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    Chapter 91 – Boss Me Around in the Bedroom

    Spaceland Bar Area

    “So how much longer is your second set going to be before we can all have a seat and talk business?” Aaron asked Tayo as they stood near the bar with Tina, Dana, Oscar, Esai, Paige, Lara, and Ethan as well as James and Tori. Aaron had his armed draped around Chastity, the stripper, as he tried to engage the bass player.

    Tayo just stared at him with a blank look on her face.

    Aaron’s smile faltered a little. He leaned over to Tina. “Does she speak English?”

    “Yep.” Tina replied and took a drink of her beer.

    “So, Chastity, is it?” Tori asked the young woman on Aaron’s arm. Chastity nodded excitedly. “What do you do here in LA?”

    “I’m a dancer.” She replied. All of Aaron’s co-workers struggled not to spit beer from their noses as they snorted back their giggles.

    “Oh, very cool! Which dance company do you work for?”

    “The Seventh Veil over on Sunset.”

    Tori realized that Chastity was talking about a strip club and found herself struggling with how to prolong the conversation. “Nice.” She said as James looked away trying to contain his own laughter.

    “There’s Alice and Shane.” Dana said pointing to the employees-only area from which the band members were emerging. Carmen was right behind them.

    When they saw their friends, the three of them made a beeline with wild and excited eyes.

    “You guys! You totally missed it!” Carmen shouted. “Alice just knocked the shit out of Jodi!”

    “What?!” Dana, Tina, and Tayo replied.

    “Details, now!” James demanded.

    Alice and Carmen disclosed the events leading up to the punch and Tina saw Bette slowly emerge from the employees-only hall. The blonde jogged over to greet her.

    “I just heard.” She said as she grabbed her girlfriend’s hand. “I’m so pissed I missed it.” Bette looked at her girlfriend with a coy smile.

    “I couldn’t believe it myself. It felt so satisfying even if I wasn’t the one to land that punch. I’m pretty sure we don’t ever have to worry about Jodi trying to talk to us again.”

    “I can’t say that I’m upset about that.”

    “Fuck, I need a drink.”

    “Say no more, Little Porter.” Tina pulled Bette towards the bar where they had a bucket of IPAs on ice waiting for them.

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    1. Are you serious?! An epilogue? Wow! Feels like a belated b-day presi, no matter when it’ll be finished 8-) Oh and MeLL….feel hugged in thanks in advance.

      Haven’t read your final yet. As soon as I read “feel free to leave some scenarios” my mind started firing off snippets of scenes. Let’s see if I come up with something useful.
      Off to reading now.. :-)

    2. I agree MeLL, this story deserve so much more than this ending.

      I love weddings, so my wish is that you give us a big wedding with a very hot wedding night ????

      I love this story and am very happy that you took the time to put it back in the new version.

      I wish you a beautiful weekend and i am looking forward to the sequel and your next story.

    3. Hi Mell:

      Totally agree with you; this is not the end, maybe even it could be the beginning of a second part,

      This story can’t end in this way.

      I’ll wait for the next chapter next week.

      Thanks for the amazing story


    4. MeLL, thank you very much for giving us this wonderful story. I raise my hat to you!

      The different setting you put T + B and all the other characters in worked just beautifully. Music as the theme for your story was a brilliant idea. It made the connection that Bette and Tina share even more special. Not only their love for music and their shared interests in music but also the songs you wove into the story made PBH my no. 1 on my Top Ten list for some years now.
      So thanks again for all the time you devoted to create this amazing story :-)

      As for ideas for an epilogue. I have a few but the one thing I would love to read about would be a Grammy. A Grammy for best song for Bette (and maybe Kit) would tie up the loose end of the story of her dad. She could mention him in her acceptance speech.

      Enjoy your Sunday :-) I’m looking forward to your new story – or an epilogue.

      • A Grammy award is a great idea kiwipit, Helena buying Fierce Kitty and putting Tina in charge and getting rid of that jerk Aaron before he causes the label millions in sexual harassment suits. B & T married and extremely happy would be a great start to the next part of the journey.

    5. I’m with everyone, this story needs an epilogue and whatever you’ll be writing will be amazing I’m sure of it !
      As for another story, I hope you already have something in mind because I’ll miss your posts.
      Have a nice week !

    6. Lol.. your author notes were almost as long as this chapter.. but entertaining also.. lol..I like the squirrel bit!.. you must be from the South we say that alot…lol..
      IPA really.. a little bitter for me.. like a lager myself..
      This was fun and cute I agree it does need some loose end tied up..thank you for coming back and finishing it I know how hard it is to do that. But it does make you feel better right?
      Ok until next time.. oh and i liked the sweaty part at the end ;)

    7. Dear MeLL,
      Thanks to stories like yours, my journey through last months’ problems (my mother’s health, my own ones…) found such a great medication… I will forever be grateful to talented authors like you to keep my head out of the dark water, really…
      Now that I was finally able to savour the end of your story, I also feel that this so called last chapter is obviously the beginning of a sequel ! So, yes, yes and yes, you need to work to bring us, your faithful and delighted readers, the next adventures of Little P, her T, Kit and The Stouts… and all the sharks around them ;-)
      I can really picture my dearest B&T sharing a loving cat walk on the red carpet of any Grammy Award evening !
      Many, many thanks again for sharing your gift with us, dear MeLL, and take great special care of you !!
      Gratefully yours – your fan from across the Sea – A.

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