie asked me to marry her…and I said yes.” That statement tells me a lot. It says that Tina still isn’t making her own decisions but, rather, is being led to having them made for her. She didn’t say “WE are getting married.” That has stuck with me for some reason.

        I don’t think she’s as in love with this new woman as Bette believes her to be. If she were, she would be laying down some solid boundaries with respect to Bette’s physical closeness like prolonged hugging and hand-holding in public. Also, she was the first to engage that physical closeness when she grabbed Bette’s arm in 106 and told her she was doing a great job Re Angie. She does want Bette’s attention. She wants Bette to fight for her. She wants that grand gesture of stolen metal signs that proves to Tina how much she is really wanted.

        It’s exhausting, really.

        But I love them, Seahurst. I love them. ????

    8. Nice story….but I see this as a part of Season 2. Personally, I would think that Angie will not want to be a participant in Tina’s wedding. I see Angie being very troubled by her Mama T and Carrie’s relationship. I see Angie and Jordi to perform some kind of “Parent Trap” antics with Carrie and Tina to make her life miserable. I do not expect Angie to accept Carrie in Tina’s life without causing trouble. I see Angie enlisting Jordi’s help to cause mischief and misery for Carrie every chance she gets.

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