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    Bad Luck Bride

    Angie stared at her mother through the mirror as the professional make-up artist added to Tina’s natural beauty. A small smile graced the teen’s face, but it was bittersweet. She resisted the temptation to take a picture of her mom with her phone and send it to her Mama B. She knew that Bette was doing everything she could today to make herself forget about the impending nuptials. Even though Mama B was dating again and really trying to put herself out there, she couldn’t even stand to be in the same city as the event, opting instead to take a trip to San Diego for the weekend to get some fresh coastal air.

    A gentle knock on the door of their hotel suite caused Angelica to pop up to answer it.

    “You look gorgeous so far, Mom.” She said as she bounded around the corner and over to the door in her baby blue maid of honor gown. Tina teared slightly at her daughter’s praise. Her mascara was much to fresh for her to ruin it now, so she opened her eyes wide in an attempt to swallow back those tears of joy.

    “Hey, Uncle Shane!” Angie greeted as she pulled open the door for Shane’s entry.

    “Hey there, kiddo.” Shane replied, embracing Angie into a hug before  she entered the room where Tina was sitting.

    Armed with her beauty bag of hair tools and products, Shane smiled at her friend sitting in the chair getting the last of the finishing powder dusted over her cheeks.

    “Wow.” She remarked. The wedding photographer snapped photos of their meeting and close-ups of Tina’s face as he documented the day’s journey. “You are a vision in white, Ms. Kennard.”

    “It’ll be Mrs. Kennard-Bates in just a couple hours, Shane.” Tina said with a teasing grin.

    Turning her head away from Tina, Shane could only sigh and close her eyes wishing that her best friend was on the receiving end of the ceremony. The look wasn’t lost on Angie, however.

    “Okay Shane, she’s all yours.” The makeup artist proclaimed as she began gathering her own beauty items to clean up the space.

    “Thank you, Alina.”

    Shane sauntered over to Tina and began plugging in curling irons and setting up her work station.

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    1. Nice story….is there a continuation to this? What happens next?

      Great words from Shane…. I wonder if they mean anything to Tina?

      If marriage does not enhance a relationship, then why marry? For many marriage does enhance a relationship its a promise to forsake all other possibilities and to commit yourself to one person now and forever.

      My understanding of the four good luck charms is that they must be on the bride’s person to be effective. Having Angie as your object of blue would not count. Okay, Whatever….

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks for reading! This was just a little vignette. I have no plans at the moment to finish it. As I said in my author notes, I have many little wedding scenes in my head that I’m just vomiting on my screen to exercise the muscle a bit.

        I think you are correct about the four good luck charms, but I suppose that is just another reason why this marriage is doomed if Tina is not abiding by the rules.

        Appreciate all comments so thanks again!

    2. Sad, this is a story on its self. Would love to see what is going to happen now.

      Getting marriad because someone is easy, doesn’t speak to me as Tina madly in love.

      Wise words from Shane to Tina.

      I absolutely love Angie. She is so smart and funny.

      Love the bond with both her mothers.

      • How can you be madly in love if you know that you’ll only be “happy enough” to marry someone? Tina is cheating herself out of true love, and we all know that.

        Thanks so much for commenting Bibi! And I agree, Angie is awesome. She just might be the most well-adjusted character to come out of the new show lol

    3. Thanks for posting, MeLL. Yes, a very good and a very Shane question. Tina accepting the proposal and getting married because being with Carrie is easy explains a lot for me. Taking the easy road with someone to simply settle. The other choice would be the love of your life and passion but the risk of being burned or squashed by it.

      Looking forward to more of your vignettes.

      • After the exchange between Tina and Bette in 106 of GenQ, it seemed like Tina still harbored some resentment toward Bette about their relationship so it seems only fitting that Carrie is the exact opposite of Bette in that regard. But yes, she is settling. Relationships are hard work, but it makes it that much more worth it when you have to work at it. Especially where passion is concerned. We all deserve those breathtaking moments. Thanks for your unwavering support and comments Kiwi!

      • Hi Jane! Thanks so much for reading and for your very kind comment.

        Shane is definitely intuitive and wise like Yoda. And yeah, Alice is a trip. I’m going to try to keep my expectations low for Season 2. Expect the worst, but hope for the best.

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